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BALPA - is it worth it?

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BALPA - is it worth it?

Old 21st Aug 2012, 14:43
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BALPA - is it worth it?

Hi all,

I fly professionally (major UK airline) and have been a member of BALPA for several years now.

I've never had any real dealings with BALPA (certainly on a personal level) but I know several people who have called on their services. TBH most of these people have said that they were unimpressed by BALPA and that BALPA didn't really help them very much in their "hour of need", despite having paid them serveral thousands of pound over the years in membership fee's.

Just wondered if anyone else has an opinion/experience of this? Is it really worth being in BALPA?

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Old 21st Aug 2012, 17:18
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 17:21
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The next BALPA delegates conference is being held in MRU at the only MRU 7* boutique hotel with all expenses paid.

They are being flown down on BALPA's own private airline, BA, and a good time will be had by all.

Rumour has it, their chief will receive about a 2 million bonus.
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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 16:42
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Thanks Jockster, that has been my suspicion all along. I think i've made my mind up.

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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 17:50
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I truly despair.

Your research consists of listening to one unverified source making a throw away comment and you make your decision

You are obviously a deep and thoughtful person
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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 19:37
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You have never met me, you don't know who I am and you don't know me personally yet you seem to have made a judgement about my personality based on one comment you have read on this site. Does this make you a "deep and thoughtful person???" I despair!!!

Please feel free to make an informed and intelligent contribution to my posting. If you cannot manage this I would really appreciate it if you'd refrain from making personal comments/judgments that are not relevant or helpful.
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Old 24th Aug 2012, 20:31
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In return for the rather hefty 1% subscription (50% of which can be offset against tax?), you get rather hefty support in the guise of a negotiator, a legal status with which to negotiate, training courses for your CC reps etc. Allegedly there is also legal support and other such back-up. However, as a member you are part of a larger community and as such can use re-use the tools used by others to improve your own T's & C's.

Remember, BALPA is only as good as your colleagues. If you work with a group of self-centred, selfish gits there may be little point in joining but if you are one of a group who care about each other, then you have no reason not to join. From my own perspective, I believe BALPA have done a reasonable job at saving my pension, sorting out a basing policy and increasing my pay by seven years worth of increments. And these are just some of the highlights - I'll never be out of pocket.

But don't think for one minute that BALPA will do anything for you without your's and your CC's effort. They don't have hit men - they give you the boxing gloves and tell you how and where to hit the other guy.

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Old 24th Aug 2012, 21:09
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BALPA does not represent any group of pilots if BA are involved as the so called integration of BMI/BA has just demonstrated, with BMI pilots going to the bottom of the seniority list in BA.
BALPA have done a complete U turn since the integration of BMI/BMED were the seniority list were zipped IAW IFALPA guidelines.
BALPA gets most of its income from BA pilots but if non BA pilots left BALPA they would have a major problem caused by their own incompetent management.

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Old 25th Aug 2012, 00:09
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Uncle Pete
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Don't forget the volunteers that give up their free time for the greater good of all the members!

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Old 25th Aug 2012, 09:34
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To me BALPA is only as effective as our hard working CC. BALPA give our CC the tools to fight our corner from the accountants and management that only seem interested at making their bonuses at the expense of our terms and conditions.

You can't just expect big BALPA to wave the magic wand and make everything alright it is the CC with the support of their members that make the difference. We have received at least 5% pay increase over and above other non unionised sectors within our airline so see my 1% as a very good investment. Not to mention the fact that our scheduling agreement would recently have been torn up by our current management if it were not for the CC and BALPA. Admittedly our last pay deal didn't work out as well as it might have, but with the share price where it is it could turn out to be a master stroke. I am also currently requiring support from BALPA and it is very forthcoming. There are ex members who are unhappy, some feel shafted over the merger of seniority lists some were ex dan air etc.

If I ever feel in doubt about paying my membership all I have to do is look at our management and ask myself the question 'where would I be without BALPA?'..........now that is a scary thought!
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