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Sikorsky S-92: From Design to Operations

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Sikorsky S-92: From Design to Operations

Old 27th Mar 2000, 06:38
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Cyclic Hotline
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Lightbulb Sikorsky S-92: From Design to Operations

Word down on the Ramp, has it that the S92 is going to be a little longer in it's final comfiguration.

Problems with C of G, causing a minor design re-think and at least one of the prototypes back in the shop, getting a plug installed?

Now it really will be a replacement for the S61N!
Old 1st Apr 2000, 04:34
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A good Sea King replacement perhaps?
Old 10th Apr 2000, 04:02
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Also hear that the S92 is suffering from Stabilizer and Vertical Fin Cracking !!!!!, and that they intend to move the Stabilizer down to the bottom of the fin (but this may cause more problems than it will solve as the lowered Stabilizer will suffer from the Tail Rotor Downwash)
And another rumour is that the confirmed Order to Helijet isnt as they have only agreed to look at the Aircraft ?
Old 10th Apr 2000, 07:55
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Cyclic Hotline
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Word down in the fuel shack the other day, confirms what you are saying. The plug/stab mod's are an attempt to correct problems with pitch stability on the aircraft.

All the Sikorsky designs with this style of tail cone/pylon seem to have experienced structural problems over the years; S61R, S64, S76. You'd think they might have resolved some of htis by now, but then again, maybe all the old guys have retired?

I'll find out what the janitor know's next!

Old 17th May 2000, 10:31
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Cyclic Hotline
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Talked to the Janitor tonight. He said some blokes from Flight had been down snooping around, hitting him up for information about the old 92!

Originally Sikorsky said it was to meet the NSHP requirement, but then they read the PPRuNe version and realised they had been rumbled.

16" plug aft of the cockpit, vert stab 41" shorter, repositioning the horizontal stab, C of G problems?? Just like the guys down on the ramp said!!!!!

The good news according to the Flight International report, was the 16" plug will allow the addition of an additional row of seats to 19 pax civil operators!

Should make the cabin attendant and 2 additional pax happy to know that!

(Is there anyone left at Sikorsky who know's anything about commercial aviation?)

PS....(Talked to the tea-lady this afternoon; - she say's that there is a non OEM plan afoot to stretch the S-76! She also say's that those nice Czech boys will do a very nice job of building the S-76 airframe for Sikorsky, before Keystone puts the thing together!) Whatever is she talking about?
Old 22nd May 2000, 08:21
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Thumbs up

The shoe shine boy said, even when they are done tweeking the thing it will still be squirrly a hell with the SAS/AP's off. They'll spend the first 10 years getting bugs fixed.
Will it have the tail rotor servos on the tail rotor gear box? (Gosh all that weight back there kills me) (You say it's tail heavy) If so I hope they put in the tail rotor servo shut off valve. Tail rotor "cables", got to get the centering spring in there too. How about the aux ess bus contactor, ess bus resovery contactor.
Sikorsky has 'designed in' more problems in there helicopters then any other company I know of.
Old 23rd May 2000, 10:19
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chalk one
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My source at SA says the janitor’s right, stab and fin cracking, and the rest! They moved the blackhawk tail feathers around too (when it was the version that crashed at Paris).
Old 23rd May 2000, 11:21
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Cyclic Hotline
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The guy washing helicopters behind the hangar, told me he read this in Defense Daily News today,

"Only He Knows. The exact date Canada will officially open competition to replace its aging SH-3 Sea Kings is known only by the Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien, according to Sikorsky President Dean Borgman. We believe that the decision is on his desk, and that a decision will come out by the end of the year, he says. Sikorsky is looking to provide a version of its S-92 helicopter as Canada's future maritime patrol helicopter."

The milkman also told me "in confidence" to watch out for the old Aero Vodochody S-76. Said some old boy down the pub was talking about it????
Old 30th May 2000, 02:07
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Cyclic Hotline
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Interesting conversation with the newspaper boy the other day.

He said the bloke down the road had told him, that there were now further problems coming to light, including problems with the entire tail-rotor set-up, which would precipitate a move away from the standard Blackhawk parts.

