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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 14th Nov 2003, 05:21
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One N3 is being configured in Schreiner's hangar in Holland. It was originally intended for marine pilot transfers but will probably head for Nigeria before Christmas.
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 05:24
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This is too much like hard work if no other Rotorheads amongst the many, many who must be in W. Africa can be bothered to say anything - are you just uninterested or frightened your bosses may accuse you of such illegal acts as contributing to PPRuNe

Maybe the problem is that too many French pilots operating in Francophone countries in west Africa have not heard about PPRuNe or do not wih to reply in English. If that's what's bothering you, please post in French or even in very bad English - it surely can't be any worse than some of the efforts from supposed native English speakers on many of the threads. Contribute in English, French, Soanish or Portuguese - I'm sure there will be someone else who can translate it into English for those of us unfortunate enough (or lazy enough) to speak only one language.

Anybody heard about a Heli Union hard landing offshore Angola? What about rumors of a new contract on mainland Equatorial Guinea?

Maybe I'll just read Rotor and Wing if this is the level of rumors to which PP(Rumor)Ne has now fallen
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 05:42
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Mama Mangrove

Keep your cool......don't get so upset!

But, you are on the money with the 365N incident....

The hard landing was on a barge offshore Angola. Barge was working for Exxon and helicopter was chartered by barge company not Exxon (365N not approved by Exxon)

Don't know whether it was Heli Union 365N sub leased to Sonair or whether it was Sonair's own 365N (or Emasa's) but had a tail strike on the barge apparently, nobody hurt but badly damaged. Happened sometime in early to mid October.

Also heard that Airlog/Pan/Bristow had a new Bell 412 damaged on ramp in Lagos while it was being delivered airfreight. Got hit by a speeding ground handling vehicle of some kind. Work team sent from UK/USA to fix it, it will take 8 weeks or so to fix.

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Old 14th Nov 2003, 09:42
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It was a Heli Union 365. Came in downwind I heard and banged the tail pretty hard, caved the bottom of the shroud in. Can happen to the best of us....
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 18:19
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Dauphin was inspected the other day by Eurocopter reps but not sure what the outcome was... Think a fair bit more damage may have been discovered and being a straight N model , not sure about the economics of repair. From what I gather, the captain is looking for a new job.

Heh Coyote...

Hope you are ok. Your presence in Papa Romeo is missed!
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Old 14th Nov 2003, 21:03
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In recent days there was a report on the Nigerian politicos suggesting that their police should have '100 helicopters' to deal with a 'tide of robberies' etc.

From the prices quoted I guess we are talking about R22s or similar [please take some of the UK unwanted AS355s as well!] but the question raised is more whether there are enough pilots in being to support such a fleet.... this is an extract....

To stem the tide of armed robbery in the country early last month the House of Representatives passed a motion, asking the Federal Government to buy 100 helicopters for aerial patrols in the 36 states of the federation.
The cost of the helicopters, according to the sponsor of the motion, Hon. Datti Baba-Ahmed is approximately $100,000 each adding that about N1.4 billion would be needed to purchase the 100 helicopters.
Presenting the motion, Baba-Ahmed said the cost is affordable and not too much to keep Nigerians safe from the marauding men of the underworld.
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Old 15th Nov 2003, 22:19
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Hello mama mangrove,

"pprune" is becoming popular and appreciated amongst french rotorheads around the gulf of Ginea and elsewhere.
But i have the feeling that for some reason,helicopter pilots in France are used to keep a low profile....there is an helicopter forum on the french site "www.radiocockpit.com" but not very active neither.
For your information don't worry for the AS365N captain who recently had this "hard landing" on an helideck in Angola....he is still flying on operation and not looking for another job as someones above believes.

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Old 16th Nov 2003, 06:48
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Coyote is AOK, largely because of my lack of presence in Papa Romeo!
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Old 16th Nov 2003, 15:33
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Hello again MM,

CHC renewed in Malabo for ExxonMobil, 2 x SK76C+'s.

The new base construction on the mainland, I think your info is off?

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Old 17th Nov 2003, 05:00
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Hi Helo Teacher,

Think you'll find that the new base on the mainland for Triton Oil, not Exxon/Mobil.

cpt - glad to hear that French rotorheads around the Gulf of Guinea read PPRuNe. I hear that quite a few of them are now on the way to Nigeria for Schreiner. Hope they'll feel that they can contribute here without fear. A bientot.

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Old 17th Nov 2003, 18:10
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Yes, and more and more I am considering to join this part of the gulf myself....providing there is some room left!
So see you sometimes then !
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Old 17th Nov 2003, 22:38
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You are correct in that Triton built a new facility, not for politics but for less transit time to their offshore facilities. I advised that your info was off because it was not built by CHC and had been completed for some time when your post was placed here.

Am I correct that you are operating in Nigeria? I am expecting to be going there shortly and was interested to know if I would be running into you??
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Old 18th Nov 2003, 00:21
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Thanks for the updated information on the Triton base.

