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Type rating 500 hour & LPC requirement

Old 22nd May 2015, 19:10
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Type rating 500 hour & LPC requirement

I know what you're thinking, not another question on converting an FAA type rating to EASA.

Well yes. Sorry.

As has been covered 100 times, I'm aware that with 500 hours on type and completing an LPC with a UK TRE and filling out the form (with exorbitant sized cheque enclosed) the lovely people at the CAA will issue you with an EASA type rating.

My situation is that I started flying the type in question on a part 61.55 (SIC) type rating. After a couple of years and 500 hours later I then did the upgrade course giving me the full 61.58 (PIC) type rating, since which I've flown another 250 hours on said type.

Then I lose my job... Boo! However the unthinkable happens and rather swiftly I'm offered a job here in Blighty on said type YAY.!'Excellent' I think, I'll just need to stump up the cash for a recurrent, bang an LPC on at the end, pop down to Gatwick and bob is your veritable uncle.

The plot thickened somewhat when the two main training providers for said type disagreed over the regulations and requirements for me to convert my rating.

So here, finally is the question:
Do hours, flown while holding an FAA (SIC ONLY) type rating count towards the 500 hours on type that the CAA require?

Many thanks for any forthcoming insight!

P.s I posed this question to the CAA 25 days ago via email and am yet to receive a response
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Old 23rd May 2015, 12:38
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No. You need to hold a full ICAO recognised type rating.
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Old 24th May 2015, 10:13
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PP - Where does it say that?

Annex II to Part-FCL requires an applicant to hold a valid class or type rating (which the OP does) and to have 500 hours flight experience as a pilot in the relevant type. Nowhere does it say that the flight experience must have been obtained while holding a particular rating.

In any case a type rating issued in accordance with 61.55 is compliant with ICAO Annex 1 (i.e. the rating could have been transferred even if the rating issued under 61.58 had not been held).
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Old 27th May 2015, 00:26
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My reply from CAA UK


I am on the same page, my Licence is an ICAO with 737-300 SIC rating.

You have to do an Licence Skill Test not a Licence Proficiency Check, till today I do not know what are the main differences during those 2 test.

Here is a copy paste from the email sent to me from the CAA UK.

Hope It Helps!!

I refer to your email below. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you.

There is provision in the EU Regulations for a rating held on a 3rd country (non-EU) licence to be added to a Part-FCL licence and to be used to fly aircraft of that type that are registered in the EU.

The requirements may be found in Annex III to Regulation 1178/2011. This is reproduced, together with other information in our publication CAP 804, which is on our website at:

Section 4, Part Q of CAP 804 includes the following:

(1) A valid class or type rating contained in a licence issued by a third country may be inserted in a Part-FCL licence provided that the applicant:

(a) complies with the experience requirements and the prerequisites for the issue of the applicable type or class rating in accordance with Part-FCL;

(b) passes the relevant skill test for the issue of the applicable type or class rating in accordance with Part-FCL;

(c) is in current flying practice;

(d) has no less than:
(i) for aeroplane class ratings, 100 hours of flight experience as a pilot in that class;
(ii) for aeroplane type ratings, 500 hours of flight experience as a pilot in that type;
(iii) for single-engine helicopters with a maximum certificated take-off mass of up to 3 175 kg, 100 hours of flight experience as a pilot in that type;
(iv) for all other helicopters, 350 hours of flight experience as a pilot in that type.

For any skill test for a UK-issued Part-FCL CPL or to add an IR (including a CB IR) to a UK-issued licence the applicant must book the test via the CAA Flight Test Booking Service, using the following e-mail address: [email protected].
Examiners for the skill tests must be designated by the UK CAA in accordance with Information Notice IN-2014/110 for UK examiners, or IN-2014/114 for non-UK examiners:
Prior to any Skill Tests (CPL or ATPL ), the examiner must notify the CAA by contacting [email protected].

The type rating endorsed on the licence will be B737 300-900, without restrictions attached.

We will need your original logbook and copies of your ICAO licence and validating medical certificate signed by a UK examiner of Head of Fleet.
The forms required are SRG1119A, SRG2199 and SRG1158: List of Flight Crew Licensing Forms | Publications | About the CAA.
A copy of your UK licence is also required.

As you already hold a multi pilot type on your ICAO licence, you do not need to hold a valid ME to add the B737 to your UK licence.

You need to do differences training to go from B737 300-500 to 600-900 so you cannot complete the test on a 800 FFS.
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Thank you very much! This is very good news and very helpful.
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