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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 26th Jan 2007, 20:16
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'Uncle Terry' is very resourceful and can usually do something like a Blue Peter presenter with locking wire, epoxy resin a used toilet roll holder and duct tape, so it must be a rather more serious problem with the helicopter. If they're stuck in Nouadibhou, getting spares there could be a bit tricky, but I'm sure he'll manage and will also have managed to make himself comfortable and made new friends to help him already. I certainly do hope he's okay as I haven't heard from him lately and I know how much he was looking forward to the flight just before he left. The way things go, with lack of communication sometimes on African ferry flights, he may already be enjoying a large Julbrew in Banjul or some zouk music in Ougadougou. I hope to enjoy a large bottle of 'cold filtered' or a glass of my mother's milk with him soon
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Old 27th Jan 2007, 10:19
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Hey Soggy! Are you taking my name in vain? Regards to Uncle T when you next talk to him and to all my PH based mates. See you mid-Feb.
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 06:25
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I just put in my first six days near Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. What a contrast to Ikeja and Isolo!

I was nowhere near town, just based next to the airport so I cannot say much about local civilisation but where I was I could walk back and forth without worrying about my safety. There were no beggars or shoe-shiners anywhere to be seen and the locals seemed to be polite, friendly and correctly distant.

The food was quite good in the camp, Italian-style rather than, yecch, Briddish. Plenty of fresh veg and fruit and chicken you could cut with a fork rather than having to use a diamond blade.

The pilots were mostly young and amiable instead of old and grouchy, like me.

The aircraft I flew was the nicest Twin Otter I have ever seen, just like new.

Best of all, the ramp was full of airplanes. There was one lonely-looking B206L out there but that was it for helicopters. I guess the distances are too much, so that they just take a D8 and make an instant air strip wherever they need to operate out there in the Sahara. The Pilatus Porter and the Cessna Caravan take the place of the B212, so to speak.

The temperature was surprisingly cold, colder than Germany was when I left. It was down to 5 or so in the mornings and it never got above about 15 even at mid-day. On the other hand I have been reliably informed that it can go up to 54 in the summer. Not to worry, they are sending me off to Saudi next, or so I have been told. Algeria is too nice, perhaps!
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 07:43
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Finally Uncle 'T' and 'Uncle Bob look alike' arrived the shore of Nigeria by mid day yesterday in the Blue 'A Star' that was stuck somewhere in the western Sahara for Weeks! It will be better to 'crate-in' the next inbound 'A star' to Ghana as ACN/CHC does in avoiding the payment of high import tax to Nigeria. 'Brown envelope' as usual to the designated surveyor will save you all the head ache. Welcome back Steve. Sunny will brief you on the Aba incident! The boys have been settled! The 'Let 410' could not make it to Bonny too. The runway is too narrow and the crew will not cooperate with Sola to land there and prove a point to your client in Bonny . She has since returned to Europe. The Company lost so much money in accomodation for the crew in a private 'court' in GRA since the Ikeja guest house is sub-standard to them and parking space for the 'Let 410' . The 'Let crew Bus' is now available for the helicopter crew after their departure . Ozunba Helipad really missed you, Steve.
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 11:44
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Nigerian In Law
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Are You Teasing ??


Are you serious ? We never know with a wily old fox like you. Are you honestly saying that a camp in the desert with no crime, community wahalla, robberies, kidnappings, official corruption, police escorts and so on is better than the BRC and the antiques you used to fly before the Dorniers came ? Where's the challenge in that ?

Surely you miss the cut and thrust of life in Ajao Estate with haute cuisine lovingly prepared by the best chefs Bristow can muster ? Is the banter the same ? Aren't evenings with no gunfire outside the razor wire boring ?

I'm saving a fortune now we're curfewed. The weight is just dropping off now all that beer is undrunk, so to speak. What other employer would take such radical steps to ensure the Health and Safety of it's valued people ? Wasn't it an American who said that people are a companies most valuable asset ?

Come on, be honest !! Your secret is safe with us............


