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ATPL Studies

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Originally Posted by r10bbr View Post
As of today i have passed all 14 exams, friday was my last exam ...
momo, do you want to join me at the bonfire dance whilst we sit and drink mint tea and smoke some nargila..
Just yesterday you posted :

Cant wait to look back at my ATPLs once im done , i look forward to the naked dance around the bonfire when im burning the 14 ATPL
Mods I think we've a troll.
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de minimus non curat lex
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Originally Posted by r10bbr View Post
As of today i have passed all 14 exams, friday was my last exam ...
momo, do you want to join me at the bonfire dance whilst we sit and drink mint tea and smoke some nargila..
So exams completed. With your somewhat slow start to first solo, it will be interesting to know just how you find the flying hoops for the CPL/IR training.
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some of you guys really need to stop reading between the words, i take on board all comments made in regards to training and the dedication needed to reach the goal of getting a frozen atpl, and have appreciated all the feedback given to the questions i have asked in the past and soon to be in the near future, but correct me if i am wrong i believe that the atpls are the hardest struggle faced during the training stage , once they are completed words cannot express how one feels, thus i am expressing this thoughts, comments made such as dancing with burning the books were made in light of humour, i would rather pass these books on to some one who will benefit them rather than burning them...again its funny how i make one light joke and i get people jumping on my comments where other members have made comments similar but i dont see an attack...

regardless i apologise if i have offended anyone, i hope this thread could go back to being productive and helping others who are struggling with their atpls ....

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Originally Posted by Kevin31 View Post
Well not long into my studies modular ATPL (A) studies and think I have made a mistake these are borderline impossible for someone who cant seem to remember anything.

Keep taking the progress test but barely getting over 50% most time its in the 40's. Read the material and heard it's not advised to keep re-reading so been watching the corresponding oxford videos on Youtube. Also trying Anki for flash cards and reviewing them daily but nothing seems to work.

I am starting to think that you need a bit more intelligence then I actually have to be able to do these exams? It scary as I'm only on the first part of GNAV and not into the hard stuff yet I bet.

Been reading books on learning and all saying about the testing effect and how its best form of learning but think it just makes me spiral down and down and doesn't seem to help. Books also suggest flashcards which I can see value in but you have to be consistent with them.

Also, how do people manage time? Do people do 2 or 3 hours or just space it out in smaller chunks?

Please can anyone offer any advise?
Smash the question bank then repeat the questions you got wrong 2 or 3 times. I used Bristol Groundschools online bank its amazing.

any subjects you have an interest in, or are still struggling with, do the material.

Oh, the crammers are very good, as funnily enough, people typically struggle with the same stuff.

Welcome to the great EASA ATPL(A) wax on wax off routine.

Ah thank you Mr Miagi!

Once you can catch flies with chopsticks, you will make a fine airline pilot young Jedi!

Promise you its worth all the pain in the end....
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