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Thebell 18th Dec 2010 21:20

Rocky Mountain Helicopters RMH
I start this Thread to talk with you guys about RMH Helicopters. It would be great if we could share pictures, good memories and some stories.


bell407mech 19th Dec 2010 05:04

Ahhh! A fellow Rocky Dude!

Rocky was one of the best helicopter company I have ever worked for! I joined in 1998 in Tucson, AZ as a mechanic. I was called, "Pete the Mechanic!"

An EMS base called Air Care at the time. BK117, BO-105CBS, and a Cessna 441. Then later the fleet were replaced with Astars and called themselves, LifeNet Arizona.

Oh, what great times! Todd McKiney, Joe Foster, and Jeremy Danforth were the maintenance guys I worked with. The people I worked with were great to work with.

I left RMH in late 2000 to work on a EMS Bell 407. Yep, I am still here on the 407's. Best aircraft I have ever worked on.

What about you? Who, what, where were you at Rocky?


SHortshaft 19th Dec 2010 08:07

A short history, please.
For those of us with a bad memory and/or not working in the US can anyone give us a ‘potted history’ of the company?

As I recall it they were a leading seismic support company that morphed into an EMS outfit.

Gordy 19th Dec 2010 08:53

leading seismic support company that morphed into an EMS outfit
Sounds about right...and Larry Doll is still in EMS now.

fly911 19th Dec 2010 09:15

I started with Air Methods Corp in 1997. Rocky took over the contract I was flying in Columbia, SC so I went with Rocky. Then AMC bought RMH so I was again flying for Air Methods. Both very good companies when I flew for them: BH-407, AS350B2, BO-105, BK-117 and BH-206L. Great maintenance by Jeff Sheldon in Columbia.

Phil Kemp 19th Dec 2010 10:53

I ran the S61 logging operation in Alaska from 1990 to 1993. Great outfit and had some really great people there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and we had some great fun working all through SE Alaska. The bankruptcy in 1993 ended the operation, but RMH came out of it as a purely EMS operation and was finally sold to Air Methods.

Met some great people while I worked there, and still stay in touch with lots of them.

They had some great seismic and utility operations, and a great in-house capability to modify and complete machines for EMS and other applications. I learned to love the Lama while working there!

jjunior 27th Jun 2011 19:05

Former Rocky Mountain A & P
I worked for Rocky Mountain, a great outfit then, as seasonal A&P, back in historical times- 1976. Have this old entry on my aviation resume- "A & P Mechanic, Bell 206, Aerospatial Helicopters. Aviation support- mineral and petroleum geological, seismic mapping". the summer i worked there was in 6 states, mostly with Bell 206B starting in Provo, at Rocky, where a dutch guy- Hans Hilkhausen- was the maintenance chief. I was in Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Idaho as I remember. Can't remember any of the pilots names- a great bunch of guys flying and doing maintenance. Just in case other guys might want to contact me, I'm John ---- Jr., worked on B-52s and KC135 at Dyess AFB , got my license at University of Illinois, Institute of Aviation, worked for Wein Air Alaska in the late 60's and early 70's, Era Helicopters, Anchorage Helicopter Service, and have been involved in other careers since aviation, and now semi retired. one of the last stints to do with helicopters, was at Flight Safety in West Palm Beach, Florida, translating and interpreting on the S-76, for a Brazilian pilot, in the ground school and simulator. Have fond memories of choppers, when I hear the buzzing over head it is still music to my ears. currently in Ilheus, Brazil, where there are several ships from Aerolica operating right now out of the airport, cheers and keep the rotors turning always.

simon beck 2nd Dec 2011 02:15


Hi I'm keen to ask you if you have any records for the fleet RMH
had in 1976, in particular the n-numbers for the Bell 214, 204B
and two Jet Rangers they had.

Simon Beck

shellelindsay 13th Jul 2012 18:08

My dad is Bob Burr. He was the Vice President and head of maintenance at Rocky Mountain Helicopters. I am going to show his this website. If anyone is out there from the good ole days, I am sure he would love to hear from you.

bladegrip 24th Jul 2012 23:01

I knew your Dad. Flew on an airliner all the way to Saudi Arabia with him once! Fond memories of RMHI and the folks that worked there. I then moved onto Continental Hlelicopters, also based in Utah. Another great place to work.

Does anyone know where Rick Inskeep is?


Foggy Bottom 25th Jul 2012 06:47

I heard that Rick passed away a few years ago, but I do not know that as a fact. Hope I am wrong....

bladegrip 26th Jul 2012 07:34


I heard the same, but have since heard maybe not. If I find out, I'll be sure to post...


