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Trouble with getting into aviation

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Trouble with getting into aviation

Old 17th Aug 2013, 23:38
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Angry Trouble with getting into aviation


I currently have a bit of a dilemma, I am currently 14 and have always dreamt of being an airline pilot for as long as I can remember, I am from a family that are okay on financial grounds, but no where near well off enough to fund flying lessons, up to a PPL, not enough to fund going to a flying school such as OAA (Oxford Aviation Academy.) So, I have no way of paying to become a pilot, as I am 14 most pubs/shops or companies will even think about giving me a job, even if I could get a job, I would be on minimum wage which for 14 is next to nothing. A paper round is even less. So, part one of the dilemma is no funding. Part 2, scholarships are nearly unheard of now. Ever since 9/11 most airlines stopped funding for the training of young people to become pilots. I am in the air cadets, and there is a scheme for gliding, but unfortunately not many get chosen by this scheme. I have been flying a few times (with cadets, but it's nothing along the lines of learning.) I have been in a 737 simspot simulator, and found I do have a genuine genuine interest in aviation, I am going to do some work experience with a private airstrip in July 2014, but again will probably not help with anything. Would anybody please be able to give me some advice, point me in the right direction, list any websites, ways of earning money or any ways of getting into flying without the mass cost. Please please email me at [email protected]/comment on this post. Thank you if you do have any advice!
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 03:23
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the experiences of all the other frustrated people will not necessarily be your experiences. don't be put off because the guy beside you has failed.

a parallel to your question is the concept of 'how do you own an aeroplane?'
aeroplanes are very expensive. no one has enough money to buy one so how do you get to own an aeroplane?
the answer to this was written by an american about 50 years ago and it is still valid today.
Want to!
you see if you want to then you will make decisions along the way that will gradually make it happen.

you say that air cadet gliding is hard to get into. have you applied? if you have never even tried then you will have no chances of succeeding.
getting into aviation without spending money is a futile dream. flying has costs but getting into aviation without wasting money is certainly achievable.
the key is to want to. if you really want to and put in the effort you will slowly make it happen.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 04:40
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Trouble with getting into aviation

Gliding is not the only course available.

As a former CI, I can tell you that there are many scholarships available if you look hard enough.

You are too young for the gliding scholarship anyway, don't apply for that until you are approaching your 16th birthday or you'll just be annoying your adminO.

Don't rubbish the air experience flights. That is an extra free half-hour of tuition that counts towards the total as long as you log it right. Ask to do a session if circuits or general navigation instead of aerobatics next time.

Opportunities are there. I spent long weekends pushing Tiger Moths around at a vintage airfield, that got me some (vastly) reduced-price lessons too.

And don't belittle those minimum wage jobs. I took up supermarket stacking alongside my A-levels. Cheaper groceries, some work experience, a payslip every month, and some new friends. Just saying.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 05:43
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Everyone finds their own path to a flying career. Just keep stepping in that direction and you'll get there. Don't listen to the negative comments of others who don't think it can't be done. For them it can't.

Stay in school. Take physics as an option when you can. If and when you have to borrow money to finance your lessons, a solid history of working towards your goals will grease the wheels.

Good luck.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 07:08
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Trouble with getting into aviation

Hi there. Here is another option. I'm not sure how it works over in the UK and if ATC training is privately funded but it is also a great job in aviation. Me myself wanted to fly since I can remember but life's path took me on another journey. I ended up as an ATC and at the ripe age of 30 decided to take the plunge. I never went the whole way but give instruction part time. But my point is that plenty of former ATC colleagues also started flying by paying for it by doing a job that's also very rewarding.... And eventually they went off and most of them are now airline pilots! So there are ways and means... One thing that I have learnt is that you have to persevere and that it will be tough at times... It's no joke. Keep on keeping on mate. It's great to see there are still youngsters out there with REAL ambition.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 08:36
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Trouble with getting into aviation

The Military.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 16:33
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Trouble with a military career, the probability of a violent premature end.

The sole purpose of Military is to kill the Government of the day's enemies.
You don't get to decide whether it's a valid decision, neither does the other side....you put your life on the line for scummy politicians.

have a look on the Canada thread, where a couple of younger people have posed similar questions.
Look at GAPAN...(big hint, search function at top of page. "Flying Scholarship")
Trawl through the various sub-forums here and you'll learn a lot more about the trials and tribulations of Airline Piloting.....poling a big shiny jet around isn't the reality!

Qualify in something that will earn you good money.....believe it or not, you'll probably end up with a home of your own, a partner and children...statistics prove this is the reality.....odd rostering anmd absences do not make for harmonious family life.....the income will allow you to afford to train as a PPL and if you save hard, maybe finance a Commercial license.

Funding a commercial license at the moment is probably financial suicide...DO YOUR RESEARCH,,,,then go forward with your eyes wide open. Good Luck!.
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Old 19th Aug 2013, 14:02
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Thank you for all your comments, I should have added that it's not a lack of scholarships etc, it's more "advantages" as there are a high demand for Pilot positions, but airlines are cutting. I've seen several programs run by airlines, most of which require atleast 150 hours flying time, holding a PPL, valid passport(not a problem), but a security bond of roughly 69,000 which I would not be able to fund until I was verging on 90 unless I won the lottery when I was 18. Through researching a few of the programs, like Monarch, British Airways, and Atlantic Air I think it was. There was one page in particular that I didn't understand, to do with the funding. As I do not have much experience with finances, the funding options. (Monarch Wings Finance | CTC Wings) Which could completely turn around how I would get into it if selected. If anyone could translate this currently foreign language to me, it would be helpful
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