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UK helicopter schools (Merged)

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UK helicopter schools (Merged)

Old 3rd Apr 2013, 20:26
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Don't understand that they were there last week training
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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 21:29
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Heather said they use it a lot for training but are not basing from at the moment. A shame really because Breighton is a much shorter journey than Humberside - 1hr 30 each way according to Google! The extra petrol cost might make Multiflight or HeliNorth a better option?
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Old 10th Apr 2013, 21:23
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Who does training in Scotland? Pref near Inverness ... I can only find HJS in Aberdeen, Scotia and Kingsfield down Perth and Glasgow way ...

HG Helicopters?

Any recommendations?

Spanks. SP.
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Old 11th Apr 2013, 12:56
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Hello SP.

I've used Scotia a few times when working up that neck of the woods. I think they're excellent. Maybe shoot over there for a flight with John Pearson! Well worth it! Wise fella! Diamond instructor and just an all round gentleman!

Was trying to do some flying out of Inverness but i think that school has disappeared!



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Old 28th Jun 2013, 12:08
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Flight school suggestions


Been keeping an eye on here recently - I'm finally in that position where money and time permit me to complete one of my ambitions, and thats to get a helicopter...

First I need the PPL, so my question is pretty simple..

I need some recommendations for schools that can train me on a Jetranger (as this is what I've decided I want to buy) in the Midlands area, and hopefully in the next couple of months..

Anyone with any suggestions, good (or bad!!) to help me along

Thanks in advance

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Old 28th Jun 2013, 14:24
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Not really in the Midlands but you might try knocking on some doors at Gloucestershire airport. Plenty of schools.

I did my PPL training there with HeliflightUK and they are an awesome crew. Did I mention they have a B206 permanently at the school?
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Old 28th Jun 2013, 17:35
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Or you could try A LOT closer to home;

East Midlands Helicopters - they have 2 bell 206s on staff and experienced instructor pilots that know how to fly them. Can highly recommend Pete & Dan and if you pass your Skills Test with their boss then you know you're ok!
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Old 24th Jul 2013, 14:30
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Question Advice on choosing a School / Instructor.

Hello all.

Help is needed to decide on a school and an Instructor.

Lots of schools about in the UK and abroad. Funds just about in place, what now?

I am based in the West Midlands and have flown the R22, Schweizer, Cabri. The R22 felt a little cramped as I am 6,2" and lanky. Love the Cabri and the schweizer.

My options at the moment.

- One school nearby, HeliCentre in Leicester offers the chance of a CPL-H scholarship after my PPL-H (be it slim) its still worth enquiring. Great people and a possible chance to hour build /get discounted repositioning turbine hours/ work as an instructor in the future. They seem a really forward thinking company.

I have flown with Rise in Staverton and the instructor was a great guy. He seemed like he had quite alot of experience. But as I have mentioned the R22 was a bit cramped, although I felt in control. Great landscape to fly.

Move to Florida for 1+ years and do it all at Bristow. PPL / CPL/ FI/ IR. While the savings may be negligible when living costs/ flights etc are taken into consideration. Separating myself from the distractions of home could help with the ground studies etc. I have been told Bristow really help you with the exams while UK schools tend to leave you to it. Also do Bristow prefer to Hire their own? I want to go down the offshore route. On the flip side I am sure my relationship and business at home will suffer.

Or any suggestions apart from the above.

I would like an instructor who is not just hour building. Someone with the confidence and knowledge that comes with experience.

But I would like it if my training at least gave me a small foot in the door with a decent company.

All help gratefully received.
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Old 15th Aug 2014, 20:26
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Locations / Prices for PPL training in a Schweizer 300 helicopter in the UK

Hi All,

I am looking for flying schools in the UK that i can do the PPL(H) training in a Schweizer 300 helicopter.

I have found a few so far, does anybody know any that i should contact and also the hourly rates?

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Old 16th Aug 2014, 17:02
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If you want to come down to the West Country I have a couple at my school !
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Old 16th Aug 2014, 20:42
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Hughes500 could you send me details? Thanks
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 18:32
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Can I ask what sort of price you would expect to pay for an hours training in an R22 and a Cabri these days please?
My local FTO are charging 390 and 450 inc vat respectively which seems a tad high to me.
Many thanks.
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 19:01
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That does sound a bit pricy, around 310 inc vat in an R22 and around 370 inc vat in a G2 are the prices around the south west. 10 discounts per hour for 10 hours up front are normal.
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 19:41
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You are being gouged by your regulatory regime, not the UK schools that are barely scraping by with less students all the time.

R22 with instructor is about 175/hr in Florida. But then you won't have the option of the far superior Cabri (see the "if not Robinson then what" thread) at 3 times the price. Your license -or should I say licence- document will look the same.
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Old 27th Feb 2016, 10:51
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Agreed, it does seem a bit pricey having now researched varies FTOs.
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Old 18th Oct 2016, 08:27
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Has anyone got any experience with the rotary flying schools at Elstree aerodrome?

Elstree is local to me, so very handy.

I had a lesson at Elstree Helicopters and found them to be excellent.
I hope to be going into VVB Aviation asap too.

Just wondering if anyone has any opinions or recommendations?

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Old 18th Oct 2016, 12:59
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My son is training with Elstree helicopters at the moment. He is progressing well. They appear to have high standards so expect to complete a higher number of hours before your skills test but I'm OK with that: I'd prefer a competent pilot next to me rather than someone chasing a pass after 45 hours.
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Old 18th Oct 2016, 14:10
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Yeh I did get that impression with the whole 60hrs package that they offer, but I'm like you, I'd much rather get as much training done that I need really. Plus, any hours stay with you forever, so its not like they wouldn't count towards anything!

Is your son aiming towards commercial too, or sticking with private?
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Old 18th Oct 2016, 21:21
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Originally Posted by fohnwind View Post
I'd vote for VVB, a very professional outfit, the other school at Elstree has a somewhat less good reputation in the industry.
Thanks for the reply. Is there anything I should be wary of?

VVB have a simulator, which is a big positive for me.
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Old 19th Oct 2016, 11:27
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Just to be clear so that some undeserving school doesn't get a bad rap, this thread makes it sound like there are 2 schools at Elstree, but I understand that there is 3
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