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Rocky Mountain Helicopters RMH

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Rocky Mountain Helicopters RMH

Old 18th Jan 2013, 22:09
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RMH was never based at 60th St. NYC. They were at Weschester Co. Hospital some miles north.

Rotor incident at 60th is factual, but not RMH.
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Old 18th Jan 2013, 23:47
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Harold Skaar is still around. He retired Last year. Even on his last day of work he impressed me with his longline skills.
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Old 17th Apr 2013, 05:13
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RMH owning Western Helicopters

In 1981, I was on a BLM firefighting 500D flying out of George AFB. Our contractor was Western helicopters, then part of RMH. I have actually been wearing a RMH belt buckle for 32 years, now. Not sure if that is bragging or embarrassing.

Our primary pilot was Chuck Smith. He was a CWO in Vietnam in the early 1960s, then a Bell guy in Iran when things fell apart. Amazing pilot. A couple tales I recall include flying north towards the Owens valley. We were at Kramer Junction and still did not have clearance to go through the north part of Edwards. We dropped to the deck and flew north at 110+ knots, under the high lines. Another was hopping out of the ship in the eastern Mojave, one skid on the ground (flying at ground level, not the only time) and stepping out carefully to sign a recently discharged midshipmans shirt displayed as a flag. We also auto-rotated back to the station (engine running, but eerily quiet). And the coolest and scariest was riding a thermal from Lone Pine to a trail head near Whitney, right against the cliffs.

One time the electric trim (coollie cap, IIRC) failed outside of Fresno. A few of us figured out how to take Western out of contract so Chuck could fly all the way back to Rialto to get it replaced.

Our relief pilot was their manager, Dorcey Wingo. He'd show up in the afternoon as Chuck was maxing out. Take off his jacket, tie still on, pull on the Nomex, and start flying.

Thanks for letting me reminisce.

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Old 20th Aug 2013, 07:51
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Rocky Mountain Helicopter Down Under

Please forgive me for crashing your thread but I thought you guys would like to know that a piece of your history has turned up in Australia. The Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra recently acquired SA315B Lama s/n 2575 which once served with Rocky Mountain Helicopters as N3597D.

We have the RMH log books from Oct 91 to Dec 93 but there are many gaps in the history so we will be very pleased to receive any anecdotes about her time with RMH. It seems that she did a lot of geophysical survey ranging as far afield as Alaska and Mexico. Above all does anyone have a photo of N3597D?
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 14:03
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Wingo.....now there is a character in his own right!
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 16:05
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Wingo.....now there is a character in his own right!
Ahhh.... "The Adventures of Captain Methane"
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Old 23rd Aug 2013, 01:05
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Lama N3597D

Further to my post #24, closer examination of the RMH log books (OCT91-DEC93) for this aircraft reveals the following ops amongst many others:

JAN92 with the Dighem system at La Grande OR, Republic WA & Lincoln MT.

SEP92 geo survey at Fernley, Eureka, Ely, Pioche & Winnemucca NV.

APR-JUL93 ops at Talkeetna, AK culminating in a hard landing.

NOV93 with Aerodat geo system at Culiacan, Mexico.

Does anyone remember these ops? In the absence of a photo of N3597D, I'll be grateful for a colour photo of any RMH Lama.

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Old 24th Aug 2013, 00:09
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Pictures Anyone

Hey guys, we are looking for some pictures that show the RMH paint scheme on the old Lama's. I know there wasn't a lot to paint but if you have anything please post here or send them to me at [email protected]. A museum is trying to restore an old RMH machine for display and they would like for it to be as authentic as possible. Many thanks for any help you can give us.
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Old 24th Aug 2013, 07:54
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Did the Lama STC for the PT-6 ever get into production?
I believe it was done by AeroProducts International back in the early 90's.
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 03:17
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RMH Bell 204

Anyone remember the Bell 204 RMH had that had a window bulge
on the port side pilots door?
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Old 26th Aug 2013, 13:13
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Dorcey Alan Wingo

Wingo.....now there is a character in his own right!
Dorcey, Huey pilot from the movie "The Twilight Zone" has several books out, but "Wind Loggers" about his long line experiences is my favorite.
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 19:04
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60th Street Pad

I worked as a flight medic on that BK. We flew out of NYC for about three years.
We here parked next to Colgates BK and they had a rotor snap because of the S76
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 19:16
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Not true. I was a flight medic on NY117 BK. We started out of east 60th street and then went north after a couple of years. It was Colgates BK that had a rotor snap because of the DD of a S76.
A couple of years later that same bird lost a tail rotor and webt into the river. Pilots got out, not OK and three people drowned in the cabin because it had pneumaticly sealed doors that didnt pop off on impact
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Old 9th Jul 2015, 20:14
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Jeff is still there in Columbia...

And still a great guy and great technician.
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Old 13th Jul 2015, 04:57
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Chuck Smith at George AFB

Ha! I remember when Chuck Smith's trim motor went away. He used a bungee cord to relieve some of the strain and flew it back to base for repairs. If you've never experienced the problem, you don't know what you've missed, ha ha!

Thanks for the memories!

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Old 13th Jul 2015, 05:07
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Captain Methane

Many thanks for the plug on one of my three books, Gordy!

Am enjoying the thread about RMH and the seismic days. For those of you who haven't read any of my nonfiction stories, I have elaborated about the Rocky Mountain seismic days and added my two cents worth regarding what was good and what was bad about that era. Yes, we lost some good pilots. I've saluted most of the logging pilots in my memoirs, hoping they are not soon forgotten.

"Wind Loggers" - 2015 Edition now available at Xlibris Publishing.

"The Rise and Fall of Captain Methane" - Award-winning autobiography.

"Captain Methane and his Finely Feathered Friends" - 2015 edition available at Xlibris Publishing.

Fun summer reading!


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Old 13th Jul 2015, 16:35
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Back in the late 80's, I was on HAI's EMS committee... Reid Griffin was the chair and he was with RMH at the time, if i remember correctly... Think he got into marketing with Aerospatiale... no idea where he is now...
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Old 21st May 2016, 16:36
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Were you ever at Bear River with Walt Tausch and Doug Farfel in 1980?
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Old 16th Jun 2016, 00:34
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Death Rangers, Long Dangers, Lamas and N214RM

Hi All,

Wow! What memories this forum brings back.
I can't remember everyone I worked with, but they were all great guys.
I crewed quite a few types of aircraft, but mainly supported 214RM until I left in 84'

Here are a few: (Sorry for the misspellings)
Gary Norris, Wayne Forbes, Kurt Sawatzki, Bud Johnson, Brian Brennan, Morris Scott, Dave Fogowaga, The Burgermeister, Semi Lapho, Tom Lights, Mike Cunningham, Brad Warren, Kawalski, Brad Hassey, and the girls in the front office , Tom Banks, .....

So many great people and only so many functioning brain cells....

Please update with more names.

To all the survivors, cheers! To all those who didn't, cheers and rip!

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Old 21st Jan 2018, 02:45
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Came upon this website looking for info about RMH...great site! I worked as a flight nurse with Lifeflight Southern Calif from 1980-83. Wonderful memories. Anyone know of Ted Cash, Pat Conway, Mike Brand? I believe Joe Sulac was killed in a hell crash in Hawaii, sorry to say.

John Hood
[email protected]
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