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ICAO licence (Australia) to UK

Old 19th Sep 2021, 18:57
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Arrow ICAO licence (Australia) to UK

Hi All,
I am hoping to obtain some advice with my first post from this PPRuNe community I've been recommended!

Here is my situation:
- I hold a RPL in Australia with approximately 70 hours logged flight time. (I also have hundreds more flying hours with my dad who has 7000 hours as a chief pilot... but sadly these can't be logged and are therefore probably not relevant here!?)
- I now live in the UK and would love to continue my flying and progress toward obtaining a private pilots license.
- I am told I need an ICAO license conversion but from what I read it requires the following:
  1. Pass a written examination in Air Law and Human Performance;
  2. Pass the PPL, BPL or SPL skill test, as relevant, in accordance with Part-FCL;
  3. Fulfil the requirements for the issue of the relevant class or type rating;
  4. Hold at least a Class 2 medical certificate, issued in accordance with Part-Medical;
  5. Demonstrate that he/she has acquired language proficiency in accordance with FCL.055 that has been tested by an approved UK CAA examiner or language school;
  6. Have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as a pilot
Ultimately my goal is to fly in the UK. Can I pick up where I left off in Australia and continue my training toward a PPL in the UK? I'd like to put those training hours (and money spent) to good use rather than starting again but it seems whomever I speak to are not quire sure where I should begin. Can anyone help me or steer me in the right direction so I can get in the air again? I'd like to avoid 'wasting' all that money and time spent training in Australia and continue my progression in the UK.

Note, my medical has also lapsed and would need to obtain another (but I dont want to do this prematurely).

Much appreciated everyone!
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Old 20th Sep 2021, 00:34
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You're going to have many difficulties , first off you're RPL is not an ICAO recognised licence. Schools in the UK may give you a reduction in the hours required to obtain a PPL, up to the discretion of the ATO, (training organisation).
Second, with no ICAO recognised licence ,you will need to complete the 7 PPL subjects, not the ICAO licence conversation exam.
You will need to obtain a UK class 2 medical, regardless of you're CASA class 2 .
You will need a new English language assessment .

In effect your starting all over again.
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Thanks for the response. That is what I feared. Provided I don't receive more positive advice then I think I will have to wait to resume my training in Australia (when the borders open). Perhaps I can pay for a few training flights in the UK in the meantime to fill the void.

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Welcome to the BS that is aviation whereby your skills and knowledge mean nothing from one place to the next.
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BJ, this is a European problem unrelated to Brexit.

A more efficient solution could be to obtain a licence from Transport Canada which will credit foreign flight time.

From the Canadian personnel licensing and training standards:

Division VI - Private Pilot Licence
421.26 Aeroplanes - Requirements

(9) Credits for Foreign Applicants
(c) An applicant who does not hold a Private or higher pilot
licence–Aeroplane issued by a contracting state may be credited
foreign dual and solo aeroplane flight training time and aeroplane
ground school time towards the knowledge and experience requirements
for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence–Aeroplane, if the applicant
provides certification from the holder of a Flight Instructor
Rating–Aeroplane that all ground and flight training exercises have
been satisfactorily reviewed.

Outstanding flight training can be done with an instructor in the UK. The knowledge and instructor recommendation requirements can be covered by a Canadian online ground school course. The Canadian PPL only requires one written exam (3 hours, 100 questions, 60% pass mark). Medical examiners approved by Transport Canada can be found in central London, Stansted, and Gatwick. Vaccinated non-Canadians may visit Canada for discretionary purposes. Licence and test fees are under 500 GBP.
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