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Helicentre Aviation

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Helicentre Aviation

Old 21st Oct 2006, 11:15
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Helicentre Aviation

Does anyone know much about this company? What they are like to work for and their base at Damyns Hall?


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Old 22nd Oct 2006, 21:03
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The Helicentre Aviation outfit that I am aware of was based at Blackpool, although having other bases (frequently in the NW). Been around for a while. Never worked directly for them, so reluctant to gossip. They have existed for a relatively lomg time but locations and key personnel have changed from time to time. I believe the effective owner has remained the same.

Looking at that, it may not be much help............
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Old 22nd Oct 2006, 21:53
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Thanks Helinut, I am aware that they have been based in Coventry for a while but have recently opened up outside London. Any info would be much apprieciated.

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Old 23rd Oct 2006, 08:50
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Helicentre used to have bases at Blackpool, Liverpool, Coventry, and maybe somewhere else in the Northwest, all owned by the same person. That changed - some sold off or whatever - and the three mentioned above are now all separate organisations and have been for quite a few years. That was as of a couple of years ago anyway. Since then some of them may have branched out or opened at other airfields; I've no idea. In the past I've tentatively contacted both Liverpool and Coventry Helicentres regarding instructing work; they seemed pleasant enough, seemed to have reasonably good reputations....but didn't have any work at the time.

Sorry not to be able to tell you any more.
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Old 23rd Oct 2006, 18:09
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Cheers Whirlybird!
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Old 11th Mar 2011, 09:55
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FI Training

Could anyone possibly give me some feedback about Helicentre Aviation and the courses that they run and how good they are? Thnks.
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Old 11th Mar 2011, 21:39
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I know some former Helicentre Aviation FI students, they all seem to have done very well with their careers. Looking at the website they are using Geoff Day, who is an excellent instructor. I have flown with Geoff and highly recommend him.

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Old 17th Dec 2013, 12:10
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Helicopter survey firm signs £20m deal

A business using helicopters to conduct aerial surveys has signed a £20 million, eight-year contract to examine the UK’s gas pipelines.

The deal, between Helicentre Aviation and the National Grid, is the UK’s biggest onshore contract for this type of work. It will use aerial survey equipment to check the gas lines throughout the country.

Chief pilot and business co-owner, Capt Sarah Bowen, told the Leicester Mercury: "We've run smaller surveying contracts for some years, but it's a big bonus to have been awarded one for such a long period of time.

Sarah Bowen, Helicentre MD

"We have around 20 people at the moment and expect that to increase to in excess of 30 in the next couple of years."

The contract will also result in a further four helicopters to add to the 12 already based at Helicentre’s headquarters at Leicester Airport. The company has also moved into a larger hangar and improved its offices as a result of the deal.

In addition to offering survey services, the business also trains private and professional helicopter pilots.

The magnitude of the National Grid contract will take the business’s turnover to “a different level” and allow Helicentre to tender for more large surveying contracts, co-owner Capt Christopher Line said.
Helicopter survey firm signs £20m deal
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Old 17th Dec 2013, 18:52
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Go in with eyes wide open
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Old 17th Dec 2013, 19:07
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Originally Posted by Savoia View Post
Helicopter survey firm signs £20m deal
Is that the contract that HeliAir held/holds?
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Old 17th Dec 2013, 20:48
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Other than the couple of Cabri G2 and Robinson's, I didn't think Helicentre owned any aircraft capable of carrying out this type of contract. How do you win a contract like this when you have to sub contract the work to Heli Charter etc?
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 07:55
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Go in with eyes wide open
Eyes wide open for what Hughes500?

This thread is 7 years old. I'm sure the person asking the original question has had it answered by now!

That contract award was announced about two months ago, saw it in various industry publications :

Helicentre Aviation awarded eight year National Grid contract
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 10:13
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Hi all, thanks for your comments. We are delighted to have been selected to operate the National Grid contract for another eight years.

Just to clarify the factual situation, it is not a contract HeliAir have ever operated - it is a similar contract to the one TAMS and Sterling Helicopters used to operate but now on a larger scale and longer timeframe.

Chris P Bacon, we do not subcontract out any of the flight operations. Helicentre Aviation holds an AOC (GB2236) and we operate all flights under it. In addition to the airframes we own / operate, we do contract lease additional airframes, as required, which is not uncommon with a contract of this size.