With all the changes to the airframe, systems, etc; he say's that we should expect an announcement any day now, on a 2 year delay in production!

Where do they hear such things?
Old 9th Aug 2000, 23:20
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Cyclic Hotline
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Smile What are Aircontactgruppen AS going to do with the S-92?


Norwegian Company Signs for Multiple S-92 Aircraft

FARNBOROUGH, July 25, 2000 -Aircontactgruppen AS of Norway has signed a Letter of Intent with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to acquire six new S-92 helicopters. The aircraft, to be delivered between 2004 and 2007, would be offered for operating lease.

S-92 launch customer Cougar Helicopter, an offshore oil operator based in eastern Canada, earlier this year signed a deposit agreement for up to five of the aircraft with deliveries starting in 2002. Two civil operators have also signed agreements that will lead to the placement of S-92 aircraft. They are Helijet of Vancouver, British Columbia and Copter Action of Finland.

"We believe that the S-92, with its low operating cost and advanced technology, will be an excellent helicopter for the operators," said Johan H. Stenersen, Chairman of Aircontactgruppen. Sikorsky President Dean Borgman said, "We appreciate the confidence and commitment shown by Aircontactgruppen in our S-92 helicopter."

Tommy Thomason, Sikorsky Vice President - Civil Programs, said, "I know operators will appreciate the S-92 as a significant step up in medium helicopter capability. Its performance in test meets our challenging performance, reliability and operating cost goals."

Aircontactgruppen AS, of Oslo, is a privately-held Norwegian company involved in aviation, travel and tourism and technology. Its aviation activities include local sales representation of aviation industry companies, operating lease arrangements of commercial jets, global air brokering and local representation for various international airlines.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacturing and service. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

Old 26th Jan 2001, 02:54
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fish s92 order

A Norwegian financier has purchased a number of s92's for forward sale/lease can anyone shed light on their final destination
Old 2nd Aug 2001, 10:35
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Lightbulb ERA orders S92

Era Aviation signs deposit for three S-92 helicopters

STRATFORD, Conn., Aug. 1, 2001 - Era Aviation Inc. and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation today announced that Era intends to purchase three S-92 helicopters. Acquisition of the new aircraft would make Era the S-92 Gulf of Mexico launch customer.
Era, which provides offshore services, as well as support for forestry, construction, mining and other industries, has requested the first S-92 production slots available in 2003, according to the deposit agreement. The aircraft would serve large oil companies from bases along the Gulf.

"We look forward to Era becoming a Gulf launch customer for the S-92," said Tommy Thomason, Sikorsky's Vice President of Civil Programs. "Era, like Sikorsky, is a pioneer in the field, providing helicopter support in often-challenging climates for more than 50 years.”

In operation for five decades, Era is the world's oldest continuously serving helicopter operator. It has U.S. operations in Anchorage, Alaska; Reno, Nev.; Lake Charles, La., and various bases along the Gulf Coast. Era’s fleet includes Sikorsky S-76A++ and S-61N helicopters.

Cougar Helicopter, an offshore oil operator based in eastern Canada, has signed a deposit agreement for the delivery of the first S-92, with options for up to four more. Similar agreements that anticipate the placement of S-92 aircraft have been signed by Helijet, of Vancouver, British Columbia; Aircontactgruppen AS, of Norway and Copterline of Finland.

The Sikorsky S-92 is evolved from the proven S-70 BLACK HAWK and SEAHAWK aircraft and incorporates more than 50 years of Sikorsky civil and military multi-mission experience. Available in a 19-passenger commercial, a 22-troop utility and a multitude of mission specific configurations, the design offers stand-up cabin flexibility, rapid convertibility, operational suitability and a full cabin-width rear ramp.

The S-92 provides the best combination of payload, range, speed, cabin size and operating costs in its size class. It will be the first helicopter fully certified to the harmonized FAA, JAA Part 29 requirements. The combination of this certification basis and the evolution from a military helicopter results in a comprehensive set of safety features which includes a crashworthy design to achieve maximum survivability.

