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Question CTC & FTEJerez


I recently had an assessment day at CTC Aviation and sadly didn't pass the numeracy test and the interview due to inexperience but surprisingly did pass the PILAPT! Therefore id like to learn from mistakes as i'm keen to try again and hopefully pass. I'm also going to be trying my luck at FTEJerez later this month.

I know questions like these have been asked many times before however many I cant seem to find the answer or they just seem as though they could be out of date when I search through these forums/other websites.

Firstly, could anyone give an insight as to how similar the assessment process is for Jerez with CTC? For example are the aptitude tests similar? How many maths questions are there?are they different/timed? Whats the best way to prepare? Also is everything asked in terms of physics and maths covered in the preparation pack sent? Are the 2 days full of different activities?

Also i've been using Pilotaptitidetestdotcom and found that the tests wernt that similar to the tests at CTC and had a look at SkyTest which looked much more similar. Is SkyTest any better/ similar to the tests done at Jerez?

Furthermore, what is everyone's views on Jerez as the employment statistics do not seem to be as publicised as CTC?

Sorry the post may be quite long repetitive but i'm kind of new here and would love to hear others advice/opinions.

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