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PNG! Anyone got the latest?

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PNG! Anyone got the latest?

Old 27th Mar 2008, 03:07
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PNG! Anyone got the latest?

Hi all. I'm a first timer to his forum in the land of Aus.
Anyone got the latest on any of these companies in Png - Hevilift, HeliNiugini, Pacific, Niugini Helicopters?
I use to work up there a few years back, and seriously thinking of going back - hence my name! I was with Pacific previously for years.

Just wanting to know who's go what major contracts where and what the monies like up there these days - I have lots of single engine turbine with lots of sling / longline.

Who's got the helo contract at Moro / Lake Kutubu these days? I spent lots of time there!!!!!!

Any information to help give me a heads up would be great
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 03:17
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I heard Pachel got the OSL contract in Moro , Hevilift got Esso I think or some other oil contract

I heard they are all looking for guys..
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 03:23
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OSL CONTRACT? please explain - I assume Oil Search?

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Old 27th Mar 2008, 04:03
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Yep, Oil Search. Most of the old Chevron assets.

Capt SFB.
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 05:47
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Pay rates in PNG used to be well above Australian rates, when measured against similar job experience requirements. Not any more. If the Bristow thread is any indicator, M/E Captain in Australia will be on about 50% more than PNG. The day rate for S/E VFR pilots in PNG is in the order of $300 to $350, but you need to rely on a lot more experience to survive up there than you do in Oz.

HN have lost many (all?) of their regular contracts, they're just picking up the scraps of what HL and PACHEL send their way. They have a new 406 arriving soon (maybe 2??) so I'm guessing they have work for it because you just don't buy a new helicopter unless you've got work lined up for it. The Digicel rollout is starting soon, HN will be involved with that.

HL and PACHEL have well established contracts as outlined above. But expat pilots easily draw the lowest salary of all the expat professional positions (geologists, tree huggers, drillers, etc) in OSL Field Operations.

NH recently advertised for S/E VFR pilots for sling load jobs but I heard all their helicopters are busted at the moment.

In a nutshell, anyone with PNG time should be able to find work in PNG at the moment. But as I said, the pay rates might not be as attractive as what you'll find in Oz, and the flying and living is far more demanding.
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 07:09
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HeliNuigini has just taken delivery of the first of two new 407s (see story on Rotorhub.com)
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 08:39
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12 months ago Pachel was paying AUD$ 400.00 per day net
single pilot VFR Long Line
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Old 27th Mar 2008, 09:24
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This is great info guys - keep it up
I see it seems that hevilift & Pachel are the ones with the work at the moment. Its interesting how the ball swings over the years - up and down like the tide!

I noticed that Mike Montgomery is VFR c.pilot at Hevilift now (from what i can see anyway - correct me if I'm wrong). Way back yonder he was c.pilot Pachel and then went off to Hawaii i think with someone like Blue Hawaiian. NOW he's back! - interesting.

Who's the c.pilot at Pachel these days? & HeliNiugini?

Again, thanks for all the info so far. Keep it coming.
I may even know a few of you guys if you've spent much time in png years ago.
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Old 15th Aug 2010, 12:35
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PNG helicopters

Whats the latest news in the helicopter world of PNG? Are Islands still operating? I was told there are a few new companys in there now?

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Old 18th Nov 2010, 17:58
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Resource-rich Papua New Guinea is undergoing an unprecedented economic boom and massive technological transformation as the country’s national building vision becomes reality.

Playing a significant role in this growth is Heliwest which has won a two-year contract with major telecommunications operator Digicel for the construction of mobile phone towers across PNG.

Heliwest is Australia’s leading onshore helicopter service provider.
Heliwest’s Papua New Guinea partner company, Helifix, will provide skills transfer, training of PNG helicopter pilots and join Digicel in opening up opportunities for local employment.

Heliwest Chief Executive Officer David Grimes said he was excited such a respected telecommunications firm as Digicel had chosen Helifix to participate in such an extensive and important project. “The installation of communication towers across a country such as Papua New Guinea is a massive project given the largely inhospitable terrain where many of these structures will be located,” he said.

“However we believe our Bell 212 aircraft is ideal for this program, one that is so vital to Papua New Guinea’s nation building program.”
Digicel has 11-million customers across 32 markets worldwide.
Question: As much as I love the old bird is the 212 really the "ideal" ship for serving PNG's mountain top repeater sites?
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Old 10th Feb 2011, 11:09
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As much as I love the old bird is the 212 really the "ideal" ship for serving PNG's mountain top repeater sites?

It is if you are taking 8-10 pers up the hill to build the tower.........
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Old 16th Apr 2011, 04:02
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It is if you are taking 8-10 pers up the hill to build the tower.......
That would be Chinese people, at 45 kg each.
And go back for the equipment, or did the other 212 carry that?

BTW, what is happening at Heli Niu Gini? half their fleet on the ground...

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Old 16th Apr 2011, 08:50
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Their pilots have pulled on the Helifix gurnsey.
Possibly some pilot positions available at Helicharters(Cairns) - for their PNG subsidary.

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Old 16th Apr 2011, 09:07
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In the 1960s we did all the P & T mountain tops in the Highlands with the Bell 47 & then the Hiller 1100 complete with a C18 engine! Even managed to land at 14000ft! The 212 will do it but obviously care is needed.
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Old 17th Jul 2012, 08:39
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Hevilift / Pacific Helciopters PNG

Hi everybody,

anyone have some info to share about this 2 companies based in PNG?

And if you know, usually, wich are they requirements for Pilots?

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Old 17th Jul 2012, 10:53
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this should cover it

Career Ops

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Old 17th Jul 2012, 14:21
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Helifix seems to be the employer of choice up there at the moment....
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Old 17th Jul 2012, 16:11
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Helifix not hiring at moment and Pacific are allways looking , 2000hrs min Astar time, long line and mountain time a min I think.
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 10:24
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PNG Hold up

A helicopter company in Papua New Guinea has suspended all flights to Kagua district in Southern Highlands after a pilot and crew member were held up and robbed by a gang of thugs.

The Bell 407 helicopter belonging to Heli Solutions Limited was piloted by the company’s co-owner and chief executive officer Captain Phil Emeck. A crew member was with him.

Emeck owns the helicopter company with fellow Southern Highlander Capt James Pilot. They are both former PNG Defence Force pilots who resigned to start their own aviation company.

He described the incident as “frightening and barbaric”, adding that it was not the first time thugs in the area had tried to attack helicopters and planes.
Flights off after helicopter robbery - Papua New Guinea - News - Islands Business magazine
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 13:23
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Which is why some companies up there just don't do election work...
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