Era has three major operating bases in the United States. Its Alaska division, and corporate headquarters, is located in Anchorage. Lake Charles, Louisiana, is headquarters for Era's Gulf Coast division and Reno, Nevada, is home for Era's West Coast operation. Era has operated in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China, providing offshore support to oil companies. During the past 5 years, Era Helicopters has operated off Sakhalin Island, Russia, Thailand, Greece, the Balkans, Italy and Argentina. Era Aviation is a subsidiary of Rowan Companies, Inc., (NYSE:RDC), of Houston, Texas.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacturing and service. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.
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Old 17th Dec 2001, 23:55
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Post S-92 In Production, Moving Toward FAA Certification

Sikorsky Press Release
The Sikorsky S-92 has begun formal FAA certification flight testing and the cabin for the first production aircraft is near completion as the program gathers momentum toward 2002 certification and 2003 first deliveries.

Aircraft 4 and Aircraft 5 are engaged in busy flight test schedules at Sikorsky's Development Flight Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. Aircraft 4 is performing handling qualities flight testing to develop data for the FlightSafety Inc. pilot training simulator. Meanwhile, Aircraft 5 is completing performance flight testing to generate the information on speed, lift, and engine operating characteristics needed for FAA certification.

As work continues in the skies over Florida, on the ground Sikorsky is moving forward with S-92 production. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inc., of Japan is nearing completion of the cabin section for Aircraft 6, the first production aircraft. Long lead time components have been ordered for production aircraft scheduled for delivery through 2004. Sikorsky is also developing the lean tooling and manufacturing methods that will increase delivery flow and decrease costs for S-92 customers.

Earlier this fall, the aircraft made separate demonstration flights for three U.S. military services. Pilots from the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S Marine Corps flew the aircraft to evaluate its performance, handling qualities and ride.

In preparation for initial deliveries, Sikorsky hosted S-92 launch customers in November at the Development Flight Center for a maintenance and logistics planning conference.

Also this fall, the H-92 made its international flying debut when it visited Ottawa in October. Sikorsky is offering the H-92, the military version of the S-92, to replace Sea King helicopters currently in service with Canadian Forces. During the three-day stay, Canadian Forces pilots flew the aircraft, while potential customers, government officials, Sikorsky business partners and industry representatives viewed it on static display.

In all, the S-92 program has accumulated 845 hours flight test through early December. Aircraft 2 has flown in excess of 380 hours. Aircraft 3 has accumulated 221 flight hours since first flying in October 1999, including flight evaluations in military mission applications. Aircraft 5, which validated the longer cabin and lower tail, joined the flight program in early 2001 and has logged more than 220 hours in the air. Aircraft 4 has 25 flight hours. The Ground Test Vehicle, Aircraft 1, completed the 200 hour FAA endurance run to certify the entire drive system including main, intermediate and tail gearboxes in 1999.

The S-92 is an advanced transport helicopter that incorporates the latest design safety features such as flaw tolerance, bird strike capability, and engine turbine burst containment. It also provides benchmark crashworthiness and emergency egress capability.

The Sikorsky S-92 is evolved from the proven S-70 BLACK HAWK and SEAHAWK aircraft and incorporates more than 50 years of Sikorsky civil and military multi-mission experience. Available in a 19-passenger commercial, a 22-troop utility and a multitude of mission specific configurations, the design offers stand-up cabin flexibility, rapid convertibility, operational suitability and a full cabin-width rear ramp.

An international team of companies led by Sikorsky is developing the S-92. Members of the international team are: Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) of Taiwan, Embraer of Brazil, Gamesa of Spain, Jingdezhen Helicopter Group/CATIC of the People's Republic of China, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. Major subcontractors include General Electric, Rockwell Collins and Hamilton Sundstrand.
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Old 18th Dec 2001, 00:18
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Anyone know if there is any confirmed civilian customer yet?
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Old 18th Dec 2001, 07:35
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As reported in a recent issue of Rotor and Wing. Cougar Helicopters of Halifax , Nova Scotia, Canada is suppose to be the S-92 launch customer. I believe they plan on basing {it /them} out of St.Johns
Newfoundland in support of the Hibernia project.
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Old 18th Dec 2001, 08:34
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Hey is that true about the coast guard testing them?? Now I can't wait.
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Old 23rd Jan 2002, 21:50
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Question Big S92 Order???

