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Logbook: EASA vs FAA. What is the difference

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Logbook: EASA vs FAA. What is the difference

Old 15th Sep 2016, 10:44
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Logbook: EASA vs FAA. What is the difference


Could please anyone help me to understand what is exact difference in requirements for flight logging between EASA and FAA? In terms of fields and parameters to be logged.

I'm looking at different logbooks, for my start of job at an airline in Russia (Neither FAA, nor EASA). I'd like to log the time for an application for EASA or FAA atpl in future.

And there is confusion as different logbooks, all declared as compatible with JAA format, contain different set of fields...

For example Jeppesen European Logbook and ASA Master log. The last one has the "#of instrument approaches", "miles flown" fields (I wonder what for the miles flown might be needed). The Jeppesen has "multi-pilot time" instead.

What is the correct one. Is there the One which is 100% suitable for both FAA and EASA requirements?
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Old 15th Sep 2016, 15:36
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I us the Jepp Professional log book that complies with JAA. A log book can be done on Excel if you wish, there is no real requirement for it to comply with anything.
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Old 16th Sep 2016, 11:20
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Why not look up what parameters each juristiction requires you to record and see which logbook allows this. I very much doubt if either lacks the required fields.
There may also be fields that you wish to record but are not mandatory. Your call.
Number/type of instrument approaches and miles flown are undoubtably, like take off and landing times, completely unnecessary unless you need/want to record them. I've never heard of miles flown in a logbook though, bizarre. Why?
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Old 16th Sep 2016, 13:38
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Under the FAA system flights to a point over 50 miles from the departure airport can be counted for the ATP (and for military pilots wanting a commercial certificate) cross country requirement even if there is no landing.
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Old 16th Sep 2016, 23:06
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How is that relevant to what is recorded in a logbook?

Why would a Professional pilot need a column to record this at 1000, 10,000, 30,000 hrs?

Training trivia like that is recorded in many other ways that don't necessarily require an entry in a column in a logbook.
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Old 17th Sep 2016, 19:56
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I agree it could be noted in the remarks section. At 1000 hours a pilot might still be working on hours to meet the ATP requirement but it seems ASA thinks it is worthwhile. The FAA will tell you notes on beer coasters stored in shoeboxes are OK for a logbook as long as the required information is on them.
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Old 19th Sep 2016, 01:31
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I've used Australian logbooks for the the entirety of my flying. I hold Australian, UK & USA ATP(L)s, have worked in all three countries, and my Oz logbooks have never been questioned by the CAA & FAA.

Use whatever logbook you like the most.
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