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iPad only apps

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iPad only apps

Old 3rd Jul 2011, 07:22
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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Maps on air nav pro

Hi can anyone tell me if It is possible to look at a map, for instance I' m in Europe, but want to study the Hawain map?
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 13:46
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You could download a sectional chart for a small fee from Air Nav Pro, or get the App AvimapsGPS and that will give you the same sectional for free.
I use ANV & Foreflight on wifi for planning, then Avimap when airborne, remember to cache the sectionals you require.
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Old 17th Aug 2011, 17:26
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Jepp Mobil FD ??

Dear All

How can i subscribe in to the Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (FD)

and can i subscribe for one user only and how much. please

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Old 17th Aug 2011, 18:09
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I found AIR NAV PRO very good... ( especially after the lastest release.)

and there is another App's called MASSAN tat is super cool if U fly EMS!! its a moving map GPS, ang you can search road names, places etc etc or give directly the coordinates.. very good features!

Happy Landings
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 00:07
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Foreflight has been an incredible tool for my work. Yes, you must subscribe and pay through the nose for the service- but it works flawlessly.
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 01:24
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I would agree it's an excellent planning/flight tool. I have to say that I can't agree with the statement 'paying through the nose'.

At approx US $75 a year for the base subscription it's a steal, it's a deal to quote lock stock and two smoking barrels. For function and utility you cannot come close in terms of price or usability from anyone else. If you've ever subscribed to Jeppesen or anything else along proprietary lines, you'll know what I mean.

And no I don't work for Foreflight but I do love my iPhone/iPad with Foreflight on it, which helped me flying just today.
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Old 11th Nov 2011, 06:34
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If you are in Australia the Ozrunways App is awesome. DAPs, ERSA, AIP and all maps and charts for the whole of Oz giving aircraft location for situational awareness (can't be used as a means of Nav though).

Also if you have an iphone you get a free subscription for that as well - so you have it all on your ipad and iphone for the same price for redundancy.

I'm told the developer is also working on a flight planning update and since he has written the NAIPS app as well, I'm assuming realtime weather will be included as well.

Bloody good job by the developers......
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Old 24th May 2012, 20:16
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Airbox iPad app Runway HD launched today.

Launched today, the new iPad / iPhone app from Airbox,
Called runway HD

The foresight is good, with it's caa charts and even more useful for a Heli pilot is the full uk postcode and os maps,

Let's hope the iPad app comes up trumps.....

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Old 25th May 2012, 12:34
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I've been using SkyDemon for iPad for the last month or so - superb tool, including realtime METAR/NOTAM updates, FPL submission, log analysis (flight logs, that is ), wind strength/direction overlay, etc.
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Old 25th May 2012, 12:46
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This is also a good iPad tool for finding obscure private sites, especially at night; 1/4 mill for the whole of the UK, but selectively downloadable 1:25k and 1:10k maps for offline use
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Old 25th May 2012, 15:07
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Just been down to sywell this morning, and have to say, there was far more interest on the Airbox stand than any of it's competitors .....
I have tried the free trial of sky demon, yes it's good, but do try the free trail of the iPad app for Airbox...... I think you will be pleasantly surprised, they are the actual caa charts and street level OS maps.....

It knocks spots off the sky demon..
Well done guys at Airbox,

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Old 25th May 2012, 19:11
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It knocks spots off the sky demon..

Nelly - not wishing to get into a pi$$ing contest, but I've looked at the Airbox app and it's good, but I can't see how it 'knocks spots off' SkyDemon? No integrated FPL feature, no realtime NOTAMs/TAFs/METARs, track log, etc.? The only significant differentiator is the CAA charts (I've still got the Flymap L I bought from Tom in his previous life and like the CAA charts...), but actually, I prefer the standard (one of six) vectored maps with SkyDemon; clearer and layered vectors

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Old 25th May 2012, 22:59
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Join Date: Jul 2006
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No integrated FPL feature, no realtime NOTAMs/TAFs/METARs, track log, etc.?
RunwayHD does all of these things...
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Old 6th Jun 2012, 04:48
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Air Navagation pro app

Has anyone used the air navigation pro app that is available for iPhone and iPad.
If so what are your thoughts
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Old 6th Jun 2012, 05:19
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I have Foreflight, WingX and AirNav Pro...

The choice of which depends largely on the map set I want to use.

For Europe and Africa AirNav I find better.

For the US I find it a toss up between Foreflight and WingX, with a bias to Foreflight from an ease of use perspective.

There is a thread here somewhere, I think it is called iPad apps, where folks have offered comments....
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Old 7th Jun 2012, 06:58
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Some I use regular

Heres a few I find very good and use on a regular basis,
Aero weather
Notams hd
Runway HD
Rocket Route & flight filer linked to Runway HD
Log Ten Pro
Flight plan
Met office

And for fun,
Chopper 2.

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Old 17th Jul 2013, 15:08
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worldwide coverage

I am looking for the best IFR navigation app, that has maps/charts and utilizes worldwide info?
Is there one?
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 08:51
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If you have the cellular model you already have the GPS chipset in there. It will work as an in flight GPS as it stands just using the free google maps that come with it. You do need to download the maps for your intended route first while you are on a wireless network. Just load the route as if you were driving and the moving map will work fine.

Air Nav Pro is free (I think still) but the best by a mile is Sky Demon. That isn't free but it has captured probably 80 % of the UK market at the light end of FW GA.
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 16:01
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From my experience the gps in the ipad works much better when it has a cellular connection, as it uses asisted gps, which gets a far quicker lock.
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Old 29th Jan 2014, 17:22
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Sherborne, UK
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The internal GPS in the cellular model seems to be quite adequate for most pilots (even without a SIM), but officially if you lose your fix and are away from any internet connection you could see a delay of up to 12 minutes as the chip tries to find itself again.

This is quite rare, but still a concern. Many of my (SkyDemon) customers go out and get an additional Bluetooth device from companies whose core business is GPS, like the Garmin Glo for instance, or the GNS2000. An alternative is to have a backup device like a phone which could run your nav software or might even be able to generate a 3G wifi bubble at altitude...
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