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samluvsplanes 18th May 2013 17:11

Just a type rating. Price has made me decide to book it, it's cheaper the IR.
hoping after it I may get some hours with a Far East airline, u never know. It seams its who you know not what you know these days.

axl76fg 28th May 2013 23:01

Anyone is thinking to go to BAA??
Let me know in case

looking for 29th May 2013 04:35

Find a place for 737 Line Training is very very dificult in the far west-East too....They requested 250H on type like minimun.

Trost 21st Jun 2013 14:09

Anyone know if the linetraining through BAA is legit? Or is it scam? Only East europeans or Russians getting the slots?

Jean-Francois 9th May 2014 08:17

I took time to read all topics related to BAA and I would love to read some of the latest comments from the people rated by this TRTO!

How was the training? Quality, study time and the schedule! What about the BT?

Feel free to contact me as I would appreciate to collect as many information as possible.

Thanks a lot guys (and girls!)

sentosa1942 14th May 2014 17:23

Hello could you let me have some info on BAA. I'm looking into attending their A320 TR + Base Training.
Thank you

marine_raj14 6th Aug 2014 16:12

Type Rating cum Line Training
Can anybody please tell me if they really provide the Line Training after type rating?
anybody who has done their line training?
is it only for russian students ?
and What is the cost for it ?

P40Warhawk 6th Aug 2014 16:59

Yes they DO provide what they promise. They will get you the Line Training.

And NO, not only for Russians. I have seen quiet many Indians there walking around and doing their 737 and A320.

But WHY paying for your TR and LT? There are enough opportunities in India right now.
Besides paying for TR LT brings down everyones Terms and Conditions.

This is been discussed so many times here.

PAYING For TR is not that bad if there is a REAL job WITH salary afterwords and long term contract, but paying for LT and NO Salary is freakin :mad: .

I did my initial integrated F ATPL CPL SEP MEP IR MCC there. I was very satisfied about the school, but that they do also P2F is something I absolutely not like in BAA. Once an employee of BAA asked me , what TR will you choose after your training? I said, I will not choose. The airline which will hire me , will tell me what I will do. And THEY have to pay for it. She was extremely surprised with that answer.
Because as I said, P2F brings down T&C's. As far as I know during LT you dont get salary in BAA's programs. WHY the .......... not getting paid? Stupid right? We as pilots are not some voluntairy social workers, living with the sunshine and air. If you work, you deserve to get paid a salary according to the demand of the job and its responsibilities and education.

I had two options after my training offered by BAA. One was on a very useless type. Where I had to pay 39K eu via them, but normally the price if you go via the airline itself is 26,5K eu. But they usually hire only if you have 1500 hrs TT. But still. Rip Off. 12,5 K is what BAA wanted to earn over my back. Perm. Contract, but paid only per flown Block Hour. 13,5 eu. In summer I could live, but in winter I have to beg on the streets for money to survive because will fly only few hours per month.

Option 2 was B737CL TR + LT 500 hrs and option without paying more another 1500 hrs. around 40-45K eu. No salary during LT but since they fly average 110 hrs pm ( which is above limits ) it could be done quiet quickly. But after LT :mad: salary. Cities where they are based are expensive so have to live with some other guys. Also the Airline is Black Listed. So then I might have hrs on type but hard to go back to EU because many airlines dont appreciate exp. by black listed airlines.

So you could guess already. I said NO WAY to those ''great deals''.

Why? Because 1, its to expensive and 2, I am against P2F as you can clearly see in all of my comments in any thread about P2F.

And since most of us needed to get a loan to be able to obtain our licenses, it would be nice if we could pay it back someday. And with getting no salary and just making our loan bigger doesnt help very much. And with 500 hrs on type does not make it a lot easier to get a job. If you have 500 hrs on type, most airlines do know you did P2F. And some companies have not so much respect for guys who did that.

Going the way with the least resistance aint the best way.

There are other ways to get your first break. It is just the question how hard you want to work and the sacrifices you want to make ( not talking about paying a :mad: load of money on P2F ).

Myself I am now Cabin Crew. And I hope via that way to get my Pilot job. And in this airline I will not need to pay for my own rating. Nothing is guaranteed , but it might be my way. Till I get that green light, I will work my ass off as a CC. I appreciate it very much that I had the opportunity to work here as CC. Nice airline with nice fleet.

You need to DESERVE your place.

jommi 12th May 2015 10:31

They offer but not guarantee this LT. They will tell you this LT will depend only on your performance...

It is an easy way to attract and sell TRs nowadays.

