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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 4th Jul 2008, 18:47
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Here we will just continue in our prison surrounded by barb wire and bush, 13 hour days, convoys of gunmen to escort us to our work, no facilitys and the management will think we should be pathetically grateful that for this we should recieve an extra $17 per day.
Darrel, if you are really that unhappy and are not willing to move in the current climate where opportunities are abundant, I'm afraid you maybe setting out your stall for the rest of your career behind that barbed wire. If you don't do something about it now, when are you? I'm guessing you maybe waiting for terms and conditions to improve....how long is a piece of string? Good luck either way.

The companies anyway, only have to pay the money, the tax is entirely the responsibility of the pilot, so why should the same company pay a much lower salary to pilots in one place than another for doing the same job?
Mayotte, I agree. I think it's riculous that the international division of a company should pay less, purely due to the fact that the employee is managing to stay tax free. It's a cop out on the companies part, in an ideal world the company should pay the going rate, and if the employee manages to remain tax-free, it's a bonus to them, not the company! It may come to a head soon. For all those non-resident from the UK tax system, it's getting more difficult to keep within the required criteria (less than 90days/year in the uk). Travel days are now counted as days in the country, as of this tax year, which on an equal time rotation to / from the Uk, technically reduces your useable days in the UK by 12 days.

On an aside : Whats New in West Africa?

Bristow Ghana.
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Old 4th Jul 2008, 19:34
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Am very willing to move and am waiting to find out about 2 possible jobs. Am trying to get a phone number for Sunny as Calverton are definitevely getting 3 412s this year, but have heard bad things about the comopany and people not getting paid (and not just expartriates - several Nigerians also have left or been fired). Am also waiting for this Randy Organ to come out so I can see if my money in Bristow pension scheme has been stolen or misused as I have heard have happens before ADA is also a possibility and from what have heard there is good possibilities for 412 pilots in India now with Global Vectra.
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Old 4th Jul 2008, 22:26
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Be Very Careful Around Bonny Island

Rumor is that the EC225s will be on their way for Aero again soon

Bristow people obviously not happy as many of the posts here lately are about them. What of their pay rise? What of the S92s? With the S92 transmission problems I don't think I'd like to be flying one in a place like Nigeria until that problem is sorted out

For anyone heading Bonny way, be very, very careful. There are many rumors about what could happen at Bonny in the very near future - none of them nice. All expats have been advised to leave and there are now around 1000 armed army personnel on the island. Keep clear of the place if you can and if not stay as short a time as possible and fly out of range of rifle and RPG fire
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Old 6th Jul 2008, 07:14
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I Try To Be Good !!
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Things have returned to "normal" at Eket as the contract strike has been called off. Until the next GM HR gaffe. Arrogant, condescending and a bully are a selection of descriptions of him. As if things weren't bad enough

Normal means armed convoys to and from the big cage that is QIT and total lock down with nil facilities. Nil except intermittent cheap internet using components brought from Esa Akpan that were paid for by the guys when they were there, terrible food, overpriced beer and minerals among other things.

By October there won't be enough pilots to fly the aircraft. Engineering are even worse off. Once the revenue starts to drop off and the shouting starts there may be alarm bells somewhere ? Probably too late to salvage the contract which is already in jeopardy after Noddy Holdon's blackmail.

Ah, accountants. You gotta love 'em.
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Old 6th Jul 2008, 08:09
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PM me ref your question, I will picturise you.
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Old 6th Jul 2008, 10:13
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Phonewind - yeah you are right there have been one or two problems with the S92 but someones gotta fly them to give feedback to the clever okes with white jackets and thick glassses so they can rectify them.

Just like any helicopter ever built throughout history....its called development.......... So while you sit back and relax in the safety of archaic technology I will be happy to fly Bristows newest, shiny bling bling, state of the art Michael Naicker converted, fully chromed helichopper around.........and .......wonder about the pay rise??????

