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CTC & FTEJerez

Old 21st Mar 2016, 00:29
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Question CTC & FTEJerez


I recently had an assessment day at CTC Aviation and sadly didn't pass the numeracy test and the interview due to inexperience but surprisingly did pass the PILAPT! Therefore id like to learn from mistakes as i'm keen to try again and hopefully pass. I'm also going to be trying my luck at FTEJerez later this month.

I know questions like these have been asked many times before however many I cant seem to find the answer or they just seem as though they could be out of date when I search through these forums/other websites.

Firstly, could anyone give an insight as to how similar the assessment process is for Jerez with CTC? For example are the aptitude tests similar? How many maths questions are there?are they different/timed? Whats the best way to prepare? Also is everything asked in terms of physics and maths covered in the preparation pack sent? Are the 2 days full of different activities?

Also i've been using Pilotaptitidetestdotcom and found that the tests wernt that similar to the tests at CTC and had a look at SkyTest which looked much more similar. Is SkyTest any better/ similar to the tests done at Jerez?

Furthermore, what is everyone's views on Jerez as the employment statistics do not seem to be as publicised as CTC?

Sorry the post may be quite long repetitive but i'm kind of new here and would love to hear others advice/opinions.

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Old 21st Mar 2016, 11:51
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I don't have much wisdom with the aptitude tests, I only did mine once, but don't overlook the interview!

Have they given you feedback for the interview? It's very good to know, especially if you're having another crack, but if you failed, it will be absolutely vital that you know. You don't want to make the same mistakes twice, as all it will do is cost you time and a lot of money, so definitely ask for some feedback! The interviews have definitely caused me a few problems.
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Old 21st Mar 2016, 17:52
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Yes i did recieve some helpful feedback such as i needed to expand on exapmles of thwe qualities of being a pilot/first officer etc.

Do you have any tips on how to perform better in the interviews?
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I have looked at that website and was wondering if the examples and tests given on there are accurate to the actual test you perform at CTC/FTE?

Also placing 'some graduates' is what i'm skeptical about as i cant seem to find a figure.
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Old 22nd Mar 2016, 11:33
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The mental maths was first, and it was to answer as many questions as you can in 15 minutes. There were 25 questions, and there were rumours in the waiting room that 15 correct answers was the pass mark, so you needed to work to at least a question per minute to pass. For the other questions, you had a lot more time, and they had real-world scenarios, such as calculating fuel consumption, etc.

The competency side of things in the interview are just putting your life experience into relevant examples.

I struggled for the motivation side of things, because I applied on a whim, and didn't do any preparation, which came back to bite me. You know what they say, Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance, so prepare well, that's all it takes!

For the motivation side of things I was told that they like to see that you're 110% into flying, so they love to see that you fly as a hobby, and or you've taken steps already to become a commercial pilot. At the time I didn't have any flying experience (I do now), so they didn't like it, and they asked very difficult questions, such as "If you've never flown, how do you know you will like a career as an airline pilot?", which is very difficult to answer, so they took this as my motivation was lacking. It also looks bad when a lot of the other applicants have PPLs and other things, so they only way to get out of it is to get some flying experience.

Also, learn every fact and figure about the course, such as where, when, and for how long, and do this by heart. Prepare an inspirational story about why you want to pursue the career, as they may ask you that, and don't be scared of embarrassing yourself. The more extravagant and memorable your story, the more they will remember it! If you get in, who cares, it's not what it says in the scorebook.
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@FlyingGreek Thank you for your help and yeah for the maths i struggled with timing which is what i think let me down
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Thank you very much for your tips and help, ive been preparing and hopefully will do better at the maths this time despite more questions in the same amount of time.

I havent had much flying experience either, just an hour trial, will this let me down in the interview and is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Also for learning the facts and figures is that like how many aircraft they have or is it more based on how many weeks you spend doing certain parts of the course?
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James: Learning how many twinstars there are at each training location is pointless. Learn roughly what the course entails and where you complete each stage.

Just practice the maths and it will come back over time.

