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Easyjet or Monarch MPL?

Old 17th Jun 2014, 08:02
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Question Easyjet or Monarch MPL?

I am a student currently studying Aviation with a view to become a pilot (and yes I know how much hard work there is) but have been struggling to decide between integrated or modular training (that is an entirely different Thread, I know)as I really don't know which airline or even type of airline I want to fly for. Ive been thinking about DHL Air UK in Leipzig (only when I reach the requirements), Lufthansa Cityline (Despite the DLR) or more realistically an airline in the U.K. such as Easyjet, Monarch or Cityjet (especially with the possible fleet renewal). However the german airlines and Cityjet would require modular training ( I don't like the look of FTE Jerez enough to go there on the mentored Cityjet course! ) which im not 100% sure about.

Presume I were to go the integrated way and get into a CTC course, in your opinion which would be better: Easyjet or Monarch? I am aware that the Easyjet course costs more and you go on flexicrew afterwards which is not ideal, however they have a base in Berlin which means that if I decide that I really do want to live and work in Germany (which I do at the moment, hence LH cityline) I could put a bid in and have the possibility (depending on requirements i.e. level of German language knowledge) of moving to Germany. Another upside to the Easyjet scheme is that after graduating I would have many more destinations to go to and therefore would be able to see more of the world.

With Monarch it seems they are looking at doubling the size of their fleet and possibly getting C series Jets meaning they will have a very nice, modern fleet and will have many destinations too, just like Easyjet. They also seem to pay better and have better conditions, pension, benefits etc The course itself also appears to be cheaper which is an obvious upside. However, they too seem to put everyone on to a temporary contract at first which seems a risk to me.

Would either airline be prepared to guarantee a loan instead of putting our house on the loan?

I am hoping you can understand my confusion as I cant even decide between modular or integrated yet, or weather I want to fly pax or not, or if I want to live in the u.k. or Germany . I am fully aware that taking whatever comes my way would be the best thing I can do as beggars cant be choosers. I am also aware that by the time I have finished my studies (another 2 years) the airline industry may be completely different and neither Easyjet or Monarch may be offering these schemes, however at the current time with the airlines as they are which would you suggest? (and I know that neither airlines MPL course is open at the moment anyway)

I would appreciate any responses and all points of view. Thank You.
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I don't have any information about the british carriers, but i wouldn't consider lh cityline as an option. LH Labour agreement says, that pilots who didn't attend the LH Flightschool in Bremen are not allowed to fly playnes with > 90 PAX. At the moment they fly the CRJ900, but that will change in the future. To my knowledge Bremen guys fly the EMB at Cityline.

When living in Germany and speaking a decent German, why don't give it a try for the LH MPL course. It's probably one of the best deals in europe.
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The fact that Monarch have been around for 40+ years suggests they know a thing or two about the airline industry so I don't think you'd have any problems in that respect.

If both were to be opened again for applications, you'd be stupid not to apply for both. To not apply for one or the other because of a slight difference in pay seems crazy to me. After all beggars can't be choosers
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At your stage of the game, finish your studies, get a class 1 medical and do a PPL! Then forget everything else you've written from DHL Leipzig onwards...
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You've missed my point. This isn't a thread on how much better EZY are than MON. The OP isn't a DEFO and we all know how tough these ''sponsored'' schemes are to get into so I seriously doubt that many people would be in a position to choose one over the other.

I was simply saying that to narrow your chances of breaking into the industry by only applying to one because they pay more or are making more money is rather fickle. After all, both are expanding and neither look in a bad position.

Of course if you had 2000 hours on A320s and had the luxury of being offered a position at EZY or MON you would be silly not to consider the points you mention. Unfortunately that's not the case here.
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