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BOSSCAT 3rd May 2000 17:26

UK helicopter schools (Merged)
Any starters for 10!

I am keen to ditch my current profession to persue one in aviation. Can anybody adivise a starting point for researching into a career flying helicopters rather than planes?

Who with?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks All!!

pitchlink 5th May 2000 00:17

If you want to do it, and you have the aptitude there is no time like the present.

Fly with Mike Smith (Heliair). He was my instructor a while back and he will give you an honest opinion if he can in the limited time.
If he can't just enjoy the experience of flying with, I would say, one of the highest houred pilots in the world.

distings 6th May 2000 03:18

See what you've started BOSSCAT.
Seriously, if you have a few pennies available to start a new career in helicopters, either become an avionics engineer (they are looked after), or go to a place that offers good value for money for flying training.
With the market today being as international as it is, I would get a reputable U.S. or Canadian company to train you. They are half the price that you would pay over here, and then you would most likely be offered a job as instructor (another debate), and of course a holiday at the same time.
Licensed to fly an N- reg or C- reg aircraft is you knocking on the door world-wide, and a conversion to a U.K. license isn't too traumatic. In times of stress the North Sea Helicopter companies will even do that for you.
Also, as a structural engineer from Glasgow, maybe you could help Eurocopter to build their next machine from good old steel girders instead of plastic.

the wizard of auz 16th May 2000 15:37

If you knew any thing about physics you wouldnt want to fly a whirlymagig anyway.
:) :) :) Everybody knows that if god had meant them to fly he would have glued the wing on so it could be seen. http://www.fontsnthings.com/3d/0004/uppern.gif :) :)

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Cron 18th May 2000 17:39

BOSSCAT. The stuff about Heliair is bang on, they are V good. There is an instructor there now (Glen) who also has CPL so onestop shop maybe..

BOSSCAT 18th May 2000 17:48

I have been trying to contact HeliAir but their web page is under construction and the the email address [email protected] doesn't work. Any body have a posting address or contact telephone No for anyone who can provide literature etc on the school?

Thanks All


Cron 18th May 2000 18:07

BOSSCAT Heliair: 01789 470476 and say Pete Chapman recommended - then there will be laughter..

stopachoppa 18th May 2000 18:12

I have to agree with all of the above plus points directed to Heli-air. And no I don't work for them or have an interest in the company either, but I do have a long history of dealings with both the Wellesbourne and Denham offices. You will be hard pushed to find two higher qualified instructors than Mike or Quentin Smith, and when you consider that they are the level all their employed instructors are aspiring to, you know you're getting quality whoever you end up with.

Yes, there are bigger training organisations about, but remember it not the size its the Quality that counts!!

I work for a Single Engine AOC Operator and we contract 15 Freelance commercial pilots throughout the year. Currently about 50% of our guys learnt to fly with and have gone on to be Instructors with Heli-air, 25% in the Forces and 25% abroad.

Don't hang around thinking about it. If you've got the budget get on the ladder!!

yogibear 27th Jul 2000 19:05

flying in the uk..
Hey guys/gals ,
Can anyone give me any info on flying schools or helo operators in the midlands as I am from Safrica and in desperate need of getting some air between my butt and the earth...any help will be appreciated...

fastback 27th Jul 2000 22:37

Try East Midlands Helicopters, they`re quite close to Nottingham.

Going by they`re web site they operate R22`s B206`s and AS355`s.Telephone number 01509 856464

R22 28th Jul 2000 02:39

If you prefer the West Midlands, there's Tiger Helicopters at Shobdon, near Leominster, phone 01568.708028.

yogibear 28th Jul 2000 14:13

To Fastback and R22 , Thanks for the info guys..will give them a call.

Thanks again...

The bear...

R22 29th Jul 2000 00:03

Yogi, let me know if you're going to Tiger Helicopters; I fly from there regularly; maybe we can meet up.

Face man 31st Jul 2000 02:29

If you're anywhere near Stourbridge I can vouch for Heliflight. They operate out of Halfpenny green airport and have just expanded their op down to Staverton. I've logged a couple of hours with them and they seem like a friendly lot.

helinewbie 4th Aug 2000 00:05

Bristol - any damn good helicopter flying schools?
My dream in life has always been to fly a helicopter, and now finances allow the time has arrived to give it a go.

Can anyone recommend any damn good flying schools in the Bristol area please? Not only must they be reasonably priced but also have very good, helpful instructors.

Thanks in advance


Chopper Moore 4th Aug 2000 11:27

You could try these websites: http://www.helicopters.uk.com/Training/training.html
and http://www.flyer.co.uk
The Flyer website is geared towards general aviation in the UK and so will have a link or a list of flying schools.

My advice is to visit all potential schools, I used to drive past one to get to the one I learned with as they were much friendlier and the machines were a lot better. Good luck.

flipflop 5th Aug 2000 01:45

Hey mate
Sometimes you have to travel to get the best service. If you don't have any luck in the Bristol area give me a call and I will point you in the direction of one of the better schools in the South with outstanding instructors.
good luck.

elpirata 7th Aug 2000 22:54

have a look at www.plh.co.uk they have links to schools all over the place and will give you good advice (what you need I guess)

El Pirata

zaza 10th Aug 2000 01:41

Try Staverton Flying School, 01452 712388. They´re based at Glos, but that´s not so far from Bristol

Banjo 16th Aug 2000 01:22

Try Bristol & Wessex Helicopters on 01275 474868 they are the biggest on the field at the moment both for aircraft and staff.

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