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Do employers care where you train for your CPL/ME-IR?

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Do employers care where you train for your CPL/ME-IR?

Old 4th Jun 2021, 20:45
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Do employers care where you train for your CPL/ME-IR?

Thinking ahead to a brighter future for the aviation industry, do many employers have any preference over where low-hour pilots carried out their CPL/ME-IR training?

I'm based in the UK and whilst I'm aware some employers prefer to recruit their new pilots from certain integrated schools, what about the rest? Do many places have any preference over where their pilots trained?

It's clear to see very good feedback from some schools such as Skyborne, but they also come with a considerably higher fee. There are a couple of places closer to home that come in a fair bit cheaper, but perhaps not quite as well known.

What I'm wondering is if any schools come with better employment prospects etc. or if there isn't really too much difference.
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Old 4th Jun 2021, 22:27
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Sadly any notion of a bright future for UK aviation is quickly disappearing for good.

Those in the industry are now fully expecting some additional, brutal, redundancies and more airline failures. Any recruitment from flight schools will be a long way in the future and not necessarily from school’s that have traditionally done well in the past (recruitment wise).

So with that a school that offers best value for money, on an aircraft which perhaps has a simulator version (first MEIR renewal can be in a sim).
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Old 5th Jun 2021, 00:18
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It doesn't matter where you train its about the quality of training you receive and ultimately, the standard you reach based on your own Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA). Don't forget those soft skills (not just the ability to fly an aircraft). The interview process is what counts not where you trained. It is also about VALUE FOR MONEY, why pay twice as much for the same licence?, are you twice as qualified?, obviously not, are you better?, not necessarily, it depends on the quality fo training, are you more likely to get an airline job if you pay more?, no, the two things are not directly linked although in certain circumstances, if you were selected on a 'tagged' airline sponsored scheme, then graduation naturally gives you a leg up (certainly an interview but absolutely not a job guarantee) it still depends on you passing the final selection and interview.

The problem with the industry is the plethora of false information and spurious claims. For example, a UK or European based school will often try and have you believe in their 'sales' pitch that you must train in 'Europe' if you want a European licence. This is quite understandable, but it doesn't make the right advice. They forget to inform you that most airline pilot training takes place in the US or abroad (and always has) not just for the so-called 'big schools' on a so called 'integrated' course, but also for the larger Modular schools. The smaller local schools do a good job for people who have to train in their own country as they still have a job to go to, but these make up a much smaller part of the market. The middle size schools, one such example, BCFT in Bournemouth, they send their students overseas to the US where they return with the equivalent of aCPL/ME (integrated course) and then finish off with the IR and MCC in the UK, so do you consider this European of overseas training?

As for then 'integrated v modular debate' by now, this should be over and well proven and yet the questions just keep on coming as no doubt they always will.

As for Dct Mopas, couldn't disagree more. The US has taken a lot of stick from European and the UK pundits about the way they handled the pandemic, yet the economy and aviation in the US is already back with a vengeance with several forecasts that we will be back to pre-Covid airline hiring by September. There is already a solid prediction of an instructor shortage by then. Indeed, I have personally received calls from several major airlines in my aviation consultancy role asking if I can help them with a recruitment drive by targetting certain flight schools - so yes, we are back 2 years earlier than the gloom and doom merchants predicted.

IMHO, just like a recession, humans talk themselves into one and out of one just as easily. The UK and Europe needs to wake up and get past the current restrictions (and politics after Brexit). We all need to encourage positivity and not negatively it has been the crappiest 18 months for all of us, let's look forward.
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Old 5th Jun 2021, 00:25
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Yes, No and somewhere in between.

So much depends on what you want to do, once you have experience people don't really care. Places like Ryanair want them all done at the same place where doesn't matter so much, others want experience in the region they fly.

I've done a lot of flying around the west of Scotland when I see certain weather conditions I expect things to happen, it's hard to explain or put down in writing, sometimes it conflicts with what you have been taught in Met but experience will tell you. Some look for this experience because of where you operate others.
So much depends on what you want to do, I love doing Aerial surveys and trust me no CPL course prepares you for that kind of work
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Old 5th Jun 2021, 00:31
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Short Answer = No
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Old 5th Jun 2021, 03:41
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Go for value for money, meaning modular. Get an SEIR and don't bother with the MEIR until the forthcoming hiring boom is well underway. Then get your MEIR at the most suitable place, and start applying with a 'fresh' IR.
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Old 6th Jun 2021, 12:07
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Awesome, thank you. I'll definitely give more thought to the closer schools that aren't quite so well known if they feel right
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Old 6th Jun 2021, 16:44
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My employer loves CAE Oxford cadets and few other local integrated schools. I went modular and got the job only because I was at the right place at the right time under the right circumstances.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 21:55
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Banana Joe....Other employers love modular students and those trained overseas and that's the point I have made on this thread and on others, it doesn't really matter, it's all about the quality of training and ultimately, you.

The reasons you give for getting the job is somewhat of a contradiction. Right place, right time, right circumstances, OK if that what you believe, however, you must have trained to an acceptable standard for the employer via the modular route and passed the interview and sim ride which was down to you....QED!
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Old 11th Jul 2021, 19:27
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Some employers favour certain schools. But beware, if you’re not recommended by the school you’re So basically going with a certain school May work out for you. Good luck!
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Old 12th Jul 2021, 07:51
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I trained in the UK, modular, not all at the same school and did my hour building here too. I have no regrets - I had great training from dedicated, experienced instructors and saved a load of money in the process. Started my career with a British regional on large turboprops and now I’m at one of the ‘big three’, having had and gained a lot of fun and experience along the way.

Not being in so much debt with no guarantee of a job was by far the overriding factor for me. It also gave me the opportunity to work and get some extra money in during the hour-building phase. Go with your gut… once you have the licence and an airline needs you (and provided you’re professional, personable and proficient!), you’ll get a job… some people call this being in the right place at the right time, but that’s just how it works… Good luck
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Old 13th Jul 2021, 15:49
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his is the age old argument. Does it matter, no.
Some HR departments want a such an such school, others don't. At the end of the day, the licence is the same, I would be more worried about right to work in Europe or not.
The UK, well it is in for a very rough ride.
Choose the school that gives you the best value for money, you will need to save as much as you can, because it will be a while before you get a job offer.
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Old 13th Jul 2021, 20:43
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I confirm what I said previously, go modular like I did. I am an advocate of modular training, but keep in mind that some training departments, like the one at the lot I am at, grossly prefers cadets from integrated schools. It's not just HR. Your average young girl at HR barely knows what an airplane looks like, let alone flight schools' names and reputation.
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Old 19th Jul 2021, 10:24
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As far as see they don't care those things as much salary.
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