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Training in Sweeden

Old 15th Oct 2011, 10:43
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Training in Sweeden

Hi everyone!
Any feedback from Diamond Flight Academy in Kalmar-Sweeden? Personal experience or from close friends at this school?
I'm mooving to Sweeden soon and need to continue my training there, starting the CPL.
Any other advice and opinions of schools in Sweeden would be appreciated.
Thanks to all.
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 11:40
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Going there next year as well. Be good to know something of the school in advance.
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 14:15
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I have personally never heard of Diamond Flight Academy from what I can recall from my memory, will take a look at it

Flyguppdraget is a very qualified and recognized school. Flyguppdraget AB -

SPU, also very qualified but with dresscode and other small things..

Airways, Välkommen till Airways Flygutbildning AB

Here is a full link of all the FTOs Flygplan FTO - Transportstyrelsen

Let me know if you need some translation
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 18:13
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floyd86 dimaond flight academy are number 3 on the list of approved flight schools in Sweden:

Flygplan FTO - Transportstyrelsen

Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia AB
Kalmar Flygplats
392 41 KALMAR
0707-85 99 80


Another post on pprune:

I trained with them last year, when they only had one DA42, so I did all the training in the aircraft and was very happy with it.
The school is run by two easy-going instructors with experience from 737´s and businessjets.

Kalmar is perfectly located with 3 other IFR-airports within 30 minutes flying time. The DA42 that the school owns has TKS-anti ice and oxygen that was used regularly. Now they have a FNPTII sim that I have not seen, but I´ve heard that it is really nice.

The Swedish dealer for Diamond aircrafts is based on the same airport as the school, and they have a demo DA42 which we used when the schools 42 was in maintenance.
We also did a lot of navigations which was really interesting and good fun!

I got my training done in the agreed time and at the agreed price, so I can absolutely recommend them! PM me if you want more info.

They use Da42, I'm from the UK and in the new year i'm thinking about training with them too.

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Old 9th Nov 2011, 01:14
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bluearrow yes I saw on the page they are authorized FTO, it's just that I never heard their name hehe..
Looks like a nice place and good instructors, but email other schools too and compare them to each other if you want too, just a tip.

Good luck with your training, and if you need tips, flyingbuddy or help in Sweden just PM me!
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Old 9th Nov 2011, 08:09
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I have a friend who trained with Diamond Flight Academy and he only have good things to say about it.
Airways in Stockholm is also a very reputable flight school.

You just call and make a booking when you want to fly so it's easy to work in the meanwhile.
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Old 12th Nov 2011, 19:02
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These are also quite good :
Sturup IFR Center, flygskolan p Sturup.

But it all depends on where in sweden you are going to live.. ;-)
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Old 21st Nov 2011, 04:29
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Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia feed-back

Hello everyone !

Just pasting here what I wrote at another topic about my experience at Swedish flight schools :

"I was browsing the forum about other info and came across this topic. So here's my feed-back about DFAS :

Good location in a quiet but well equipped Kalmar airport
Full equipped G1000 DA-42's, providing FADEC and Anti-ICE experience !
Experienced instructors who actually fly for living as well as instructing (at least Henrik and Michael do!) hence providing "real life" advice

As for my particular training - FAA IR conversion to JAA IR course - it was very well organized and educational ! The fabulous DA-42 simulator helped a lot in the procedures familiarization and practicing ADF (no ADF in FAA training). Then the actual flight training went through seamless and I completed the course in the advertised hours with a clean check-ride within 3 weeks and within advertised budget

Kalmar itself is a beautifull city, clean and organized as usual in northern europe, nice place to stay for study or training. Not that fun for after hours fun though... I only had a couple days off, but didn't found any pleasant place to party at night in both attempts :-( Maybe some of you guys will be more lucky.

All in all, a flight academy I definetly recommend. Definetly for the FAA to JAA IR conversion, and possibly for other courses as well. After flight training experiences in Portugal, USA and then Sweden I should know about good and bad flight schools !

Good luck guys ! Send my regards to Henrik and Michael !!!
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Old 24th Nov 2011, 11:34
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know the school Nordflyg Training in Eskilstuna? Anyone been there? Would be nice to hear some experiences from there.
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Old 17th Jun 2016, 21:31
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Any recent feedback?


Anyone had any recent experience in D-FAS, good or bad please post,

much appreciated!
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