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BCFT - Bournemouth College of Flight Training (not Groundschool)

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.
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BCFT - Bournemouth College of Flight Training (not Groundschool)

Old 10th Jan 2007, 18:16
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PAT is Professional Air Training, PFT is Professional Flight Training. Don't know much about PAT but sounds similar to PFT. As stated in previous message PFT seems well worth looking in to, instructors are well experienced and mature, smaller set up, with much greater attention to detail.
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Old 10th Jan 2007, 18:38
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When I trained with PAT, I dont recall a PFT, but, they(PFT) obviously are hoping to trade off the good name of PAT and people who get confused with the names, that in itself tells you something.
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Old 10th Jan 2007, 20:02
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1981 Flyer

What planet are you on, if PFT is the organisation just started up by Mike Boulton then one would question what pass rates are you talking about??
As of the end of december my understanding was Mike was a one man band operating out of European essentially using an FNPT2 for IR renewals etc.
I might stand to be corrected but as far as I know he does not have an aircraft.

Furthermore your poor research is confirmed by the fact you know little about PAT (Professional Air Training). From what i know about this organisation they are the longest established school at Bournemouth followed closely by BCFT,not the johnny comely lately combo of Mr Boulton and Mr Kember.

As for genuine pass rates talk to real people like Linda and Anthony Mollison or Lance Plews. And one final piece of advice is avoid the shower known as CABAIR or EPTA or whatever their latest re-incarnartion is this week.

Good Luck
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Old 10th Jan 2007, 21:11
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Ah, well I'm glad that's sorted out then .

Thanks for the feedback. I did my RT oral at BCFT. Generally seemed like a good outfit, nice people etc.
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Old 11th Jan 2007, 08:42
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Professional Air Training (PAT) has been established at Bournemouth since 1993.
Professional Flight Training (PFT) is a very small school which has only recently been approved for IR training at Bournemouth and unfortunately has chosen a very similar name to PAT.

Last edited by Linda Mollison; 11th Jan 2007 at 08:54.
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Old 11th Jan 2007, 08:48
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Sorry, I did not realise other people had already posted the information I have just posted.

I cannot work out this new system of accessing posts (and I am not sure it works all the time)!

Much preferred the old system.

Linda Mollison
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Old 15th Jan 2007, 14:37
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Thank you all who've posted,

I'm posting again to bring this thread back up to the top as I'm keen to hear from more people who have experiences of PAT and BCFT. I do not intend to begin my training for some months and would love to continue reading other people's stories up to the point i need to make a final decision.

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Old 15th Jan 2007, 20:54
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BCFT - Is all good, head honcho, Lance is a character, quite a scary fella in the air by day, get a drink in him in the evening and he's a pussy cat! Planes are all in good nick, always available, full use of Bournemouth Flying Club without a membership fee. Ground Instructors are ace, especially Zach F who is a good friend now, Phil L and Steve W. All flying instructors are very good, professional, experienced career guys and girls and I had a great time there. What was great was their flexibility. I held down a full time 9-5 job and did the lot in evenings and weekends.

I am now beginning to get some sniffs of jobs, unfortunately the job market is slow for everyone at the moment.
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 13:09
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All good

Finished my CPL/IR conversion at BCFT yesterday. I actually transferred to BCFT from another JAA college, and was extremely happy that I did. As the course was a conversion, I have obviously trained at other organisations throughout the world. I can honestly say that BCFT were superb, a very good choice for flying training in the UK. They do not take on too many students and have plenty of aeroplanes and very experienced instructors. However my greatest praise was how accommodating they were. With very short notice they fitted me into their flying schedule, and completed the course in minimal time, even offering to fly at weekends if needed.
Without going on for too long this is a excellent flying establishment, with friendly and helpful staff whose aim is to get you a license with minimal time and cost.
If you need any more info, PM me.
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 18:34
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Just completed my night rating with BCFT. Excellent!!! Supurb training and customer service. Got mine done in exactly 5 hours. Very flexible and the instructors, staff, and current students all very welcomming and friendly.

Used my night rating as a taster if you like, to see if I wanted to do my CPL and IR there. The above statement says the answer to that one.

10 out of 10.
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 18:47
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Night rating

Aaaahh... very interesting expedite08, as I am sitting here thinking about enquiring about a night rating with BCFT!!

