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FAA ATP to EASA ATP-L in Germany

Old 9th Mar 2019, 09:29
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FAA ATP to EASA ATP-L in Germany


So, currently I am flying for an American airline and wish to change my licence over to an EASA ATP-L. Has anyone here gone on this path and what recommendations/schools can be given?

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Old 10th Mar 2019, 14:07
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Try asking here: (a lot of ATOs and FEs read) You will first be flamed for not knowing EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET THAT HAS DO WITH FLYING , but after that hopefully you will get a reasonable answer. Good Luck!!
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Old 18th Mar 2019, 05:06
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currently I am flying for an American airline...
You must have the legal right to live and work in the US then? I mean you got what other people are dreaming of?! Looks like you managed to work your way up the latter, at least quite a bit.

...and wish to change my licence over to an EASA ATP-L.
Apparently you have not the slightest idea about what you're getting yourself into! I've already been there, where you intend to go! Looking back from my personal experience, I have to say I wouldn't do it again! Especially if you are already in the business, meaning you already fly for an airline and are building valuable time on a jet which can/will advance your career.

In short, you need to prepare for and pass all 14 EASA ATP exams, which is just a big pain! Don't underestimate it, like the vast majority does! It takes a lot of self-discipline, determination and motivation! Duration anything form 6 month (usually for a full time class) up to 24 month and even more (commonly for distance learning courses) and working a full time job besides studying. As mentioned, it's quite a challenge! Better think twice and consider all possible options!

Preparing for and passing the skills test (known as check-ride in the US). Things are different here in EASA land and they'll let you know it! Generally you need to fly a minimum of 15 hr (plus some multi time) can't remember the specifics anymore! But this will be quite an expensive experience, I'm telling you!

Additional you'll need an EASA medical, general radio telephone operator license (AZF) and if you intend to go for a german EASA ATP license (which I'd strongly advise against doing so) the famous and absolutely stupid "reliability check" (zuverlaessigkeits-pruefung) which is required by the German LBA.

However, assuming you're flying for a regional in the US? If you're not happy with your current situation, for whatever reason. Why don't you consider going to the middle or far-east and fly there? Allegedly airlines are in need of qualified pilots over there and the compensation packages appear to be quite tempting, compared to airlines in the EU or Germany. And most importantly they won't make you jump through hoopes for converting the license.

Anyway, good luck!

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I am the other way around. We are moving to Germany and have the ability to work there.

You are also correct, hence my post about conversions. I ask and recieve totally different answers from schools and places that are interested in bringing me on, but throw their hands up when looking into it. I am studying for my tests Would it be simpler to visit an English school or go elsewhere in Europe to complete training then bring it over to Germany with me?
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A guy at my flight school came over here with a FAA CPL (no prior experience apart from 300-400 hours on small AC) he's been doing the whole integrated theory course with us, has to study for the exams just like anyone and to take them just as anyone does that has no experience flying whatsoever.

So from what I've heard from him it's massive pain and there are huge differences to the way the same subjects are taught in the US - BUT it is doable. Just as previously described, its a load of bollocks and you need the stamina to power through all of that.

If you do speak german and you want a recommendation on schools just drop me a PM. I've been through the whole process of choosing one two years ago and might be able to give some sort of advice at least. If you don't speak german it might be easier to check out English or Austrian schools as I don't know of any german school that teaches their ATPL subjects completely in English. There are some really bad schools out there tho so be careful. When I started the biggest red flag that I encountered were schools that asked for loads of money in advance, thats usually the first indication that somethings really going wrong there.

Anyway I hope you'll find something that works for you and all the best!
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I think it depends on how many hours you already acumulated on you FAA ticket, if you have an FAA ATP or a FAA Commercial ticket and so on. You could ask the LBA about your options. Their email is [email protected]
If you have a Job lined up already, your flight operations department can help you.

I went from FAA Commercial with Multi Engine and IR to EASA CPL ME IR.
Did the ATP theory course in Switzerland at Horizon SFA, because the do not require you to attend the two weeks classroom session. Then wrote the ATPL exams in Bern at the FOCA and passed. At the time there were only two Schools in Europe where one could do the conversion, Diamond in Kalmar and Bartolini in Lodz. I went to visit both and liked Diamond better, so I did my conversion there.
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