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manuevering onto runway on approach to land

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manuevering onto runway on approach to land

Old 10th Apr 2015, 23:06
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manuevering onto runway on approach to land

Hello guys,

while ive been doing my recurrent training in Seattle my instructor told me about a procedure similar to circling but calling "manuevering". Like a pilot while approaching could call tower to manuevering onto different runway. And so it is different with circling minima.

As far as my english isnt native, and in Russia we use circling in a very very rare occassion (because rare towers clears for circling approach) "manuevering" procedure was quite a bit something new i heard.

Would you please explain me: wheter this type of approach exist or i was so much mistaken of what ive being heard I've being asking my collegues about "manuevering" approach they never heard about it.

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Old 10th Apr 2015, 23:30
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but calling "manuevering"
I think you were either misinformed or you heard it incorrectly. Besides 'circling' there is also a side-step approach in the US, namely you make an approach to one runway but at the last moment execute a side-step maneuver to a parallel runway - where you land, by the way both circling and side-steps are called 'maneuvers'. Maneuver is just a generic English word and has no other special meaning in aviation besides what it's obvious meaning is.
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Old 11th Apr 2015, 00:05
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levashov - you can see how SIDESTEP maneuver is depicted on this approach chart for KSFO:
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Old 11th Apr 2015, 20:23
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HOWEVER, a sidestep below VFR or circling minimums is ONLY approved under IFR when specifically published as such.

You can "maneuver" to another runway under VFR or when cleared for a visual approach to another runway when in VMC on an IFR flight plan.
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Old 12th Apr 2015, 07:59
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manuevering onto runway on approach to land

Can you please provide a reference for that? Thanks!
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Old 12th Apr 2015, 21:15
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FAA Pilot-Controller glossary:
SIDESTEP MANEUVER− A visual maneuver accomplished by a pilot at the completion of an instrument approach to permit a straight-in landing on a parallel runway not more than 1,200 feet to either side of the runway to which the instrument approach was conducted.
(Refer to AIM.)
FAA AIM Chapter 5 Air Traffic Control Procedures
5−4−19. Side−step Maneuver
a. ATC may authorize a standard instrument approach procedure which serves either one of parallel runways that are separated by 1,200 feet or less followed by a straight−in landing on the adjacent runway.

b. Aircraft that will execute a side−step maneuver will be cleared for a specified approach procedure and landing on the adjacent parallel runway.
Example, “cleared ILS runway 7 left approach, side−step to runway 7 right.” Pilots are expected to commence the side−step maneuver as soon as possible after the runway or runway environment is in sight. Compliance with minimum altitudes associated with stepdown fixes is expected even after the side−step maneuver is initiated.
Side−step minima are flown to a Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) regardless of the approach authorized.

c. Landing minimums to the adjacent runway will be based on nonprecision criteria and therefore higher than the precision minimums to the primary runway, but will normally be lower than the published circling minimums.
. . .

5−4−23. Visual Approach
a. A visual approach is conducted on an IFR flight plan and authorizes a pilot to proceed visually and clear of clouds to the airport. The pilot must have either the airport or the preceding identified aircraft in sight. This approach must be authorized and controlled by the appropriate air traffic control facility. Reported weather at the airport must have a ceiling at or above 1,000 feet and visibility 3 miles or greater. ATC may authorize this type approach when it will be operationally beneficial. Visual approaches are an IFR procedure conducted under IFR in visual meteorological conditions. Cloud clearance requirements of 14 CFR Section 91.155 are not applicable, unless required by operation specifications.
. . .

d. Separation Responsibilities. If the pilot has the airport in sight but cannot see the aircraft to be followed, ATC may clear the aircraft for a visual approach; however, ATC retains both separation and wake vortex separation responsibility. When visually following a preceding aircraft, acceptance of the visual approach clearance constitutes acceptance of pilot responsibility for maintaining a safe approach interval and adequate wake turbulence separation.

e. A visual approach is not an IAP and therefore has no missed approach segment. If a go around is necessary for any reason, aircraft operating at controlled airports will be issued an appropriate advisory/clearance/instruction by the tower. At uncontrolled airports, aircraft are expected to remain clear of clouds and complete a landing as soon as possible. If a landing cannot be accomplished, the aircraft is expected to remain clear of clouds and contact ATC as soon as possible for further clearance.
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Old 18th Apr 2015, 20:42
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manuevering onto runway on approach to land

Hmm, my reply didnt make it to this thread. It was:
Thanks, I'm EASA hence didn't know this reg.
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