A new challenge is always good. Seeing that we have 4xS92's on the cards for Nigeria ..come on in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 01:44
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Hello Gents, Which of the operators in West Africa are hiring or maybe in the near future?
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 05:14
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I Try To Be Good !!
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Bristow !! They're aways hiring.
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 09:09
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Danger Be Very Careful if Flying to Bonny


Bonny is still very tense and NLNG are now getting so paranoid about anybody outside getting to know about it they have now restricted internet access by anyone not at managerial level. However, they can't stop people using their mobile phones and one of my friends there says the situation on the island is extremely tense.

After the attack last month when one person was beheaded, the severed head was mounted on a stick and carried around by the animals who had committed the murder. There are stickers around in Bonny Town saying that all expats must leave by July 16 or they will have their heads cut off too. If you have to fly to Bonny during the next week or two keep your eyes open and don't shut down if possible as it seems the place is a tinderbox at the moment
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 09:15
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Two of my friends who applied to Bristow just told that they have no vacancies at present. One a 76 man and the other 76 and 412. What's going on? Are they short or not?
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 11:07
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I heard from the crew that they are short but managment say full up at moment.
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Old 8th Jul 2008, 15:38
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Hello all,

If some are looking for jobs, Angola may have some openings on 332, S76 and S365's for captains and first officers.
PM me if interested.
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 11:58
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Mi-8/17 cpt salary?

could anyone tell me what is usual salary for Mi-8/17 cpt flying for UN?
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 13:23
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I Try To Be Good !!
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anjouan & funfinn,

I'm afraid it's the same old story. So many 412 Captains have left and only two appeared with two more promised. But with the new Bristow Group way the powers say that we can manage. When they see we can't it'll be too late to hire, licence or validate and line train any pilots to cover the shortfall which threatens (in the case of Eket) the contractual requirements.
Only time will tell...........
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 14:47
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Angry Bristow Nigeria Delays the Bad News about (no) Pay Rise

But GMIA, surely matters will be enormously helped by the Bristow Group announcement on pay ? Instead of an annual pay review announced on 1 July an announcement available freely to all employees whose name begins with an X and who were born between 1 April 2009 and 32 December 2006 has stated that there is plenty of money in the kitty to pay fabulously expensive international accountants Deboyis Touched to carry out another meaningless review which will explain fully and frankly to all staff why the rise this year is just another 0.25% on basic in line with Richard Burman's frank and informative announcement on the company intranet on the need for all to have realistic expectations for this year's pay review . It's probably to cover unannounced and unexplained losses in the pension fund .

Target Zero, COBI, Bristow Group Communication Skills, 419, employee cons, meaningless buzz words are all synonyms for no change and business as usual in Bristow It's becoming obvious that even Caverton are more open, more honest and more professional and that the new 'Bristow' has nothing remotely in common with the company founded by Alan Bristow and which (sadly) for him bears his name

If you've read this far, you're fired because all news about the pay review must be kept under wraps and under no circumstances be passed on to employees officially
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Old 9th Jul 2008, 15:42
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I must plead guilty to robbing the Pension Fund.....upon finally living long enough to qualify for retirement from Bristow (something I did mostly away from their loving embrace), I elected to withdraw my paltry sum in one lump payment.

That must have been the cause of any shortage as they did not exactly been over backwards getting the transfer done.

Granted the delay and lack of enthusiasm was at the AON side of the house and not Redhill.
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 07:56
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Angry Bristow Will Surely Lose Eket


What is happen with our pay? Surely they must be paying more for Eket or of not they don't care if this operation is finish for them . Well, I supposed that Calverton will just come in with its 412s. There Operations Director use to fly for Mobil and Madame Oni is no longer in Nigeria to rescue Bristow and its dreadful managements which have become even worse this year
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 08:18
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In which currency do Bristow International pay?
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 09:10
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Tuna - Knowing Bristow probably Malaysian Ringit
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Old 10th Jul 2008, 09:12
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Last I heard US$.


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