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Very cheap R22 time building in UK??

Hi guys!!!

I would love to know where in the UK I could find cheap R22 time building program for a CPL(H). I heard it's very cheap if you compare it to the rest of Europe.

Thanks a lot from south of Europe

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I didn't think CHEAP and UK ever went together in the same sentence .....

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I don't think it is very cheap in UK.

I know that in Italy if you buy 50-100 hours on R22, you pay only 300 euro per hour. I don't think it is too much.

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With the 'strength' of GBP, we see relatively/comparatively cheaper rates for SFH against some Eurozone countries.

Shame, as for some of us, GBP is the currency of funds/savings, thus messing up things great deal. So yes, there are places in the UK where you can rent R22 for about 160 Pounds plus VAT plus landing fees (if applicable). There are some theads if you search mentioning companies.
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Whizzard helicopters, weslhpool 162 plus vat has a website to
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I don't think cheap, and helicopters, are usually found in the same sentence either.

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Plenty of 22 out there. We can nearly all name someone, but as you are from the south of europe you will also have to take into account the cost of living whilst you are in the UK. Also so much other stuff so the cheapest SFH isn't always the best.
As you will be hour building toward a CPL(H) you may be better going to a company that does training for a CPL(H) as they can suggest exercises to do rather than just flying round and round, to make the most of your time.
Just my thoughts on the matter.
PS most places seem to be about 170 + VAT, but most will deal a bit for bulk.
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