Remember the person interviewing you will most likely not be a pilot. If they ask why you haven't done more I'd say something along the lines of "I took the hours trial to ensure I did enjoy flying and wanted to pursue it as a career, since I knew I wanted to train with CTC () on an integrated course I considered it a poor value of money to obtain any more experience when I would complete it with CTC" You get the idea... I had very little flying experience when I started but was never asked the question.
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Old 23rd Mar 2016, 00:20
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Thanks for the advice, if that question was to come I think the answer you gave is what I would've gone along the lines with.
Did you train with CTC?
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These are the questions for the motivation-based interview that I can remember:

- Why would you like to be a commercial pilot?
- How does an aircraft generate lift?
- Can you briefly describe how a jet engine works?
- What do you know about the course? How many weeks are in the first stage? How many exams do you sit in the first stage? Where do you take stage 2 training? What license do you get after you complete stage 2 training? How many weeks is stage 4?
- What problems do you see the airline industry encountering in the future?
- Can you describe an aviation-related article that you've read recently?
- Have you taken any steps already to becoming a commercial pilot? Have you taken any formal exams, done or are doing a PPL, had a medical, etc?
- Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

And a couple of more "personal" questions:

- How much does the course cost? How much can a type-rating be?
- How will you be paying for the course? Will it be self-funded or with a secured loan?
- Are you in a position where you can afford the course?
- Do you realise that a career as a commercial pilot may require you to relocate to anywhere in the world? Do you understand the implications of this?

And if you're applying to a sponsored scheme:

- When was the airline formed?
- How many employees does the airline have? How many pilots?
- What are the "core values" of the airline?
- How many aircraft does the airline have?
- What types of aircraft does the airline have?
- How many bases does the airline have, and to how many destinations?
- What do you know about the plans for the airline in the near future?
- What are your first impressions about the airline? What do you and don't you like?

The better and more positive you answer, the more points you score, so if you don't know an answer, or your facts and figures are wrong, you'll lose marks, so prepare carefully!

The lack of hobby flying experience shouldn't make much of a difference, given that the courses are ab-initio, it's the way the interviewers interpret this into motivation for a flying career. Having zero experience puts you in a bad position, as it can give the interviewer the impression that "He wants to spend 80,000 on a course, for a career that he doesn't even know that he'll like yet, and he can't even be bothered to have a trial flight!" It certainly doesn't look good, and the questions they ask in accordance with this are very difficult to get out of and answer well.

If you've had a trial lesson, you should be fine, as like said before, just say that you've had a go, you loved it, and it would be silly to pay for something twice, that seems a fair answer.

I was talking with the assessor for quite a while afterwards, and he mentioned that the girl before me had 150 hours of private flying experience, so they cut her interview short, because this was all the motivation she needed. You need to get a certain mark to pass the interview, so if you fall short on something, let's say a lack of flying experience, you'd have to make it up with excellent knowledge of the course, the aviation industry, as that would show that you're equally as motivated. Preparation is key, with a bit of preparation, even your weaknesses can be twisted and turned into positives, or nearly!

I do a lot of interviews at work, and my other half is an interviewer and recruiter for a big bank, so I know a bit about interviews. Just talking to her is a like an interview!
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I asked Head of Training at FTE directly and he said they had a 92% placement result.
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That's quite good, strange how they don't publicise such a statistic??
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Wow, thank you for all of the suggested questions and information, ill be sure to think of examples I could answer for each.

I agree with the paying twice as that is actually what made me think twice before training for a PPL as I was looking to do integrated training later on.

Hopefully I can show my motivation and any lack of experience wont let me down!
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Originally Posted by BWSBoy6 View Post
I asked Head of Training at FTE directly and he said they had a 92% placement result.
I find that very difficult to believe.
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Thumbs up I would recommend the software

I've been preparing for my interview soon at CTC and I've used the software from and it's brilliant

The area that I am most worried about is the Group Exercise. How did you do with that and are there any clues about how to prepare for it?
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Good luck with your upcoming assessment!

CTC asked us not to reveal details of the group exercise however my advice would be to show the qualities of an airline pilot, firstly you need to be active and involved in the discussion and put forward ideas, this will be helped by a good knowledge of the aviation industry! Hope this helped.

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Thumbs up

Thank you everyone for your help, seemed like it worked as I passed the FTEJerez assessment!
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Well done James. Will you be going to FTE or having another try at CTC?
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you will be scored on the clarity of your speech, how often you contribute, the quality of your contributions (i.e. don't just spout rubbish to be seen talking)
and how well you work as a team player (i.e. do you make other people feel heard, do you discredit the ideas of others)

the key is to contribute, but don't overdo it, speak clearly, know about the aviation industry (because the exercises will be aviation related) and make sure if you disagree
with what someone has said (shows individuality, but don't do it all the time) to add a PERSONALLY... or IN MY OPINION... or THAT'S A GOOD POINT BUT... before you make you're point. even if you know for a fact what they're saying is wrong, you've got to go
about it in a professional manner.

you get the idea.
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