Interesting to hear that you're off to Nigeria. There's a lot a lot going on there, but we don't hear much about it on Prune. I don't operate there for an aviation company, but I have a lot of contacts there.
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Old 18th Nov 2003, 00:44
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The 5 year CHI Malabo contract for Exxon (with 2 S76C+s) mentioned by HeloTeacher is to replace 2 212s currently in use wef March next year.

With their recent agreement , to provide 2 S76C+s to United Helicharter to support deepwater drilling offshore India, this appers to use up the 4 CHI S76C+ orders announced arround about the time of HeliTech: http://www.sikorsky.com/news_index/1...D5229,00.html.
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Old 21st Nov 2003, 00:47
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Nigerian Hijacking - Ijaws again

Ijaw Youths in Fresh Protest, Seize Oil Flow Station

Vanguard (Lagos)

November 20, 2003
Posted to the web November 20, 2003

Kingsley Omonobi

ONE of the largest oil platforms in Bayelsa State, the Middleton oil flow station, located about 25 miles offshore, was yesterday over-run by Ijaw youths, with the Navy swiftly responding by deploying its fast attack craft to the platforms to recover the flow station. Middleton oil flow station is responsible for producing about 350,000 barrels of crude oil per day is operated by the Chevron/Texaco oil venture.

According to sources, the youths who seized the platform, used the creeks in the swampy waters leading to the flow station and were heavily armed with such weapons as grenades, submachine guns and AK-47 rifles.

Among many other things, the youths are demanding payment of N260 million to a security outfit made up of Bayelsans living in Foropa Bakolgo for the provision of security to the flow station in the past. They are also demanding compensation in respect of the recent oil spill to be paid to all the Chevron/Texaco host communities.

They want another N3 million paid to the territorial security outfit (Bini-Oru) and employment given to the Bini-Oru surveillance team and 1,000 persons employed at N150,000 as salary per person.

Also demanded is the provision of two speed boats with double seven-horse power Yamaha engine and the provision of a technical college to be sited at Foropa Kingdom, and construction of major roads in Foropa Kingdom, a town hall project as well as construction of a landing jetty at Foropa Kingdom.

Informed sources told Vanguard that following the seizure of the platform, Nigeria would be losing about $145 million in income daily.

The hijacking of the Middleton oil platform is coming barely two weeks after Ijaw youths issued an ultimatum to Chevron/Texaco operated Okan oil fields located between Warri and Bayelsa to either meet similar demands or risk the seizure of the platform.

Meanwhile, Vanguard gathered that Naval warships stationed in Warri with responsibility for provision of off-shore security for the Niger Delta, NNS Kyanwa and NNS Ologbo had swung into action with a view to dislodging the youths. According to sources, the lives of expatriates workers in the platform as well as equipment are so important that the Navy would not want to take chances during the operation.

The two Naval warships (C-cat series) which recently apprehended seven ships engaged in bunkering have closed capabilities to engage close range and medium range aggressors as well as trained seamen for on-shore patrol confrontation.


Militants seize Nigerian oil platforms, hold 14 workers
An armed gang has stormed two US-owned oil platforms in the sea off southern Nigeria and is holding 14 workers captive, energy giant ChevronTexaco said.

Chevron Nigeria's public affairs manager Sola Omole said in a statement that 18 Nigerian workers were on the rigs when the assailants arrived, but four have already been released.

"So far, no one has been reported injured," he said.

The gang are members of a security outfit recruited from the local ethnic Ijaw community by ChevronTexaco to protect the rigs.

They are reported to be demanding a huge cash payout.

The rigs - the Pennington and the Middleton platforms - lie a short distance off the shore of Bayelsa State, part of the oil-rich but socially troubled Niger Delta region.

"Senior officials of the Bayelsa State Government are helping with the negotiations to ensure a safe and peaceful resolution of the incident," Omole said.

"The management of the Chevron Nigeria Ltd has reported the incident to federal security agencies," he added.

According to a report in the Nigerian daily The Vanguard, the gang is armed with assault rifles, and two Nigerian navy patrol boats have been sent to the area.

ABC online
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Old 21st Nov 2003, 17:37
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Navy Rescues Chevron Hostages

A kidnapper was gunned down yesterday and 20 of his colleagues arrested when a Nigerian Navy ship on rescue mission swooped on them at the Pennington oil flowstation where the armed bandits have held hostage 18 workers of US oil major, Chevron Texaco, in the last two days.

The rescue operation was launched by the Joint Military Task Force on the Niger Delta, with the Naval warship NNS Kyanwa in the lead.

At least one of the hostages was seriously injured during the rescue operation.

THISDAY gathered that the rescue operation was made more difficult by the fact that the kidnappers wielded highly sophisticated arms and resisted being dislodged.

"One of the hostage-takers was killed and a Chervon staff seriously wounded in the course of the operation," a top official of the military task force told THISDAY on the phone.

