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212 accident offshore Dubai

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212 accident offshore Dubai

Old 22nd Sep 2008, 06:21
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Angel Thanksgiving Service for Chris

The service yesterday for Chris was very emotional for the large number of people who attended. Personal memories were shared by a number of his close friends who all mentioned his wonderful qualities - kindness, wit, graciousness, a true gentleman to mention only a few. His wife Sara gave a very intimate eulogy filled with love, warmth and humour. The choice of music was wonderful - Bouree by Jethro Tull, Time by Hootie and the Blowfish and as Chris made his final farewell - True Companion by Marc Cohn. At that point I don't think there was a dry eye in the congregation.
God Bless Chris, and a safe journey.
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 09:43
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Hi All,
Please be advised that there is a collection being taken up for the families of Chris and Luis. Please be generous if you can, as the families are both in very great need financially having no life insurance policies to fall back on. The collection is being coordinated by one of our pilots, Mike McLeod. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or on his mobile at +971-50-3335964. He has the bank details for the two wives, Sara and Katty, which he can provide so you can send directly to the families.
Thank you very much, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 12:31
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Are you telling us that Aerogulf carries NO life insurance policies at all (as part of their employment package) for any of their workforce?

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Old 27th Sep 2008, 12:39
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Agree with Spinwing


Spinwing beat me to it.

Confirm that this isn't true in this day & age! Even in the Gulf!

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Old 28th Sep 2008, 00:27
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I would like to thank Aerogulf for the time I spent there (2002 - 2004). My condolences to all family members. Thanks Chris for giving me the chance to fly for you.

No life insurance at Aerogulf? That does not surprise me and I am sure the owners of Aerogulf don't care at all..... I am so glad I don't have to put up with UAE nationals anymore...
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 14:11
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Unfortunately it is even worse than just no life insurance. It was a bit of a shock for us all to learn that the Crew Personal Accident insurance (PA) is only a 3 or 4 month lifeline at best, and there was no workman’s compensation provision. Next month when the insurance coverage is to be renewed, we hope we can get approval to get the Crew PA increased by five fold, add a separate high-dollar PA with premiums payable by the company, and get a corporate policy set up to allow corporate rates for those of us who want life insurance that can be kept ongoing after we leave the company. Unfortunately these are all too late for the families of those we lost, so we are digging deep into our own pockets and hope others who can will do the same for them. For anyone out there that has been as blind as we have been not to ask your employer about insurance coverage, now is the time to do it!! Sometimes the mindset of doing everything with ‘safety’ at the forefront and having a long track record without any accidents can give a false sense of security that ‘it will never happen here.’ We learned the hard way, and as I said earlier, if it could happen to these two pilots, it could have happened to any of us.

Hi Andre! Thanks for the condolences, I will pass those on to the wives. Glad to hear you are ‘back in the business,’ and hope all is going well for you in Canada. Drop us a PM and let us know how you are doing.

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Old 28th Sep 2008, 16:12
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Thanks Rob


Really sorry to hear about your situation! There are probably lots of people in our Industry who need to do some serious checking to see how much cover they really have.

I was absolutely appalled at the level of cover provided by Air Logistics International Ops prior to the "Bristowisation" - it really was not much better than your present situation yet happily (possibly dumbly!) accepted by all.

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Old 28th Sep 2008, 17:15
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Mmmmm ....


Am I also to surmise then that there will also be NO ex-gratia payment to the grieving families by Aerogulf Services particularly in view of the time of year (Ramadan) if for no other reason than to help them recover and resettle?

Oh silly me ..... I have been working in Gulf for so long now you'd think I already know the answer to that one!

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Old 28th Sep 2008, 18:28
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Thanks for that Spinwing
Im sure Rob does not have enough pressure on him as it is, taking control of the company unwillingly and all when he least expected, and doing his best with what he has to work with.
It is not a simple situation here for our new management. Im sure that all will do their best to help the families involved
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 09:41
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If I might help out here. I have tried emailing and calling the number given here to offer some assistance but no response yet.

I would like to offer some space in Mid East Flyer magazine to appeal for help in supporting Chris and Luis' families. I spoke to Chris only hours before his last flight and we had arranged to meet up the following week to chat about the Heli Dubai show. I well understand the emotions of such a sudden loss having been through it myself.

If anyone at Aerogulf would like to contact me, email is: john @ meflyer . com
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 17:35
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At our level we have made it our absolute highest priority to do everything that we can to get the greatest possible support for the families. We have a list of requests and a number of presenters to show the Board members the serious needs of our families that have lost the futures they had been planning for. They are in desperate need, and we will do whatever we can to help.

