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Hour Building USA - (Master thread)

Old 18th May 2019, 07:35
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Chandler Air Service

Thought I should write a review of CAS in Phoenix Arizona.

Phoenix and the surrounding area is an incredibly diverse and beautiful part of the world, with friendly people and plenty to keep you entertained. I would definitely reccomend it. The weather is almost perfect and offers beautiful flying for much of the year.

However as for Chandler Air Service I would hesitate to give them a glowing endorsement.

They were initially accommodating, well organised and structured and we were out flying within a couple of hours for the check ride. You have to do a mountain course which takes about a day and covers high altitude operations etc etc. The instructors were polite, friendly and helpful. The planes are ageing, but have GPS inside them which makes flying distance more pleasurable, especially with the countryside in Arizona being quite difficult to distinguish one area from another.

Unfortunately they also have a couple of odd procedures, as I found out after sorting my American licence, one of which is the necessity to write a flight plan which sits in their office. I found this a pain, as we know, flying in the UK is often ad hoc and changes depending on weather. I understand the need for a destination, but a full route including way points and fuel stops, really? Do you really need to quiz me about if I have checked the weather brief, got the Notams, destination info and have my route assessed by an instructor? I arrived carrying a document explaining I had met the requirements for the issue of a pilots licence that entitled me to fly, all that kind of thing is exactly what we are trained to do. Fair enough once, or go over the procedures, but every day? And to be told one day "you can't do that" and to re plan a route. Incredibly galling. Worse to find out the CFI has contacted air traffic while you're out to "check you're on an active flight plan". And due to the 365 days of good flying weather in that area, when there is a cloud in the sky within 500 miles, or the metar suggests a "prob30" of some gusty weather you will be told flying is out of the question. In the UK we would strap on our big boy pants and give it a go. Otherwise we would never fly anywhere. Twice I sat on the ground because of forecasts weather which simply never appeared.

That leads me onto my next problem. Fuel.

We know a PA28 carries roughly four hours fuel endurance in its tanks. CAS have a weird rule where you need upto a couple of hours fuel ideally in reserve. That limits the options you are given by wiping half an hour per stop, every two hours into a day's flying. It becomes a pain, and in odd circumstances, as I found with weather I was having to deviate back to Chandler for fuel instead of making the three hour leg down to Tucson as I intended.

On the subject of aircraft, the Piper I flew for the first few weeks, 11T, was recalcitrant to start. Initially they blamed it on cooler weather (a balmy 11/12C). My comments about starting multiple PA28 in the UK in 0 were not appreciated.

After a week of flying, and almost getting stuck in Lake Havasu due to poor starting, the AC began to really act up. One morning I could not start it at all. It was wheeled into the hangar and I flew another plane. The next day it was suggested it was my fault for "running the auxiliaries without the engine running". I have never once had a problem here, and checking the lights and stall horn work are hardly unreasonable pre start items. A day or two later after some lunch en route the AC failed to start entirely, leaving me with no choice but to pray on the kindness of the engineers that luckily at Havasu very kindly attempted to start her with little success. Eventually they put it on charge and started it with some ether. (easy start over here).

Apparently again this was my fault. I now was incapable of starting an AC, despite having started probably a dozen different aircraft without issue in my flying career. And I deviated from my flight plan which earned me a dressing down upon returning after this delay left me unable to achieve my destination.

After this I swapped planes. And surprisingly, had no issues with starting. Not the service I was looking for.

On my final day, through no fault of my own, I was spoken to like a child and had no respect shown to me when I was in fact a customer. A very rude instructor.

In summation I would certainly encourage people to fly in Arizona, amazing airports, scenery, people and weather. America is an incredible experience and so cost effective. I would not however, encourage any person with something about them to use CAS. If you are low hours or don't feel confident then they would be perfect, they will hold your hand and keep you safe and you have no need to exceed your comfort zone, giving you good experience and loads of support. They will treat you like a student, perhaps as a flight school a difficult habit to get out of. Annoying when you're not a student.

If however your dream is to hire an aircraft and set off to discover America, which is perfectly possible due to the access you have to any airport, airspace, no PPR, no landing fees and fuel at almost every field, you will find CAS ludicrously restrictive and frustrating. Or end up ignoring them and doing it anyway.
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Old 7th Jun 2019, 16:22
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About safety pilot-
Does the EASA accept the full hours that I logged?
Let's assume that I flew 50cc hours (25PIC and 25 as s Safety pilot).
Can I use and log the all 50 hours?

