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Endorsement Vs Type Rating

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Endorsement Vs Type Rating

Old 30th May 2014, 11:03
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Endorsement Vs Type Rating

What exactly is the difference between Type rating on a specific aircraft and getting endorsed on a specific a/c ?
1) If I do 100hrs PIC in SE a/c am I type rated on that a/c ?
2) If I do 25hrs on ME a/c ( 3hrs PIC U/S and 22hrs Dual) am i type rated on that a/c or
am I simply endorsed with ME rating Please clarify ?
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Old 30th May 2014, 11:20
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Endorsement Vs Type Rating

1. You don't need the 100 hours at all. You need your instructor to sign you off when you are judged as being competent. This may be in 2 or 3 hours ICIS.

2. You would become ME rated and endorsed for that specific aircraft as a type rating. Usually, this would not entitle you to instantly fly a pressurized, turbine engined aircraft unless your initial endorsement was for that same, pressurized turbined plane.
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Old 30th May 2014, 19:12
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Both are really the same, they are written acknowledgments in your license that you have demonstrated competence to operate certain aircraft. In days past this used to be done with pen and ink by and examiner but now this is normally done by the national authority who issued your license. But the reality is that Endorsements are issued to private flyers for groups of aircraft (twins, complex singles, floatplanes etc.) where as Type Ratings are held by professional pilots for specific aircraft types.

But George, who/what are you exactly? Your various questions vary from naive to highly complex. If you have a commercial licence, I don't think you should use it. If you are a PPL, how about letting us know why you want answers to the questions you pose?
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Old 31st May 2014, 07:39
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Thank You

PM ,
About me > CPL holder , 200hrs Flying hours
Future Plan > Self sponsored TR on any Big Aircraft (But wish to Fly A320).

During my CPL days I was a rote learner as you might already know by now.
I was rushing to get my license by finishing 200hrs of flying hours so that I can be in the market along with the other fresh CPL holders waiting for an entry to budding domestic carriers through entrance exams conducted by them.Which made my flying skills : GOOD but Theory ,Knowledge and Understanding : NOT ENOUGH

I recognized the above stated fact when I was not getting selected into any Airlines in recent years , This gap was reflected when I ask questions in the Technical forums and when I talk to other senior pilots , Now I am giving it a start again , what ever done is done ! , Now I want a fresh beginning and I am going through each and every topic a CPL pilot should know and learn and I have developed an attitude of questioning each and everything on my way as a True learner.

But what made you think that i should not use my CPL ?
My skills and understanding of flying is Good and I am a safe flyer.
I appreciate you and the entire Wings in this forum who have showed patience in answering my silly questions.
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Old 1st Jun 2014, 10:46
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Sorry to disappoint you, George Yogi, BUT...

Your skills and understanding of flying will NOT be " good" as a mere 200 h. Totally inexperienced cadet with the very bare minimum hours for CPL issue.

When you have 1500h, flying in various weather conditions, in various topography, countries and preferably types of aircraft and operation, THEN, you can say that you START understanding flying. Skills is not only stick and rudder, but is mainly Airmanship, which you only can obtain through actual experience.

You will get there, I am sure, but be patient and be humble as a Cadet.

Good luck with your job hunting and further career, but remember that if you would choose the path of Pay to Fly, you will lose the respect of many of your peers.
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Old 1st Jun 2014, 21:48
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He had their undying respect in the first place?
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Old 4th Jun 2014, 10:21
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Thank You for your Inputs , despegue
Will improve
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