Thanks tremendously for your support, and thanks to all those at Aerogulf who have come together during our worst nightmare. It is difficult for all of us, and it has been amazing to see people work so closely together to help the families and help each other through something we would never have thought possible just a few weeks ago.

John Miller:
Thank you very much for the offer. The wives have said today that they do not wish to accept charity, but their needs are so great to help their children through this devastating event, they have no choice but to accept whatever assistance they can find. We will be grateful for any support you can provide in bringing their situation to those that may be able to help. I’ll send you an e-mail.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 19:08
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Given the tragic circumstances and the fact that no personal life cover was in place and that the company cover is apparently inadequate would it not be worthwhile asking Dubai Petroleum Company, Dugas, Conoco & the numerous other companies that AGS supported over the years for a contirbution? Just a thought as I know there will be a limit as to how much an individual may be able to contribute and at the end of the day it may well be an insufficient amount. As if this tragedy is not enough it is pretty heartwrenching to see the families in such a situation. Perhaps you have these companies on your list of request 21stcentury. AGS does have some responsibility to provide something to the families which I understand has been done but the individual also has a responsibility to their family - a bad situation all round and one we should perhaps take a lesson from. We are not six foot six & bulletproof and history shows us that the fickle finger of fate is no respector of experience.

All the best at this difficult time. No one envies you. Keep up the good work.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 19:14
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Monkou ....

Hear Hear .... very well said.

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Old 30th Sep 2008, 19:44
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Hi Monkou,
We’ve done that, and perhaps ten-fold over (although Conoco Philips is out of the picture as they have been replaced by DPE/Petrofac since you left here). We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to supporting the families of those that we have lost. Thanks for your interest in those who mean the most to us and need the most support -- the families of Chris and Luis. We are by their sides on a daily basis, and we appreciate your helping us to support bringing in those from any source that can help the families in this time of incredible need.
thanks so much,
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 03:20
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As Aerogulf has been doing a grand job of promoting Dubai for over 30 years, I hope you have sent a personal letter to "Brand Dubai" himself......
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 04:09
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OK, this may be a little cold, but all this hindsight concern for no life insurance benefits sounds too contrived. Lots of pilots here work as self-employed contractors, or they work for a variety of operators, most of which pay well for work done, and don't pay anything when the collective isn't off the stop. If a pilot is concerned about the welfare of his family should he depart, he takes out his own life insurance policy, if he's concerned about health, his own health insurance, etc, etc, etc. If he wants to roll the dice for himself and his family, he can just stuff the whole pay envelope into his pocket, where he also keeps his good luck charms.

Its a free world, as pilots seeking employment you can choose where you work and match the benefits to your tolerance for risk. Or pay for your own peace of mind, or not. Why wait until a tragedy occurs, then lament the lack of benefits that everyone already knew was not there when they went in?

Benefits cost money, either to the employee to cover himself, or to the employer to provide. What if Aerogulf gave everyone the shopping cart option on benefits, and then the pilots could chose to trade earnings for different benefit levels. How would that be any different than the situation now?

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Old 1st Oct 2008, 12:28
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malabo ...

There are a few extra wrinkles to the situation here to do with Sharia law and the distribution of the family assets after death ...

Wills here have to be probated through a sharia court in order to clear assets in the UAE and that can take time. Bank accounts are frozen all sorts of aggro can occur.

It all puts a family resident here under unecessary stress.

Of course this is rarely found out about untill its too late!

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Old 1st Oct 2008, 14:19
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The missis was under strict instructions to use the ATM card before she reported anything...

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Old 1st Oct 2008, 16:43
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Mmmmmm ....

Well advised .......
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Old 4th Nov 2008, 22:30
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Chris Brown - Aerogulf

I just found out today about the crash where Chris lost his life and, I'm speechless and horribly saddened. I'm in tears right now.

Chris Brown was a wonderful man and an AWESOME pilot. His love of flying was only equaled to his love of fishing. As someone stated previously, he was so very kind-hearted. Definately a pilot's pilot. I used to tell people that he could fly circles around a dime. I simply can not believe that this has happened. He was just SOOOO GOOD at flying. He was THE BEST!

My deepest and most sincere condolences go out to his wife Sara. She had the opportunity of sharing many good years with a great guy. Sara, find comfort in knowing that one day, you and Chris will be together again in the House of Our Heavenly Father.

RIP Chris - you did it your way, papi!
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