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Sumburgh SAR Incident?

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Sumburgh SAR Incident?

Old 29th Sep 2005, 16:42
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Sumburgh SAR Incident?

Have heard a rumour that there was a nasty incident on a job last night, winchman and casualty suffering injuries?
Anyone heard anything???
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 07:30
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Have heard this morning that although hospitalised initially winchman and cas are ok, good news and wishing them a speedy recovery.
AAIB due into Bristows base today!
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 19:14
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Cover up

I have editted this post at the request of my mate at Sumburgh,
I think angelonawire's post is the closest version of the truth.

To the injured crewman - all the best
To the unlucky Cas - get well soon

Last edited by sargod; 1st Oct 2005 at 15:01.
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 19:38
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Them's dangerous words to be coming out with before any enquiry has been made. You've as good as condemned the crew on the word of somebody else, a mate or otherwise.
I'm bloody glad I didn't have a problem when you were around.......
Although PPRuNe is a rumour network, there are limits!

PS: I'm not taking sides here, just stating an opinion.
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 19:39
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SAR GOD, the name says it all!

From your post you seem to work for CHC in Ireland where the work is being re-tendered, so heaping abuse on the opposition even without knowing the facts could be commercially advantageous. Remember tales do "improve" with the telling.

If the incident is as you imply, then I am sure that the AAIB will be involved - you can't just keep them out.

Until the full facts are known, I suggest we act like professionals and not make accusations about our fellow aviators.

SAR GOD seems to have made a number of posts on the Jigsaw thread, all acerbic and just as thoughtless as his last post!
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 19:56
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Working at Sumburgh I know just about all the crews of the coastguard helicopter. As the others have said I too believe that the comment by SARGOD are well over the top.
Give the guys a break. They do a fantastic job up here.
Let's wait for the outcome before any slanderous comments are made.
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Old 30th Sep 2005, 23:16
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A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself, but the heart of fools blurts out his folly - Proverbs 12:23

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Old 1st Oct 2005, 09:35
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QUOTE: "we have still have jobs in Eire boys if you don't end up on jigsaw".

Holy crap, hang on SARGOD, I'll put in my CV now as I can't wait to share a cockpit with someone as damn arrogant and cocky as you.....
Not a P2, but god help those poor bast#*ds that end up flying with you....
I presume you have never made any mistakes when flying(not that you PERSONALLY can recall anyway)...

Have you done anything else but SAR in your career to give you the right to say about crew changes(I presume N.Sea) in the conditions the guys up there face in the winter??

Do we KNOW the true facts yet? Were mistakes made? Maybe, but lets hear the AAIB report first before we start hanging our fellow aviators...Being in the same profession (SAR) I think we should try to act a little more professional....

No, I do not work for Bristows, I am however 99% sure who you are and believe me, people in greenhouses should not throw stones....

Lets show a bit more professionalism.......

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Old 1st Oct 2005, 09:47
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Just Dropped In
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For the record I DO fly SAR in Ireland, also for the record I DO NOT support any speculation made by persons on this board! SARGOD may or may not be in Ireland! I dunno!

May I just say that all the crews here simply pass on their best wishes to the winchman & casualty! We hope all are well & make a speedy recovery!

SAR is a dangerous beast, the last thing we need is internal fighting!

Safe Flying!
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 10:52
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Firstly... Glad no-one was seriously hurt.

Secondly... don't know anything about this that i have not read here therfore i don't know anything about this.

Thirdly... Sargod - Such vitriolic pontification is neither useful nor fair. If there has been an incident such as you suggest, then those that need to know will know. Your input is clearly based on commercial competition and extreme arrogance. I think it's a little rich that you can make a post like that and then suggest that someone else has a CRM problem.

If i'm in the oggin i'll take a Bristow crew above one that you're in any day.

Grump over!

Have a nice day
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 10:52
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That's Life!!
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Hear, Hear, ROOFUS, I'm just in a different base! We get the rain first!
I suspect that SARGOD isn't actually in Ireland, (leastwise, I hope not!)

As for
we have still have jobs in Eire
I wouldn't be too sure about that fact, or your grammar!
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 11:30
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That's Life!!
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Out of the sand pit, carving a path through our jungle.
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I wouldn't say that any of the previous posters were 'doubters', as you put it, but, until proof is forthcoming, comments can only reply to what was, after all, speculation.

As you say, you appear to have been well looked after by the Man upstairs, certainly not by your driver. I, for one, wouldn't entertain any notion of 'straightening things out', he's dug the hole, let himself try and pull himself out of it!
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 11:39
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angelonawire, glad to hear you're okay after reading the above.

To those who fly SAR, you have my respect. Having worked offshore for a number of years, not in a flying role, I have seen these guys in action many times now (watching them removing casualties from a couple of ships i've been on) in some real bad weather, and you can only admire the courage it must take to be there for others.

Last edited by kissmysquirrel; 2nd Oct 2005 at 13:12.
Old 1st Oct 2005, 12:33
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Perhaps AAIB wallahs read PPRuNe ... I sure hope so ..... from the sound of it ...its as close to being an (serious) accident as you might care to get!

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Old 1st Oct 2005, 14:26
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hope you get well soon, best wishes.

I don't think I could appear quite as calm as you seem to under the circumstances. I'm sure you should be able to instigate an AAIB investigation as this doesn't sound like an incident to me, personal injury and a/c damage was caused and therefore it should be classed as an accident.

I hope all turns out well for you and that a amicable solution comes your way.

I have the greatest respect for you SAR guys having had a small taste of it myself and have a number of mates in the Mil SAR world.

Once again best wishes and speedy recovery

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Old 1st Oct 2005, 14:35
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Exclamation Truth hurts

To flyer43,running in, peterking, R1tamer, Fatigue, roofus, barndweller and sailor vee

I think that angelonawire has put everything on the line and is still very emotional after his near death experience.

For those who took offence at my first post then i would tell you i have never pulled a punch in my life, things are black and white and unfortunately the truth hurts , but not as much as being pulled/dragged through/over/around parts of a fishing boat.

The SAR role is dangerous but the whole crew should look after each other and not add to the problem. The life of the winchman should be your primary concern when he is on the wire, his life is in your hands.

To angelonawire, all the best , speedy recovery, I'll give you a ring when you are next on duty at sunny Sumburgh!!
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 15:01
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Best wishes and I hope you recover very soon.

SAR God,

I stick to my original point, posting second hand information, even if it is correct, is unprofessional when an enquiry is taking place. With CVR, FDR and possibly video the truth will come out, so why jump in and prejudice the investigation?
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 15:08
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SARGOD, at the time you must appreciate that we only had your view on the incident which is why I sounded rather defensive. Having seen angelonawire's version I now apologise to you. Let's hope that something very very positive comes out of this. Angel, you know where I work at the airport. Please come across at sometime where I will apologise to you personally. Hope you make a speedy recovery.
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 15:19
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I was never trying upset anyone, just trying to raise the interest levels and get the point across. Now angelonawire has said his piece i have editted my first post.
Credit to angelonawire for having the b**ls to speak out.
Lets hope this will never happen again.
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Old 1st Oct 2005, 18:07
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Angel -glad you are OK and can tell this tale.

I presume that the AAIB will get invoved with this and also Health and Safety as there is a duty of care towards you from the company.

SAR is a specialised part of aviation and can bite you very quickly if you are not completely on top of the situation. I am surprised at the allegation that night deck training hadn't been done for some time. I know that the nights are short in the north during the months of May, June and July but that doesn't excuse not keeping your hand in.

I look forward to reading the AAIB report and learning something from it.

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