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parkfell 4th Jun 2020 16:51

Unfortunately once the airline calls STOP, the MPL course prior to licence issue is simply dead in the water.

The options are either to stop training completely, and forgot being a professional pilot;
or ‘convert’/‘transfer’ to the (f)ATPL route.

There are some natural break points but not always. Possible duplication & additional costs unfortunately.

Any change of course will require specific agreement for you, between the school (ATO) and the regulator as to what is exactly required to ‘bridge the gap’ for CPL/IR issue; shortfall in hours & requirements.
The ATO is best place to advise you. Get it in writing.

HEJT2015 11th Jun 2020 16:01

With regards to an MPL license, can other type ratings be added before the 1500 hour mark? Or is it stuck to the same aircraft until unfrozen. Cheers!

ford cortina 11th Jun 2020 16:56

I would have thought that you would firstly need to get accepted on Airlines scheme, and take the intermediate and advanced parts of the training again.
I have no doubt, it is not as easy as it seems. If I was you, HEJT2015, I would contact the authority you obtained your License with.

It appears you have an Airbus rating, judging by your past comments on here, so I would take a guess that you're looking at a 737 rating, I cannot seem to imagine there being many jobs on 737's in the next few years for a low hour pilot.
Best of luck

parkfell 11th Jun 2020 21:00

Once you have been issued with the MPL, you have a licence to operate in the RHS multi crew aircraft.

Unlike a CPL/IR holder, you are restricted to multi crew flying as a professional pilot, unless / until additional light aircraft training takes place. This would also be true when a MPL holder upgrades to ATPL.

Depending upon who conducted the various MPL progress tests in the SE phase, you have might to eligible for a PPL issue. The examiner would need to be approved to conduct PPL tests as well. At FTEJEREZ, the flying syllabus up to what would have been PT 1, when you went through basic training, was common for all professional courses. The MPL SE/ME divergence occurred after this point. Probably an academic point as the intention was to spend the next 40 years airline flying. Although it was not uncommon for customers to have acquired a PPL prior to the MPL course.

If you change operator and MP type, you are in the same position as a CPL/IR. Pass the new type rating course (MPL phase 4 as was) and get it issued on the licence. Line training will then follow.

portsharbourflyer 11th Jun 2020 21:45

Just to add, while it is not just having a Progress Test being done by an appropriate examiner but the core phase also needs to cover the all the content as a PPL; as all MPL courses are different then the content of the core phase varies , however the common shortfall is on solo time and the 150 NM cross country qualifier. So in most cases the "gap" in training content needs to be filled before the PPL/SEP skills test can be conducted.

Mickey Kaye 12th Jun 2020 07:58

You don't need to get a PPL. You can add an SEP rating to an MPL

Yes you can also add other type ratings to an MPL

HEJT2015 14th Jun 2020 12:00

Awesome, thank you for your help!

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