OK, this one's bound to be a stretch, but word is some "large" Canadian operator has inked for ten (10) S92's, along with a number of 76C+'s.

Anyone? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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Old 11th Apr 2002, 00:17
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First H-92 Aircraft Joins the S-92 Flight

Sikorsky Press Release
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Following major structural enhancements and systems upgrades, the first military variant of the S/H-92 family is back in flight test with additional gross weight capability, an extended main rotor shaft, and an upgraded electrical system.

"The new configuration changes and the increased gross weight mark the introduction of expanded military capabilities to the Program" said S-92 Program Manager (and Rotorheads guru)Nick Lappos. "The S/H-92 demonstrates the world-class payload, safety features, and performance needed to fill the requirements of military and civil customers around the world."

The improvements to Aircraft 3 include:
A new, extended main rotor shaft, and new main rotor servos. The payload of a well-equipped S/H-92 is now more than 11,000 pounds.
A redesigned electrical system to maintain rotor ice protection after a generator failure. This upgrade will also allow the addition of a vast array of options in the future.
A structurally optimized production tail pylon that establishes the final production configuration. The new structure is lighter than the developmental tails flown previously.
The next generation of improvements in the layout of the cockpit Multi-Function Displays.

The Republic of Ireland has agreed to begin negotiations for the purchase of three Sikorsky S-92 helicopters to fulfill the Irish Air Corps Search and Rescue (SAR) mission. In 2001 pilots from the U.S. Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps flew the aircraft to evaluate its performance.

Other upgrades to Aircraft 3 include the 16-inch cabin extension, lowered tail rotor pylon, and relocated horizontal stabilizer, all of which were previously incorporated into Aircraft 4 and 5 in response to customer requests for additional cabin space and a larger main door.

Aircraft 3 was also retrofitted with the Rockwell Collins glass cockpit and integrated avionics package, improved landing gear, upgraded drive train, optimized vibration system, and redundant APU fuel boost pump required for FAA certification.

The S/H-92 Program has now accumulated more than 1,000 hours of flight test. "The S/H-92 is the only aircraft that meets the latest enhanced safety requirements, such as flaw tolerance, bird strike capability and turbine burst protection. These capabilities place the S-92 a full generation ahead of the other medium helicopters in the marketplace," said Lappos.

The first prototype with the Rockwell Collins cockpit, Aircraft 4, gathered baseline data for the FlightSafety Inc. pilot training simulator, including handling qualities, performance, noise and vibration data. Aircraft 4 is now flying avionics certification flights. Aircraft 5 has completed the majority of the certification powerplants and static performance flying. Aircraft 5 is now being fitted with upgrades similar to Aircraft 3 to prepare it for structural certification flying.

The Sikorsky S/H-92 is evolved from the proven S-70 BLACK HAWK and SEAHAWK aircraft, and will be available in a 19-passenger commercial, a 22-troop utility and a multitude of mission specific configurations.
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Old 13th Apr 2002, 22:35
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Red face S- 92....icing( for Nick L.)

Is the S-92 going to be " flight in icing" capable...... full/ partial?

If so...... how are you guys engineering it?
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Old 13th Apr 2002, 23:13
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Nick Lappos
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There really is no partial anti-ice anymore. The system is based on the Black Hawk's, but with more heat, more zones and lessons learned on harness and system life. It is a de-ice system, some ice is allowed to gather. The blades have various zones that are heated by electric mats. The computer controller selects the zones in sequence, as the ice is accumulated. The blast of heat disbonds the ice, and the centripital (thought you'd catch me, didn't you!) force tosses the ice away. The zones are selected, and so is the exact blade position so the ice is tossed away from the tail rotor. The timing of the electricity is determined by a redundant ice rate meter, so the amount of accumulation is known. Pretty classy stuff.

We have built about 2,000 de-iced helos, so it is not exotic engineering.

The 92 has three gens, two 75 KVA to run the system, and a 35 KVA for other stuff so it can take a gen failure and keep de-icing.

The hard part is finding the really heavy ice conditions to satisfy the FAA, which sets ice capability about 3 times more intense than the military, and is hard-lined about the tests ever since the ATR icing crash proved how tough Mother Nature can be.

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