Finally, appreciate this is a very old thread which has been bumped with the recent press about the contract award, but we are a completely separate commercial entity to the other "Helicentres" that do or did exist around the UK, and we have not operated at Damyns Hall Aerodrome for about 5 years now.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014!

Helicentre Aviation

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Old 6th Aug 2014, 14:38
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It's a pity Google did not cache all the good responses from staff and customers posted after Fluffy's rant before the moderator decided to delete the entire thread.

Fluffy's comments are just his opinion and have no bearing on the true facts. It is a shame that he and a few other posters on PPRuNe continue to be so negative about pretty much every aspect of the industry. Our stats are fact. Fluffy before you make any more derogatory statements we would like to invite you to contact us directly, identify yourself and come over to our facility to meet our staff and customers.

We are an established company who have been training pilots for over 14 years as well as operating an AOC for over 10 years. You are a pseudonym on a rumour network!! We are being completely open and transparent. Nobody knows who you are or what you do!

Anyway, you would be very welcome and we are sure you would be pleasantly surprised with what we do. You can check the figures for yourself. The coffee is good! If you decide not to visit us keep an eye on the industry press, we have some more exiting news coming up which we are sure you will want to comment on.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 14:43
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Yeah fair comment and one of your guys did recently head off to PDG, but on the subject of scholarships how are the two pilots that were awarded there's in 2013? What are they doing now? Hours flown etc...
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 14:54
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There seem to be a lot of negative comments about the set up at Helicentre. I visited last month to see one of our ex students who had done their FI course there and was currently employed at the school. The instructor had completed her course earlier this year ( conducted by a very well qualified FI Instructor) and had conducted 70 hours instruction in the previous 2.5 months, which ties in with their quoted training figures. Another previous student/FI had moved after several month as opportunities in an AS 350/355 became available.I spoke to several instructors who worked part-time, their choice, and who were very happy there. The company had several utilitiy contracts so the opportunity was there for progression. The on-site facilities were excellent,the operations well organised, and the workforce seemed happy and cohesive.
I know some of you have been disappointed in your training but the message is " go and see" before commenting adversely. I have been involved in helicopter training for 45 years and I came away with a favourable impression.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 15:09
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I recently went over to Helicentre on an informal visit and I have to say I was very impressed. I met some of the key staff members and had a good opportunity to look around the facilities. They seem like a very competent professional and qualified organisation. They certainly have a good grip on the current market and have everything going for them.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 15:16
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Yeah fair comment and one of your guys did recently head off to PDG, but on the subject of scholarships how are the two pilots that were awarded there's in 2013? What are they doing now? Hours flown etc...
Hi Pitts,

In the 18 months we've also had pilots go to the North Sea, South of France, the Seychelles, Canada, and the Caribbean. Seems there are plenty of jobs to progress onto without an IR if you've got the hours and the experience.

Morgan Whiting who was awarded the FI scholarship last summer completed his FI course and was instructing by September 2013. He now has over 500 hours of instruction.

Pierre Neyses who was awarded the CPL scholarship last year has completed his hour building and is finishing his last few CPL(H) exams. He is scheduled to complete his CPL(H) course in the Cabri G2 by October/November.

Michael Circus (who posted on the original thread before it was deleted) was awarded the FI(H) scholarship this year and starts his FI course this month. He has work scheduled for September.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 16:03
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unrestricted in 2 months and a week

hello everybody,

i did my fi training and hour building with helicentre aviation in leicester, the day after i passed i went to gatwick for my licence, the day after that i started to work in the comapny and i got my restriction removed in exactly 2 months and a week time . this means min 100 hours of flight instruction (and this doesnt even include numerous students I have send solo). it seems when a school is succesful there is jealousy around the corner from others and people with bad experiences/ frustrations/ no job starting to try to bring a succesful business/ person/ school down. i am very happy with my decision and my advise for future students, go and visit various schools out there, get impressions on site, and you can conclude whats working best for you. and the future? nobody can look in the future, aviation is a world full of curves, and to get a job its not only about training, its also about attitude, competence, will, motivation and character. so good luck to all and if you got any questions, feel free to ask!
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 17:12
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We are supporting Helicentre with ground school - I can assure you we wouldn't be doing that if they weren't up to speed.

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