Quote of the Law if there is- will be nice

Thanks !!
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Old 11th Jun 2019, 16:01
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No Easa only accepts Pic as P1 so make sure you get all your own hours.
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Old 11th Jun 2019, 17:46
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Hey, thanks!
Do you have a quote that support this say?
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Old 12th Jun 2019, 14:28
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EASA FCL - Logging of flight time
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Old 12th Jun 2019, 18:40
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Originally Posted by Zemer View Post
Hey, thanks!
Do you have a quote that support this say?
It is the legal position of Easa. Discussed many hundreds of times on these pages.

You may accept it, or you may go and research the document for yourself, in order to reach the same conclusion.

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Old 3rd Jul 2019, 11:34
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Thanks for the in depth review. Myself and a few others have been looking at CAS and this is certainly something to bear in mind. However, I would be visiting as a fresh PPL holder therefore I would probably appreciate a little bit of guidance.

May I ask how your time was in Arizona in general? (Cost of living, vehicle rental, accommodation, any night flying?)

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Old 11th Jul 2019, 12:53
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Any recommendations on hour building school around St. Pete's Florida?
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Old 11th Jul 2019, 21:40
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Hi guys can someone recommend any flying schools or rentals in the San diego Area, im looking to do 100 hr of hour building, or if anyone has recently come back from the states can they recommend any schools excluding chandler air services..
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Old 25th Aug 2019, 15:04
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I'm interested in doing my hour building as cheaply as possible so I have been considering the US.

The problem is, I've done my PPL using a glass cockpit and will do future courses with glass cockpits too.

So, does anyone have any recommendations of places where I can hour build with a) good weather b) a reasonable price and c) a glass cockpit.

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Old 2nd Oct 2019, 18:27
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Would be great to hear an update from some of you guys on here.

Have any of you guys on here managed to get flying jobs yet?

Have any of you given up or not been considered/had much luck looking for flying jobs after gaining you fATPL?

(Hope this doesn't derail the thread if it does please let me know and I'll remove it, but please then update me in a different thread as I'm really interested to see how well you guys have done) But a lot of people on this thread will be wondering how everyone is doing also so maybe it would help everyone to share how it went/ is going for you.
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Old 29th Oct 2019, 21:31
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Could you please give some hour building fees and schools?

Flight safety!
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Old 30th Oct 2019, 16:48
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I'm curious, why so many people are looking for paid hour building in the USA instead of doing the FAA conversion and getting paid to build your hours.
I work for a flightschool that has a lot of international pilots, who work for 2 years after their training and go home with 1500h-1800h.
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Old 21st Nov 2019, 22:30
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NWhelipilot, how do you get the right to stay in the USA and work? Im guessing you have a green card?
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Old 17th Jan 2020, 06:55
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Does anyone know of a company that rents out aircraft to travel the states, either east or west coast? Would be great to build hours and see the US from the skies.

Any ideas or tips would be a great help, thanks!
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Old 23rd Jan 2020, 17:42
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Originally Posted by NWHeliPilot View Post
I'm curious, why so many people are looking for paid hour building in the USA instead of doing the FAA conversion and getting paid to build your hours.
I work for a flightschool that has a lot of international pilots, who work for 2 years after their training and go home with 1500h-1800h.
Can you please elaborate more?
I just got the PPL(EASA) and I'm going to U.S one or to months to do the time building, if I wanna work there I would have to do the whole FAA program, work less than a year that's what the Visa allows, and then come back and start the EASA ATPL again.
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Old 12th Aug 2020, 11:54
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I think that guy's confused about your motivation to build hours. Most people go to the US to build time to get their CPL back in Europe. Those are the ones you pay for. Some people choose to stay and build time afterwards as a flight instructor, at which point the money starts flowing the other way. There are no free hours before CFI. Unless you can legally work for an airline in the US there's no point in getting single engine time. (In the US you need 1500 hours to work for an airline which can be mostly single engine, in the EU you only need 200 hours. More hours won't help you much unfortunately although a lot of people seem to think they will.)
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