The youths, our cheeks revealed, stormed the flowstation on Tuesday demanding the immediate payment of N260 million to an indigenous security company said to have worked for Chevron on the platform. They also demanded for compensation for oil spillages that allegedly occurred in the area in the recent past.

The workers were abducted on Wednesday when the youths of Bini-Oru Security from the Foropa Community stormed ChevronTexaco's Middleton and Pennington Oil Platforms off the coast of Bayelsa State.

The action has since led to loss of 300 barrels of oil per day (bpd) following the closure of the Middleton platform.

The international oil market reacted swiftly to the attack on the US oil firm, with crude prices rising sharply to $32 per barrel.

Chevron said in a press statement signed by the company's General Manager, Public and Government Affairs, Mr. Sola Omole, that following intense negotiations with the youths, four of the kidnapped workers was initially released.

"Fourteen persons are still being held by those who boarded the facilities. So far, no one has been reported injured," the company said.

Chevron said the incident has been reported to federal security agencies. It added that both the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Department of Petroleum Reso-urces (DPR) and other state agencies, had also been informed of the kidnap.

"Senior officials of the Bayelsa State Government were helping with the negotiations to ensure a safe and peaceful resolution of the incident," it stated.

Wednesday's abduction of Chevron workers, was the second of such attack on the company's personnel in two weeks. Early last week, 12 oil workers were kidnapped on the Escravos waters on their way to production facilities. The 12 were released later.

The latest issue almost disrupted participation of ChevronTe-xaco in the Annual International Conference of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exporationists (NAPE) in Abuja, as its representatives hurriedly evacuated their exhibition stand.

"This onslaught is getting too much, it seemed the youths have turned it into a big-time business," said a senior official of the company. Chevron said in the statement that it was prepared to take further actions deemed necessary to ensure the safety of its personnel and protect the NNPC/Chevron joint venture's assets.

It would be recalled that Chevron, Nigeria's third biggest oil producer, has been losing 140,000 bpd of its oil output since last July, after the company was forced to close all its swamp production facilities following rising ethnic violence in the Warri area of Delta State.

The Nigerian Gas Association (NGA), a body of gas producing and distribution companies, said yesterday it was worried by the incessant youth restiveness, which it said, was induced by the deep sense of marginalisation in the Niger Delta.

According to the spokesman of the group, Mr. Mike Owhoko, the body will hold a stakeholders' session next week to look at how host communities could be involved in the effective management of crisis to reduce threats.

NGA noted that the unrest in the Niger Delta has eaten deep into Federal Government revenue.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian kidnap saga, coupled with yesterday's multiple explosions in Istanbul, Turkey and reports of a possible decline in US crude oil stocks, sent oil prices to a high $32.92 per barrel at the New York Mercantile Exchange .

The Secretary General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Alvaro Silva, said the group will produce more oil if prices remain outside its $22-$28 a barrel band.

OPEC has pledged to keep its basket price within the range by raising output by 500,000 barrels a day if the basket price holds above $28/bbl for 20 consecutive trading days, or lowering output by 500,000 b/d if the basket price stays below $22/bbl for 10 consecutive trading days.

OPEC will meet on December 4, to settle new target output ceilings. It cut production by 3.5 percent last September to defend the band after a sudden steep fall in prices triggered fears of a price collapse.

From THISDAY news

I know these two postings have not been directly relevant to rotorheads, but in the spirit of this thread "What's new in West Africa" I thought they are relevant. Anyone who's flown there knows the real and ongoing dangers of being hijacked, and the current situation whether or not it involves helicopters or pilots on this occasion, is relevant, I believe. Anyway, at least this particular event is over. It won't be the last time we see similar things with the Ijaws, or particularly the Ijaw youth, though.

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Old 21st Nov 2003, 21:57
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If anyone wants some pic's of F-GFYU I got some when we took the EC boys up to FNSO.

and..... Coyote, you in @ the moment or is able seaman bubble eyes in town

see you next month
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Old 22nd Nov 2003, 10:35
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Coyote is out at the mo...
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Old 23rd Dec 2003, 00:01
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I see that Caverton Helicopters hangar at Lagos (which is really big and looks very well put together) is about finished and their office or terminal building seems to be doing well, but there´s no sign of any helicopters yet. Does anybody know what´s happening to them? I don´t know of any pilots they´ve hired. There was a lot about them in the local papers here some months ago, but now all has gone quiet.
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Old 24th Dec 2003, 02:11
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I hear they have an Agusta 109 they're buying in Europe, but I don't know if they've hired any pilots or mechanics yet, except for one expat who seems to be working in Lagos now. There are rumors the Chief Pilot is a South African.
I hope they don't go the way of Okada, who hired in a couple of PZL Swidniks and Polish crews and got nowhere with them. There was also the Court S76 which was operating as Stillwater, but even with an oil company contract, they failed to break into the Nigerian market and pulled out after a couple of years (though I guess they'll be back again now in their new CHC guise after they take over ACN). Caverton sure seem to be spending money if they've paid for that big new hangar, so I guess they're serious.
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