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Old 24th Sep 2014, 08:02   #781 (permalink)
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hey guys I'm posting this again because we are still looking for an EASA certified EMS Kit for the 350/355 series. Used condition would be the best. Any ideas ?
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Old 24th Sep 2014, 21:11   #782 (permalink)
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Can anyone explain and define the meaning in Airbus service manuals of the following acronyms: OTL and SLL?
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Old 29th Sep 2014, 18:36   #783 (permalink)
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PM me... I have one for you
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Old 30th Sep 2014, 02:38   #784 (permalink)
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OTL is "Operating Time Limit" for various items, such as T/R Driveshaft Bearings
Etc. These limits usually have an allowable margin for operational convenience.
The time limit may be in Hours or Calendar time.

SLL is "Service Life Limit" and is the ultimate allowable life of an item and has no
Margin allowed.


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Old 30th Sep 2014, 11:19   #785 (permalink)
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Some may find this table useful, but I hasten to add that I haven't checked it for accuracy!

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Old 30th Sep 2014, 16:36   #786 (permalink)
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Cheers RH. Some have explained to me that OTL's are recommended limits and not considered mandatory, but I don't think this is correct.
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Old 4th Oct 2014, 19:39   #787 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Ready2Fly View Post


Thank you for the hint. I will relay it ... and get back as soon as I know what it was.
The warning unit output simply was too high. Reducing the output level via the poti helped to eliminate the problem.
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Old 2nd Feb 2015, 13:16   #788 (permalink)
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Quick Question about Engine Fires in the AS350B2

May be a simple mistake or oversight, in the flight manual it states that when experiencing a fire in flight to switch off the booster pumps, while the Eurosafety App that I have for my phone doesn't include this step. Is this a mistake in the app or has there been some revision in the manual or elsewhere that I can't find?

EDIT: Never mind. I contacted Eurosafety and it was told that it was a mistake in the app.

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Old 26th Feb 2015, 12:48   #789 (permalink)
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Robertson Fuel Systems and Vector Aerospace to offer 'direct replacement primary fuel tank' for AS350, featuring
"multiple safety enhancements including all new modernized fuel retention technology, new components and increased fuel capacity (567 L vs. 552 L)."
Vector to display AS350 primary fuel tank at Heli-Expo

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Old 26th Feb 2015, 14:52   #790 (permalink)
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In June 2011, Vector Aerospace was acquired by Eurocopter Holdings, the holding entity of the Eurocopter Group and a subsidiary of global aerospace and defense giant EADS.
Somewhat circular argument?
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Old 7th Apr 2015, 12:57   #791 (permalink)
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EASA AS350 Type Rating

Does any of you fine people know if it is possible to get an EASA AS350 type rating outside of Europe? Somewhere were it might be a little cheaper than in the EU?
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Old 13th Jan 2018, 08:18   #792 (permalink)

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Corrected weight

Originally Posted by Phoinix View Post
Having time to spare the other day, I was reading through 350's FLM. Being used to Bells and german side of EC's I was amazed at 350's rate of climb performance charts. Two charts, one for corrected weight and the other for rate of climb.

Why the corrected weight chart and what is the catch behind it?
Hi.. did you find answer to this question of urs?
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