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Canada PPL to CPL Costs and EASA ?

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Canada PPL to CPL Costs and EASA ?

Hello All,

Does anyone know the costs in Canada to go from 0 Hours to CPL ? Approx.

Could someone please recommend a EASA approved school in Canada to convert to EASA after?

Is it difficult to convert your Canadian CPL to a EASA license after ?

Does anyone have experience converting a Canadian CPL to a European EASA license ?

Thank you for your help in advance

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Old 18th Nov 2019, 12:44
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About 40 to 80 thousand CAD for completion in minimum time depending on desired ratings. Add 20 per cent for a realistic representation. Plus living costs for 6 to 12 months. Will you be eligible for employment in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident?

ICAO CPL(A) -> Part-FCL CPL(A): credit of 10 to 18 hours depending on experience.
ICAO IR(A) -> Part-FCL IR(A): required to do at least 15 hours of flight training at an ATO, of which no more than 10 hours in an FNPT II.
ICAO MEP -> Part-FCL MEP: to be determined by UK CAA after receiving a recommendation from an ATO.
ICAO FI rating -> Part-FCL FI certificate: credit of 15 hours.
--- UK CAP 1721: EASA Ref 2013-00004.

Sufficiently experienced ICAO IR holders may pursue a Part-FCL IR under the CB IR pathway without undertaking the theoretical knowledge course or exams. However you should probably budget for an approved ATPL theory course and exams. Any ICAO PPL satisfies the pre-requisite for enrolling in both the ATPL TKC and a CPL modular training course so no Part-FCL PPL conversion is necessary.

If Canadian training need not be tailored to fulfill post-graduation work permit requirements or to accumulate sufficient CRS points for a permanent residence application and if continuity of training is not a concern then you might consider doing the private pilot training, the hour building, and the instrument rating in Canada and the EASA ATPL theory, the EASA CPL course, and the EASA MEP at an EASA ATO. From there it would take one to two weeks to obtain the Canadian CPL/ME/IR-ME.

This strategy is likely to prove cheaper because of the more favourable credits available under the Canadian Aviation Regulations to ICAO licence and rating holders. Eg, a Canadian multi-engine rating may be endorsed in a Canadian licence without an exam or test if an ICAO MEP has been issued in the recent 12 months. Similarly a standard or foreign-based Canadian PPL may be obtained quickly and with minimal effort and most if not all of the experience requirements for a Canadian CPL or IR will be satisfied by an ICAO CPL or IR holder respectively. The few experience differences, eg spinning, more extensive night training, slightly more demanding cross-country, etc, can be completed in Canada in under a week or done during ICAO CPL training. Canada also provides a 15 hour credit towards its flight instructor rating if an ICAO equivalent is held. There is a list of ATOs under direct EASA oversight here (link) and in addition Naples Air Center in Florida, as a satellite of Andrewsfield Aviation, operates as an EASA ATO under UK CAA approval.
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Thank you Selfin

Yes its for my daughter who can work in Canada and Europe, dual citizen.

Yes trying to work out if its better to train in Europe or Canada, to live in Europe
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Old 8th Dec 2019, 22:13
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Im currently in the process of getting my PPL and then CPL with ME/IR in Canada within the province of Quebec at a school that gives you 250TT and about 150 PIC

100- C150 about 40 Dual roughly 60 PIC (1970's plane)
100- C172 About 10 Dual roughly 90 PIC (1970's plane)
50 - Piper PA-31 Navajo all 50 dual (Late 1960's plane)
about 800 hrs ground school.

Pm me for any info, because i've researched conversions to EASA (being a dual as well) and it seems alot cheaper + good quality schools in Canada and wasnt too easy contacting all these places to find out what the best solution would be for my case specifically. So here's a layout of what im doing to give you an estimate of what it costs.

Im currently aiming to get my ICAO CPL ME/IR converted to EASA fATPL through a school in malta. EASA conversion is about 10-13k Can or 7-9k Euro (not including housing food ect)

While The school i'm attending costs 26.500 per semester Split into 3 semesters. But im only attending 2 of them because i found a ridiculously cheap program that gets me my ME/IR rating in 2 weeks for 6.5k!

Total cost, 26.5 x 2= 53000 + 6.500= 59500 CAD + 12k canadian = 71.500.
Otherwise 26.5 x 3 = for the entire 3 semester program (PPL-CPL ME/IR)

Cornwall aviation is the ME.IR program im doing outside of school called blast off IFR in 2 weeks. 8.5-dual 1 solo. and 11 simulated.
cornwallaviation c,o,m

Eid Air 4 month programs with a total of 3 programs.
eidair (dot) n,e,t

Malta conversion program
europeanpilotacademy c,o,m
For the ICAO CPL Holder:
On completion of passing all 14 ATPL theoretical exams, you will need to complete a EASA conversion course for the commercial pilots license. Before beginning the training, you must have at least 100 hours PIC. This training is “as required,” and once you have demonstrated satisfactory standards to the chief flight instructor, then you will be able to complete the skills test with a EASA examiner. On completion of the CPL, you will need to pass the EASA instrument rating. It is a 55 hour training program, however if you hold an ICAO instrument rating, you are given a 40 hour exemption from the course, leaving you with a minimum 15 hour conversion, training and preparation for the IR skill test.

Hope you find this helpful, please reach out with what you found because i'm quite interested in the route you've taken.

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Originally Posted by selfin View Post
Any ICAO PPL satisfies the pre-requisite for enrolling in both the ATPL TKC and a CPL modular training course so no Part-FCL PPL conversion is necessary..
could you (or anyone) say where to find the regulation/information that confirms this?

(My concern is not related to Canada from the original post of this thread. I am just searching to find this info inside the forum)
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It's all the Appendices to Part-FCL
Appendix 3 to Part-FCL
B. ATP modular course Aeroplanes
1. Applicants for an ATPL(A) who complete their theoretical knowledge instruction at a modular course shall:
(a) hold at least a PPL(A) issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention; and complete at least the following hours of theoretical knowledge instruction:
E. CPL modular course - Aeroplanes
2. Before commencing a CPL(A) modular course an applicant shall be the holder of a PPL(A) issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention.
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