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Genuine Advice Please

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Genuine Advice Please

Old 8th Mar 2002, 15:23
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Post Genuine Advice Please

If you could give an aspiring new pilot a brief message on having a safe flying career what would it be? . .. .I.e.: Having good situation awareness etc?
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 15:49
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Don't be in a rush:. .. .to get trained. .to go fly . .to take a job. .. .there is always time to think things through.. .. .Don't ever compromise your personal integrity to get, keep, or do a job.. .. .Help every other person you meet or deal with in the aviation business to the best of your ability, it is a VERY small world.. .. .Remember, your family (wife / girlfriend / kids) will be there when your aviation career is finished, if you treat them right.. .. .Learn, every day, every flight, every job, every boss, every co-pilot, every everything, learn and make yourself better!
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 17:06
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Welcome to the industry Have a chat.. .The best piece of advice I can give you is never ever challenge your superior's decision, even if he/she is totally wrong. (on the ground that is)You may win the battle, but you will sorely lose the war, ie your employment....That is a proven fact in the Oz aviation industry..
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 17:48
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Welcome! The one I learnt most quickly:. .. .Don't accept any customer's word (or Ops' for that matter) for anything.. .. .Phil. . . .
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 18:31
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Im sure you will get many opinions on your posting. One that comes to mind that I know has taken many lives is the pressure from an Employer or VIP customer to get somewhere. The ability of a Pilot, young or old, to say NO at times will probably save some lives. Its hard to do when jobs are at stake; but as I said, I have seen a few take off, never to return.. .OR, you can just say, Sit Down, Strap In, Shut Up, and Hang On........
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 18:39
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I totally agree with Helo Teacher. .. .To that you might wanna add:. .When in doubt, there is no doubt.. .. .This is something I keep in mind on my job.. .. .Safe flying and velcome to the industry.. .. .Heli-Ice
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Old 8th Mar 2002, 22:49
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hey Have 'a' Chat. .. .1. plan properly, do as much as you can on the ground, leave yourself with only the easy bit in the air. .. .2.if you are being pushed to fly and you have genuine concerns i.e it doesnt feel right, the chances are it isnt so dont do it. you need the strength of character to say no.. .. .3.practice all the hard things when you dont have to i.e do instrument approaches when it is VFR (subject to commercial considerations) then when you really neeed to do them, you wont max out.. .. .4.never think you have got the hang of what you are doing, there is always so much more to learn than you will ever have time to i.e dont get complacent.. .. .hope this helps. . . . <small>[ 08 March 2002, 18:50: Message edited by: SFIM ]</small>
Old 8th Mar 2002, 23:08
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Add to the above:. .. .When the weather is down and you are exercising the unique capabilities of the helicopter to safely fly low level, remember; never fly faster than you can see.
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 01:17
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Follow HeloTeachers words.. .. .Add the following:. .. ."In god we trust, everything else we check."
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 01:33
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The late Frank Morgan's best advice to me;-'Always leave yourself a way out'. This has worked for the past 30 years .. .My rotary Instructor :- 'Always know when to throw it away'. .Frank Morgan again :- 'Get the brain into gear before opening your mouth' Great Bloke!
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 01:47
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Two things have always been with me;. .1: Learn how to say NO to anybody if you don't feel safe. As an aircraft commander,You are the only one with that descision. Pressure from any third party has killed a lot of pilots, their crew and passengers.. .2: It's always more desireable to wish you were up there when you are down here than the other way around.. .I love being up there, it's fun so enjoy it. Flying is not just a job, it's a childhood dream for most of us that has thankfully come true.
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 02:45
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Words of wisdom from an old Captain I flew with.. .. ." There are plenty of old pilots and plenty of bold pilots, but you will never find a old bold pilot ". .. .and listen to HeloTeacher, don't become a another A.I.D.S. (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome)suffer, look after those closest to you.
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 02:52
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I’m absolutely stunned with the fantastic advice I have received with regards to my question. It has given me the greatest of confidence to employ the advice from all who made the effort to reply. . .. .Thanking you all!
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 15:29
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Hav-a-chat,. .One more ... Whatever you're doing (or about to do), imagine yourself explaining your actions to a judge. Might sound a bit negative, but it's made me think once or twice when the pressure's on to "get the job done".. .Fly safe.
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Old 9th Mar 2002, 21:06
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Nick Lappos
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Have A Chat,. .The best single piece of advice I ever got was:. .. .If you think maybe you might want to turn back, start now. The safest maneuver, in the aircraft or in the planning phase, is a 180 degree turn.. .Pride and stubborness have killed more of us than all the engine failures and IFR events combined.. .. .On the other hand, no ground-pounder will ever know what we see and do, and they are the lesser for it! Good luck!
Old 9th Mar 2002, 21:57
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I like the age old aviation priorities (most important comes first):. .. .1. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.. .. .2. Skin, Tin, Ticket.. .. .There are a bunch of others, anyone care to add to the list?
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Old 10th Mar 2002, 12:00
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This one has kept me on the straight and narrow most of the time (only partly tongue-in-cheek)-. .. .'Before you do something you're not sure about, think about how it's going to read in the crash investigation report!'
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Old 18th Jun 2010, 21:55
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Hints and tips for inexperienced PPL(H)

Hi All,

Since joining a new training school for type rating, I have gained so many hints and tips from my new instructor that I didnt get from my training school whilst taking my PPL.

One example being on a clear sunny day over Dartmoor seeing the effects of the collective if you do not change any other controls demonstrating if inadvertantly flying into cloud.

lowering was a gentle 180 turn but raising the lever was quite a violent near backflip, this was only 5 percent torque less/more difference... it was in a 500 though!!!

So in aid to helping the young and experienced to be wiser and safer pilots, what would your biggest hint or tip be on any subject of helicopter flying to help us fill our huge bag of luck into a tiny bag of experience?

Many Thanks.
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Old 19th Jun 2010, 01:14
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Arm out the window like that
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Old 19th Jun 2010, 09:32
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read this book
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