There is a lack of instruction and no time between sessions so in some cases you will have to take extra sessions and get very stressed.

My advice is to try to get the old way, getting more experience being a FI or going to to other countries.

If you want to do a LT, go and request a contract beforehand in other places, otherwise do not do a TR and waste a lot of money, because you will lose your training and no company will be interested in you.

P40Warhawk 12th May 2015 12:39

Just dont participate in Line Trainings in the First Place . :yuk:

But maybe even this year P2F will be banned. FINALLY.

RedBullGaveMeWings 12th May 2015 13:52

P40Warhawk, do you know anything we don't know against P2F?

tali 1st Jun 2015 14:15

I have a couple of close friends of mine, they didnt even got the chance to get an interview for the line training......

I know they both performed more than good, and one of them with 3000h tt on jets..

They promisse assesment for line training blablabla...but it seems they have very few positions for line training (if they have any)....

I would never recomend paying for a type rating and if u want the paper go to better schools....simulator in baa sucks... Back visual and really really worn out.....


pestilence 2nd Feb 2016 14:31

BAA Baltic Aviation Academy
Quite "professional" staff, who cant' tell the difference between cat and mouse. I had a chance to talk to their project manager, after I was switched to other person to handle all my inquiries, apparently if you want start from zero to hero - ATPL , there is assessment fee 200 Euros, for English, Navigation, Motivation - sort of why should school choose you, if sort of I am enrolling to Cambridge or Oxford, they try to make themselves more appealing then they really are.

A representative told me that I don't have much too lose, apparently she didn't take into consideration that going to that country, staying in the hotel, and wasting your day or two for assessment, it's not much too lose, never mind it.

My research which I made about the company BAA - the Baltic Aviation Academy, it's part of AviaSolution Group, which was a part of Lithuanian Airlines, which got privatized by construction company, and CEO Vytautas Kaikaris the son of the companies CEO, was handed the company, soon after the company went bankrupt and got restructured into what we have today BAA Aviation. the small planet airlines, FlTechnics, I am not who is going comment on privatization issues but some Aviation professionals some very good ones abandoned this company.

The Small Planet Airlines has 89 ranking in whattheflight... and in telegraph new dated in 2015:" Complaints against Thomas Cook have risen by 4,000 per cent in just five years. But there's one airline that's even less popular" guess which one ?

danirao 30th Mar 2016 21:27

I am planning to do my A320 rating self sponsored and line training from baltic aviation academy?
Anyone any comments or anyone who has done his type rating and line training from them?
They will host the ground classes and type rating in Lithuania and and line training in Vietnam with veitjet air.

ZFT 31st Mar 2016 03:36

I would research what you are planning to do extremely well!

Warlock1 22nd Jun 2018 11:05

fair warning to all: stay away from this place. Their sales and marketing promise you the world until you are enrolled, then you are treated like sh..t. Ground school is a joke! some instructors couldn't even speak English

Jurow 28th Jun 2018 06:56

Could you add som details to your warning ?
What's wrong with BAA ? Are you a student ? In wich part of your training are you ?

Warlock1 5th Jul 2018 06:02

Originally Posted by Jurow (Post 10183393)
Could you add som details to your warning ?
What's wrong with BAA ? Are you a student ? In wich part of your training are you ?

No, I am an employee.
they don't have enough airplanes. So, instructors are discouraged from grounding an airplane as much as possible, cause if they do, students will sit for days due to poor maintenance.
some of ground courses are jokes. not enough instructors to teach, so most of the time, you are teaching yourself at home.
if you stay in Kaunas base, you are in civilization but if you are sent to Istra base, you are in the middle of nowhere and you are expected to find your own accommodations and provide for your own transportation to an airport that doesn't have public transpo.

Jurow 6th Jul 2018 10:20

Wow canadian employee with a FI rating, might be easy to find out who is hiding behind this nickname. As a student, it s a real pitty to know that my money is wasted to pay your kind of person. Move on if your are ont happy... so many years since the obtention of your licence I understand your frustration of training cadets who will jump on the flightdeck right away ��

Warlock1 6th Jul 2018 10:56

Originally Posted by Jurow (Post 10190038)
Wow canadian employee with a FI rating, might be easy to find out who is hiding behind this nickname. As a student, it s a real pitty to know that my money is wasted to pay your kind of person. Move on if your are ont happy... so many years since the obtention of your licence I understand your frustration of training cadets who will jump on the flightdeck right away ��

Not frustrating at all. You asked for my opinion and I presented it. However, what IS frustrating: half witts such as yourself who can't even form a proper English sentence think that they will be in a cockpit one day ;)

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