Seems like a good place to go. Did my RT practical there.. impressed with set up.

On a slightly different slant, how soon (or not) after getting your PPL would you advise going for the night rating?

Many thanks
Big al
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Old 3rd Feb 2007, 21:46
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As soon as you like. I did an FAA PPL, that incorporates night privilege. I knew people who did a night rating as part of their JAA PPL, although I am not sure that is still allowed.
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Old 21st Apr 2007, 17:53
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Question Bournemouth Comercial Flight Traning (BCFT) any info from present students...

Bournemouth Comercial Flight Traning (BCFT) Any Info or any opinion. Please.

Present Students, recent graduates or FO`s graduate with BCFT.
I`m thinking to go for Jet Line Course with them in Sept or Oct `07?
Doing at present, recently finished or FO`s & CPT`s - Would you be that nice and share your expierience you`ve had with BCFT.

I will be so happy to read any feedback.

Thank You. Tom

Last edited by giertom1; 22nd Apr 2007 at 09:36. Reason: Adding Info
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Old 21st Apr 2007, 20:57
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Hi, I recently gained a first time pass on my CPL with them in minimum hours. They are extremely honest and upfront with their prices, I received top class instruction and their facilities are superb. To be honest I was pleasantly surprised after my experiences with a previous FTO.

I chose to do all my training on their Arrow 5 which was extremely modern, very well equipped and well maintained. I didn't suffer any delays due to any tech issues. They also have a second aircraft available for the CPL, an Arrow 3, quite rare from my experience of FTO's.
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Old 24th Apr 2007, 18:35
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Hi pomme pilot vbmenu_register("postmenu_3103593", true);

I`ve zero hour but want to go commercialy. I`ve visited few schools, I`ve so many course brochures but I`m still thinking. Where to go? Which college will be the best for me?
OAT and Cabair integrated are so expensive, But BCFT modular Jet Line Course sounds q.good.
You`ve expierience with Few FTO`s. How did you find BCFT? Office Staff, Instructors, facilities? Do they help you to find the job etc?
Do you think it`s worth it?

I will be happy if you share it with me

Thank you
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Old 25th Apr 2007, 11:04
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: London
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Hi Tomek,
It’s a tough decision, but only you can decide which flying establishment will suit you, gut feelings are usually pretty accurate…
With regards to BCFT, I was impressed. As I mentioned above, I was doing a conversation, so I didn’t do the full jet course. I have used other schools though, and BCFT was joint top place, with an IR school over in Australia. They were very approachable, honest, with a good A/C fleet. The only delay I suffered was due to the weather, which to be honest was pretty good, given that it was Jan when I was doing my CPL, and only lost a couple of days.
The instructors were all very experienced, for example, my instructors included a very experienced career instructor, a B747 and a B757 pilot.
The test centre is also on the field, meaning no ferrying, and minimal waits for tests, usually within 2 days!
Unfortunately, I am still seeking employment, and as far as I am aware, they do not offer assistance (this may be different with the jet line program, better ask them.)
All in all, they may not offer the prestige of Oxford, but they offer good training, and all of the staff including the HOT are interested in your progress and getting you through in the minimum time and with the minimum expense.
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Old 23rd May 2007, 02:44
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What are peoples thoughts on this place?

Bournemouth commercial flight training
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Old 23rd May 2007, 06:48
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Call them up, have a word and pay them I visit, I had a chinwag with Deana at the flyer show and found her and all of the teaching staff to be a very amiable group.

I was all but set on attending for my Gorundschool, changed my mind recently following a little news on some rather cheap accommodation al la oxford.

Kind Regards

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Old 23rd May 2007, 09:20
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I'm currently doing groundschool with BCFT with a view to continuing with the flying training modules later this year. I looked at other providers before making my choice, and I must say that I have absolutely no regrets about my choice!
The staff and facilities are first class, and the atmosphere is relaxed, yet professional in all respects. It's an ideal learning environment, and great fun too.
As Rosco says, best thing is to pop in and have a look, and see if it feels right for you!
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Old 9th Jun 2007, 16:58
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Has anyone attended BCFT for the CPL/ME/IR after completing the PPL and hour building in America? How did you find the transition to UK airspace and the different R/T? Did you complete the courses in minimum time or were extra hours required? How did the school help you with the transition?
Many thanks for your help.
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