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Old 28th Jan 2007, 14:18
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Thumbs up We Welcome The Jumbolino

Is a lie, all this stories of bad things with our Jumbolino, envelop in Aba and every other thing. Daddy and me was always fully aware of every-thing happening as you would expect from the toppest leaders in the world centre of aviation excellence. As already explain, there was great need for Uncle Terry to have proper crew rest and for Steve to have his suit trouser always dry clean and looking very shinny - after all he is an ambassador for this our company which is talked about in every toppest aviation circle, for setting new standard of excellence, training, maintenance, forward thinking and heavy investment in new techernological industry-leading product such as the Jumbolino. All the technical detail will be there on our website once daddy have paid for update.
Nothing have happen in Aba. Our helicopter is welcome in every part of the Federation. Now with 2 helicopter again we shall have plenty spare part and be visiting so many places. It's because daddy and I have been well educated with even degree and papers from University overseas and have so well allied this with sharp Nigerian busuness practices.
We have had some very bad people to work for us, who think being pilot or enguneer is important because this an aviation adventure. Is not important - what is important is to have been to proper university with electronic marvels such as computer, text book and NEPA. It is things like this such of these aviation pigmies such as CHC and Bristow will soon find out as we sweep them from the field of aviation in Nigeria. After all, CHC is just anagram of Hantshire Cunty Council and Bristow is best known for hair shampoo (and anyway daddy says he prefer Head and Shoulders becasue with such you can never get dandruff which make the collar of your Armani suit jacket look so very bad).
Daddy will be presenting brown envelope to all concerned with this our latest success, as soon as he have decided on deductions for out-of-pocket expenses for the short delays on-route, which must not have been any-thing to do with Jumbolino because the NCAA issued papers to say what a very fine machine it was just before it was leaving Portugal.
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 15:27
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Question RSGs 139

I saw the RSG AW139, 5N-BJB finally flying the other day. It visited lagos and Abuja before returning to Port Harcourt. Does this mean that it has finally got its CofA?
Does this also mean that Governor Odili has now put his problems with the EFCC behind him?
EFCC interim findings indict Odili
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 18:55
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Thumbs up

I spoke to 'Uncle Terry' today and can confirm his safe arrival in Lagos, having had a few adventures along the way, visited some new places and done a few interesting things with locking wire, old toilet rolls and epoxy resin - just as forecast
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 20:53
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Thumbs down Take Care in Port Harcourt and the Creeks

For those flying for Shell tomorrow, extra care is required as there was fighting between militants and security forces in Nembe today and the Nigerian Navy had to despatch 2 extra gunboats to the area in support of joint task force personnel.

There was a long and violent gun battle in Port Harcourt today, in the old part of the city around Aggrey road. Fifty militants on fought a gunbattle with Nigerian security forces and torched police headquarters in Port Harcourt in the oil-producing Niger Delta to free one of their leaders.
The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) said fighters armed with machine guns, grenades and assault rifles attacked troops and police who fought back with helicopter gunships and an armoured personnel carrier.
"We lost none of our fighters in the encounter which saw the destruction of the State Investigation and Intelligence Bureau and the Rivers state police headquarters," MEND said in a statement e-mailed to journalists.
The group said 50 of its fighters were involved.
The gunfight took place in the densely populated old part of Port Harcourt, near the waterfront, where residents said they saw the militants torch the central police station and at least 10 police vehicles. Police said at least one person was killed.
"Our fighters have since retreated to the creeks with our prize," MEND said, referring to Sobomabo George, one of its leaders who had been captured earlier in the day.
The MEND, which says it is fighting for the impoverished people of the delta to gain control of the region's oil wealth, was responsible for a wave of attacks last February that forced the closure of a fifth of Nigeria's oil production capacity. (source - Reuters)
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 21:50
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Did I read that right....MEND reacted in hours to the arrest of one of their own and were able to pull off a "Snatch Op"?

I am beginning to think highly of their ability to operate.

Shows they have the ability to shoot, move, and communicate.
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 21:53
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I guess the first flight tomorrow will be to Nembe Creek then
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Old 28th Jan 2007, 23:13
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MEND after April Elections

Hi SASless,

My question is will the excitement continue after the upcoming elections?