EX-PJ 26th Jul 2012 18:11

If I recall correctly, didn't RMH have a BK-117 based at the 60th Street Helipad in New York City for some time? I recall RMH grumblings about the pilots being the highest paid EMS pilots in the USA. Imagine that, trying to staff EMS helicopter based in the Big Apple! $$$$

They had a blade snap on the BK while it was parked on the pad. I think a S76 landed next to it and the downdraft and turbulence snapped it!

I think one of the pilots is now a Air Traffic Controller?? Name?? Anyone??

Old shooter 19th Sep 2012 04:19

I flew with some of the best of Rocky Mountain's pilots. Some one mentioned Larry Daul. He once punched me 4 ft into the snow, when his rotor wash sent an old aspen down on my head. One of the few times I wore a hard hat. He hovered above looking down at me, as I gathered my wits, I could hear him saying over the radio, are you OK, are you OK. I was.

The first time I layed eyes on Doug Farfel, was at "the airport" in Heber City. Myself and three drillers were walking up to our ship, a lovely Lama, Doug was there. I asked him where was the pilot? Taking him as the swamper. He just smiled, stuck his hand out and said " hi I'm Doug I'm flying for you today. 95 pounds of raw energy, bouncing up and down like a jumping bean, or maybe a coffee bean, or something. Two or three years later I went to his wedding in Durango Co.

Flew with Walt Tausch, always cool and calm, I guess most were anyway. Had a hand painted cartoon on his Army helmet, the only one I ever saw him wear, a vulture sitting in a tree saying, " patience my ass, I'm going to kill someone".
I was in the Crossroads bar in Heber the night he met his bride to be. I think he married her. Real nice guy.

John Cooley was one of the "crew". He was our pilot in '77-78 my first year in seismic work. My first year out of high school. .Long time ago.

Tom Kupcho, Carl Rosapepe, Skip Fisk , Mike McGill, Dave Fitz. Had a foot fetish as I recall.

The days of my youth, some of the bests times of my life.

Old Shooter

bladegrip 29th Sep 2012 00:37

Old Shooter thanks for the memories. Several you mention are no longer with us. John "Jack" Cooley was killed in a wire pulling accident in 2004. Don Sheetz succumbed to cancer just last week. I think Carl Rosapepe is still flying EMS in Roanoke, VA. Walt Tausch flew EMS out of Sacramento for a long time, but took a course in massage therapy and left to do that, I believe. I think Dave Fitz retired to Mexico. The good ol days....

Gordy 29th Sep 2012 19:10

Larry Doll flew part time with Walt at Redding Air Service for a long time. He was flying full time for Reach, retired a year or so ago and this year was back with Spike over at Classic Helicopters.

Phil Kemp 29th Sep 2012 22:13

I talked to Doug Farfel a couple of weeks ago, completely out of the blue, whan I called Jim Duerock to see what he was up to. They were sitting in the shade under the Air Race bleachers at Reno, waiting for fires, with the S61. I first met Doug in Trenton, NJ, when we went to pick up a couple of ex-Trump S61N's and ferry them back to Provo, UT and thence up to Alaska as Loggers.

Sadly, I attended Skip's funeral a few years ago, at his home in Hamilton, Montana. It was very moving and brought out a large number of people from the helicopter logging business.

I met some great people working there and still deal with a lot of them on a regular basis.

mclark2459 14th Nov 2012 23:16

Hi - I stumbled onto this website when I was trying to locate some of the people my ex-husband and I used to helicopter log with and up popped a couple of familiar names such as Doug Farfel - wondering if he is still married to Casey? I remember them well from Libby Montana working for RMH. I believe there daughter had already been born when were there (Bridgette). I am glad to hear than he is alive. I also recognize the name Skip Fisk and very sorry to hear that he is no longer with us. Some others that I am familar with is Brian Brennan, Phil Mascott, Bruce Bower, Irish Cobb. It's been so long ago (1980's)

Rotor Driver 22nd Nov 2012 08:20

Did some Seismic with Rocky in the mid to late 70's and then on to EMS in Denver and then Houston. Harold Skarr pops into my head as an excellent longliner. I was just average and I used to watch Harold snake the line down through the trees, as I just beat the trees into submission with my hook! The layout crew once transmitted "Run for your lives baby Aspens! here comes the flying hook!" LOL

boyerkid 18th Jan 2013 21:52

Larry Boyer
Sorry to piggy back on this, but I am looking for anyone who may have any stories about working with my dad, Larry Boyer. He worked for Rocky Mountain Helicopters from the mid 1970's through his death in December of 2000. If you have any stories, please let me know.


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