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JamesS1 29th Dec 2019 11:18

CAE easyJet MPL 2020
I thought I'd make this for anyone going for the Stage 3 assessments with CAE/easyJet early 2020.
To discuss etc..

Captain kangeroo 5th Jan 2020 02:26

i have my stage 2 assessment in 3 weeks time. Any tips? What date is your stage 3?

JamesS1 5th Jan 2020 12:28

Just relax is the biggest one. They are so friendly and helpful.
Don't worry about getting up (quietly!!) and having a quick break.
Preparation wise, practising with stuff online should work.
Don't take me as an expert though!!

Panas1974 15th Jan 2020 14:24

Hi all. I am about to apply myself. Does anyone know the process and where should I find stuff to prepare

ManFlex40 15th Jan 2020 15:40

I have my stage 2 on February 19th, very nervous, let myself down last year with the Flybe MPL interview so working hard for this one!

Captain kangeroo 15th Jan 2020 16:29

So i have my stage 2 skill assessment in a few weeks but Iíve just had an email saying to keep dates in late feb for the stage 3 in CAE Milan providing I pass stage 2. I assumed it was all done in Oxford.

Captain kangeroo 15th Jan 2020 17:23

Best of luck mate. I have found the revision material on Latestpilotjobs helpful. Have you found any useful tools to help with prep? I’ll let you know how my stage 2 goes early Feb.

ManFlex40 20th Jan 2020 12:48

Thanks mate, I'm using the LPJ network stuff too, hoping it works! Good luck with your assesment :)

leahthepilot 25th Jan 2020 15:04

Hello! Did you use the CAE specific stuff? If so, what level were you practising on for your maths and physics? Medium or Hard? All the best!! X

ManFlex40 27th Jan 2020 13:51

Hi, I'm using the medium at the moment, can't see how some of the hard level questions can be done without a calculator! Trying to blend both as much as I can, when is your assesment? :)

Crusherrr 29th Jan 2020 14:07

Is anyone yet to receive there stage 2 results? I haven't received mine and was told tomorrow is the last stage 3 date.

matthewwebster390 30th Jan 2020 07:11

Stage 2 Assessment
Hi, i have my stage 2 assessment in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering whether the maths test was a non calculator or calculator test?

Crusherrr 30th Jan 2020 10:30

Non calculator

ManFlex40 30th Jan 2020 12:43

Not sure about it being the 'last' stage 3 date, as there are those like myself who are yet to do stage 2.

Captain kangeroo 30th Jan 2020 17:40

I have stage 2 on Wednesday I’ve been told that the stage 3 will take place between 25-27th feb if successful at stage 2

Captain kangeroo 30th Jan 2020 17:53

I have stage 2 on Wednesday I’ve been told that the stage 3 will take place between 25-27th feb if successful at stage 2

PilotMatt2020 3rd Feb 2020 14:11

Those that have done their Stage 2 already, what was the structure of the day and how did you find it?

PilotMatt2020 4th Feb 2020 12:10

...and how long did it take CAE to get back to you after your initial application? I only applied a couple of days ago but am curious.

Captain kangeroo 4th Feb 2020 21:48

It took about 2 days to confirm stage 2 date - which is tomorrow 😩 - I had the option to choose a date that suited according to availability. Will feed back on how it goes tomorrow!

PilotMatt2020 4th Feb 2020 22:11

Good luck. May give them a call tomorrow, as I haven't received the personality test that I assume it will have to do before being invited to an assessment day.

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