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Old 29th Jan 2007, 03:10
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I ran my hands around the Crystal Ball.....flipped a few Tarot Cards....and looked to see which way the cows were facing....then flipped some chicken bones and feathers about a bit....and everything suggests "Yes indeedy!"

Unless and until some of that oil money gets spent in the Delta area and the Nigerian trickle down method of economic investment puts some Kobo's into the villager's pockets....the violence will continue.
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Old 29th Jan 2007, 19:05
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Well I just fininshed reading 81 pages of posts!!! Well most of it. I get the general idea. Still no one has posted any pictures??? Another question is how many of you who have worked in Nigeria or Africa have got Malaria or any other nasty sickness? What were the out comes?

I have about 6 friends who have just left CHL EMS for CHC and am waiting to hear what their opinion is of Africa. Sounds like it was lots of fun at one time but this seems to be the worst of the worst times to get involved in Nigeria.

Anyways thanks for all the great info and God bless all there and hoping they can avoid the violence.

Cheers from Northern Canada!!!

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Old 29th Jan 2007, 19:20
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Devil Eat Dog Biscuits And Die Suckers

Well we've launched another aggressive new development in a nice marshmallow, gentle, nuke-a-gay-whale-for-peace kinda way. After the announcement that we'd be launching a super new money-saving shuttle bus for crews to Owerri using the ole Harmattan precludes any other form of transport excuse, we discovered that you guys really liked it, so we're sure going to keep it. Lots of you made a lotta noise about the move to the super new camp, which is gonna save us a whole pile of $$$$$. We're also glad to see that most of you haven't left and are opting for the single room philosophy which we've sold - wouldn't do to have guys congregating in a sitting room and gr in the most iping together - see what we've done for morale. The new camp will be far nicer than the original Intels option [suckers]. Our acceptance of the genuine 42 days on site deal sure kept you guys quiet while we were able to recruit enough new people to not have to put up with your whinging any more. What do you think we're running here - a holiday camp? We didn't get where we are today without learning how to tell lies in the most sincere, (maple) syrupy fashion until we get what we want. Just remember, if you don't eat the marshmallows we'll send in K2 with the dog biscuits.
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Old 29th Jan 2007, 19:47
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Sending mail home through the CHC mail system

The Navy will look after your security

Chilling out

Supper's coming!

Last edited by etienne t boy; 30th Jan 2007 at 19:24. Reason: Trying to get pictures to show
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Old 29th Jan 2007, 20:21
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Thanks for the pics.

Looks like a Tropical Pardise to me. Any one have pics of the new/old chc camps?? How about the Niger Delta, rigs, pads, swamps etc.

What is a Hamarttan???


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Old 29th Jan 2007, 20:32
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Devil Safety Improved in the Niger Delta

Things should be considerably safer and more peaceful in the environs of Port Harcourt after the MEND raid on Sunday. Reuters reports a police spokesman as saying that the militants had released 20 criminals from the central police station and 105 from the criminal investigation department. MEND claims that 50 of its fighters took part in the attack, whilst the police estimated that 300 militants were involved - maybe to make the poor performance of the police and the military in this event look better . A man and a 10 year old girl were killed by stray bullets.
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Old 29th Jan 2007, 20:58
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Okay, here's some of the swamp and oil-related locations. In the present times, it wouldn't be good for security to post any pictures of the camp:

Port Harcourt tourist beach - a nice place for days off

Come home home to a nice warm fire after the Harmattan

There's nothing finer than the unspoilt African countryside

Let's pop out to one of the clean waterways and catch a few catfish to barbecue tonight:
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Old 30th Jan 2007, 20:24
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Pictures from the Swamps of the Delta

A nice safe place to live - the Shell Residential Area - Dec 2006:

The rural idyll - thank heavens for mains gas!

Fresh fish for supper - yummy:

Go-slow on the way home from the suppamakket:

The not-so-idyllic end in the swamps:
Removed in response to a request by PM

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