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BCFT - Bournemouth College of Flight Training (not Groundschool)

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BCFT - Bournemouth College of Flight Training (not Groundschool)

Old 3rd Aug 2002, 22:53
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Cool BCFT - Bournemouth College of Flight Training (not Groundschool)

Just to let you all know. Went to the open day at Bournemouth Commercial Flight Centre today.

The staff and facilities all seemed to be pretty good and the aircraft tidy. Seems like a pretty good place to go for training.

There are cheaper places and also more expensive ones but as far as costing goes this one seems like a winner.

If any one has any input on this i would be most grateful. Also anyone looking to start there in november and wanting to chat would be most welcome.

Cheers in advance!
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Old 4th Aug 2002, 08:29
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Yeah BCFT is a good school, I have been watching it take shape for the last 6 months, really glad its all up and running ok.

The best thing is that, No other Commercial school (+ground) has a bar attatched to it.. perfect place for future pilots to practice their role!!..

But seriously, they have some top FI's, and a good set of books. And the FI's are always willing to help past hours.

I may go in November, but you will have to pull me out the bar first!!
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Old 4th Aug 2002, 23:33
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I went along too and was very impressed with what is on offer despite the fact i am now committed to PAT however i would recommend BFC.

Cheshire i thought you were departing the scene after your recent thread regarding colin green's new scam.

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Old 5th Aug 2002, 08:52
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Yup, went along to BCFT's open day on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised...

Good facilities, friendly instructors who seemed genuinely interested in your development (OK it was a marketing day and they were always going to be! )

Honest about costs - as well as hiddens - with realistic prices.

Good to be in an international airport environment too.

I will certainly consider BCFT when I commit to ATPL training.


ps. Does anyone know who the 747 classic belongs to ?!
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Old 18th Apr 2003, 00:01
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BCFT Open day 26th


Any wannabe's going to BCFT's open day on the 26th? I would be interested to hear your views on this bunch, and I want to find out more about this new simulator they seem so proud of!


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Old 21st Apr 2003, 13:08
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I'd recommend spending your money with BCFT. Got my CPL/IR there a few months back. Very friendly people and excellent instruction. They are investing seriously in training and facilities, so check them out...
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Old 29th Apr 2003, 04:32
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Hi Simon

I went down to BCFT on the 26th. Seems to be very impressive, they have clean, well maintained aircraft to train on, offer small class sizes so that learning is more on the personal side and instructors offer an open door policy and are willing to help at any time. Everyone down there seems to be happy and get along well and the students I spoke to, mainly Jay, have nothing but praise for the place.

As for the new sim, its still not on-line as far as I can gather. Should be available from July I think they said, but there other sims were good, but lacked any visuals. The HS-125 looked the business, so the new one should be a real benefit for BCFT.

Hope that helps, as I'm really considering starting my training there from base up.

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Old 30th Apr 2003, 18:54
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Thanks alaister

I also went to BCFT on the 26th to have a look around. Got to play on the simulator and sit in the Duchess for a while. I did my PPL with them so getting an impartial view from others is important. Unless they go downhill over the next year and a half I expect to be giving them some money for CPL/IR training

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Old 14th May 2003, 05:33
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Smile BCFT (Bournemouth)


Went to BCFT (Bournemouth) today and had an informal chat with some of the instructors about the CPL. It seems to be a good school at a reasonable price (!!!!). Any input welcome.
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Old 1st Mar 2005, 19:12
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bcft flight instructor

Hi Everyone
Can anybody help, I'm in two mind about flying training, regarding the bcft , any testimonials , any of you guys done a course there? good, bad? was good, and gone bad or was bad and gone good, or simply plain average "normal" school?
any feedback appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation
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Old 3rd Mar 2005, 20:37
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Was lucky enough to have Mark Beasley when doing my IR there last year. Absolutely TOP NOTCH... his shoes are now filled by Trevor, who has the patience of God himself, and Lance who won't let you get away with anything. Also instructing there (I think) are Steve Davies, a softly spoken wise chap- also top notch.

As for groundschool- did ATPL stuff there Sept 03-Apr 04. First time passes in all subjects, average 94%. Need I say more?
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Old 27th Apr 2005, 11:25
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Turbine Jobs after BCFT

Hi All

This is probably a 'totally done to death' thread, but here goes. I'm currently doing the ATPLs at BCFT, Distance Learning, and thinking of doing the CPL/IR/MCC/JOC there, is there anyone who can say they have managed to get a low houred RHS turbine job having finished with them and if so who with?

At the mo I'm not 100% sure who the flying will be done with. I am impressed with BCFT so far with the ATPL side of things. I'm not sure what links they have to any airlines or exec carriers (don't mind which just hoping to start of turbine a/c of some description).

Any advice in this area would be most appreciated as I'm fed up with radar screens!!
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Old 28th Apr 2005, 15:37
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If you do the MCC with them don't do the JOC, just about the same course, you have to be party to there JOC course anyway to fly that thing

Message me if you want more info
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Old 29th Apr 2005, 09:11
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Can't seem to send you any message as your mailbox is full!!

Any more info would be useful though!
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Old 29th Apr 2005, 15:01
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Jet Blast Rat
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Really sorry, but I cannot tell what you're trying to say about JOCs. I am a little concerned that you have mistaken my employer for someone else, so could you send me a PM with more info so I can either correct any misapprehension or let my head of training know if yuo have a genuine concern about BCFT? Much appreciated.
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Old 2nd May 2005, 13:59
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No im not on about another Training provider, I am merely pointing out some very informative information that was passed to me, the MCC and JOC are done on the same sim? correct? ok if so you are taught the same method of handling, I assume, for standardisation, got a bit of raw data flying in, got to start the engine sequence but at the end of the day its all about the method of control, EPR's standard checklists and quirks with jets, all this was done on the MCC. I have to say having manually flown the tristar it was a might more stable than a C152 with some gusty wind

I mean you complete the LOFT excercise, SID's , STAR's, Auto pilot and manual ILS , and it was pretty good ILS manually flown if I dont say so myself, the MCP, roll out , Taxying.

So for the same money what do would we get different? also Lance can PM me if he likes, by the way I did do not have trouble with BCFT to confirm my MCC course was excellent, just fail to see the difference on same sim except more manual handling. Maybe its because we had a good Sim instructor and went through in more detail that the average, "heres the autopilot lets see how you talk to each other", i dont know.

You tell me


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Old 12th May 2005, 10:17
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Can i have some answers to the original question, not too bothered about MCC at this stage!!
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Old 12th May 2005, 10:40
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The original question is a bit vague mate.
I'm not sure what links they have to any airlines or exec carriers (don't mind which just hoping to start of turbine a/c of some description).
I very much doubt that they do. Indeed you'll struggle to find a school who does.
Every school in the country will have someone who has got a low hour turbine job. And someone who hasn't. The choice of school is only a small part in this.
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Old 1st Aug 2005, 12:26
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MCC Partner wanted - end Aug at BCFT

I'm aiming to do an MCC between 23 Aug and 2 Sep (has to be those dates). I have a place at BCFT but no partner as yet, so the course is in jeopardy...

Anyone want to join me and make it happen? Either PM me or contact BCFT direct.

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Old 19th Feb 2006, 09:55
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Accomodation near BCFT, Bournemouth

Hi all,
Do you know any accomodation near BCFT in bournemouth that won't kill my piggy bank?
Have fun.
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