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Astreaus Cadets - line training

Old 21st Jun 2002, 07:19
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Astreaus Cadets - line training

Hello all.

Just thought it was time to let you know how things are getting on.

After the LST and base training we had to do more groundschool, induction subjects like CRM, First Aid, SEPs, Company paperwork and SOPs, security. manual handling, wet drill (get in the pool!!) and fire and smoke - great fun.

We're also out on the line now, the first few sectors are done from the jumpseat, it's amazing watching everything we've learned being put into practice, like all the training I've done I've found it really valuable to sit back and watch from the jumpseat/back seat.

Looks like a couple of us will be at the Gatbash this weekend (well, I will be anyway, never turn down the chance of a beer), so if you're going we'll see you there.

(off to Turkey later)
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 08:38
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Hi PJ,

I'm pleased its all going well, when will you actually start worrying ATC and passengers yourself?

Have you said "cabin crew doors to automatic and cross check" yet?

Keep the posts coming


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Old 21st Jun 2002, 09:06
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nice one PJ! as a felllow cwfc member I wish you all the best
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 09:20
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Well put PJDJ....

Yes, well everything has moved along somewhat and gotten much more exciting. The jump seat rides are certainly invaluable. From my own experience I have a greater understainding of how the cockpit is run and both the intensities of workload and paperwork!

After a 4 hour sector you find yourself at an airport you've never been to before in a new country in the middleof the night. A barrage of of trucks, cleaners, caterers, dispatchers and the like descend on the aircraft and have it ready and boarded in 40 minutes for the turn around. Then follows the 4-hour trip back home. Next thing you know is your in the sack thinking what the hell was all that about!!

Well after so long getting the job I can vouch for the fact it's 100%worth the wait!!
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 09:36
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Good one PJDJ.

I can imagine how proud you feel, and it is well deserved. despite all the stress, financial hardship, emotional upset, waiting, waiting and more waiting, it is the best job in the world to my mind. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it too. See you at the Gatbash!!
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 11:47
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Hello mate.

Glad to hear I was in Turkey 12 hours before you get there. I didn't realise 737's were sooooo slow!! Only kidding!!

On line, on secondment at Air2000, so listen out for "Jetset" instead of "jmc"...or a combination of both botched together. Then you will know it is me!

Good luck with the flying Paul.
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 12:20
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Good to hear you're getting on at 2bob, you still in Man or based Darn Sarf now? Could be an excuse for a beer.

You can always tell when it's me too, listen for the Flystar callsign that's taking requests for Pearl Jam!!!!

Nah MJR, not got to say that yet, been practicing in the car though !!!
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Old 21st Jun 2002, 13:58
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HI pjdj777,

Good to hear things are going well in the training.

You say in your post "a couple of us will be at the Gatbash this weekend". I thought the GATBASH was next weekend - the 29th June? Not being picky - just making sure I've got it right.

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Old 21st Jun 2002, 16:43
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No mate, I am still "oop north lad, wit Whippet unt flat cap liiike".

Chances of getting near home? NIL.

Beers sometime in the future.

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Old 25th Jun 2002, 21:21
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Beer's on me Peeeeej . See you soon!
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Old 26th Jun 2002, 16:57
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Sounds like you're having WAY too much fun Peej

VFE, don't panic, GatBash is this saturday, in 3 days time, the 29th June
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Old 8th Jul 2002, 14:55
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First line flight completed…

After several jump-seat rides it was time to take the plunge and go for the right seat.

Gatwick to Zakinthos and back. All the training and hard work can’t quite replace the exhilaration and thrill of taking 148 passengers, baggage and crew into the air for the first time!!

Little time to soak in the atmosphere of landing at an idealic island, complete with blue skies and turtle beach, than its time to turn the aircraft round and get back home. Suddenly everything seems worth it…the hard work, late nights and flight-tests…this is what its all been about!

Now its time to get the line-training completed and start working for a living!

(Promise to get those calls right next time Hamrah!).

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Old 8th Jul 2002, 19:58
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Aaaaah those calls

yes the first line flight was a bit of a blur - LGW to IBZ and back, no time to enjoy but plenty of hard work. It's fun, it was worth all the stress, it's time to go to Athens soon

It's amazing really, after all this hard work and study there's still so much to learn, I wouldn't change it for the world.
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Old 8th Jul 2002, 20:04
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Green with envy doesn't begin to cover it! To read about these first line trips is an inspiration and testament to hard work and dedication.

Continued good luck with Astraeus, hopefully I and many others will be joining you guys/gals soon on the airways.
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Old 9th Jul 2002, 02:46
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Nice to see people are taking the time to keep us all updated. Long may it continue. (How about making this one a 'sticky' WWW/Scroggs) .

And it would would be rude of me not to wish you all the best of luck even if it is said with envious undertones
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Old 9th Jul 2002, 09:07
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Continued good luck for the upcoming flights, chaps and chappess!

Truely inspirational for all of us still at it!

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Old 9th Jul 2002, 09:20
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Envious does not even begin to describe how I feel!I am a wannabie planning a major career change from medicine to aviation! (you may have read my thread in May)Please keep these updates coming. They are very informative and encouraging. Good luck to all of you!
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Old 9th Jul 2002, 09:37
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Thanks everyone,

Yeah, it’s a great buzz knowing that all the hard work has paid off! I’ve heard people say that after a while it wears off but even having instructed for a year before this break I still got a kick out of looking ‘down there’ thinking ‘yes, I did the right thing’.

At the moment it feels like you have to learn to fly all over again. The real satisfaction is in knowing that your going to work doing what you love doing and have waited so long for. Everyday is different and presents its own challenge.

We will be glad to keep you guys and gals posted and answer anything that comes to mind.
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Old 10th Jul 2002, 12:18
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The first couple of flights from my corner too. I must admit that I had difficulty sleeping the night before, which wasn't as much of a problem as I had a 4,30 start. I had Hamrah and Danny himself for my sins...they where very good as they created a very positive atmosphere. The learning curve is pretty much vertical at the moment. The 737-700 is a slippery beast and I was paranoid of getting high on the approach but I was OK in the end. Amazing coming into Gatwick when ATC say "no speed restrictions" and you are zooming in at 300 kts IAS constantly working out height x3 + 7 miles to decelerate... In the mean time I was also thinking " in a couple of minutes I will have disconnect the autopilot and land this thing". And the calls, ah funny how I had already forgotten about them, again.

It was a brilliant day out and made it all worth it. The best part of all is that it was repeated the next day and will now be the stuff our every working day.

I know from my own experience that reading the Wannabes forum can sometimes get you down, hearing so many people struggling can knock your self confidence. Keep in there, your time will come and it will be worth it too.

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Old 10th Jul 2002, 18:59
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Well done Featherman on the first line flight. I'm just about to start mine. Base training was great fun. Done loads of jump seats and am chomping at the bit to start for real. It's all definitely been worth it. I've also got the base i wanted which is a bonus. Good Luck with the rest of the line training and i'll talk to you soon
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