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My Future/Dream to be an Airline Pilot

Old 3rd Aug 2010, 16:34
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My Future/Dream to be an Airline Pilot


Same old story, I want to be an Airline Pilot when I'm older and have come here for some friendly advice. My names Tristan and I'm 17 years old currently studying for my PPL at Aeros in Gloucestershire Airport.

I have always wanted to be an airline pilot from a very young age and I've always wanted to go flying, its my Passion.

I am going into my last year at 6th form into my A2 levels, but still waiting on the results of my AS's. For GCSE's I got 2 A's, 1 B, 5 C's, 1 D Which I was very happy with.

I have already got just under 40 hours flying the PA-28-161 with Aeros and have already flown solo and flown to france with my instructor

I have been looking around Professional Commercial flight Training academy's such as CTC, OAA and I really like them both, but on the otherhand I have heard huge amounts of rumours on both of them on there training and what they offer.

Im planning in starting my training in September next year (2011)

I hope you can help me in my situation as I have a plan of what and where I want to do my training but would like that little extra advice on the specific courses and extra courses after training (E.g. Type raiting, ATPL, CPL, MCC...)

Best Regards,

Tristan Marchent
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Old 3rd Aug 2010, 17:37
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Now correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't you previously post a topic asking these types of questions under a different username? How come you needed a second username? Surely most of your questions would have been answered on that topic.

Here it is
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Old 3rd Aug 2010, 18:01
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Yes..come on Trist...

how come you were 17 a year ago..and you're still 17? Also, how come your grammar was OK last year..and now it stinks? Grrr bm
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Old 3rd Aug 2010, 18:26
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1. Thanks for the friendly welcome
2. That Topci was about OAA Not just general Training
3. I said I was 16 in that topic..

Thanks for the friendly welcome guys!
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Old 4th Aug 2010, 02:09
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What difference does it make what his age is? There are lots of people in his situation who frequent these boards and would benefit from some advice. Why do people always have to put others down? Miniss gave enough personal details to be credible but gets flamed by idiots with nothing constructive to say. I just hope you guys never need any advice or encouragement. But of course BoeingMEL was born in the left seat of a 747.
Miniss, it's along time since I was in your situation so it's difficult to give any specific advice. The system has changed a lot over the years. Just try to get someone else to pay for your training before you do. Hopefully someone will give good guidance. Beware of Trolls!
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Old 4th Aug 2010, 06:10
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so typical of you wannabe airline pilot youngsters. What? Too much to bother writing about. I'm sure others have more comments.

FAQs/sticky springs to mind as well. No specific question that's specific and needs answered. Nothing 'new' asked. Why am I sounding like tired mods? Because it's daily occurrence, this OP's thread starter.
Especially the shiny overpriced integrated 'route'.
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Old 4th Aug 2010, 08:20
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Sorry you feel like that Jackbauer..

.. but many of us in here have a checkable history of giving intelligent and practical advice to newbies over many years.
When the idle, illiterate or delusional test our patience or goodwill however, they must reasonably expect short shrift! Cheers for now. bm.
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Old 4th Aug 2010, 10:27
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OK - lets take the heat out of this!

This forum is specifically for Wannabees. There are plenty of experienced pilots here who freely give of their advice to help those starting in the industry to help such beginners. However they expect in return that folk come here with questions that have a variation on those asked - and answered - many times before. It is also expected that people carry out some research before just asking/posting such a question.

There are stickies above and a search function within to help you. There is also Google and you can even pick up the phone and call the FTOs!

Miniss/ Tristan
The questions that you ask (in this and previous posts you have made be it under this name or others) are always about training establishments and other peoples experience. You are still at school and won't be proceeding with anything more than recreational flying for some time so the questions about Oxford etc are currently irrelevant.
As you say in the opening sentence
Same old story
Consequently - same old answer!
May I suggest that you VISIT the establishments or at least do some serious research of your own?

Tired Mod? Never!
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Old 6th Aug 2010, 16:16
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Hey BM, good to see that you are back in pontificating mode and that your righteous indignation control is wound right up. Heaven forbid that someone should ask a question which upsets you. Given though that these forums are non compulsory I fail to see how it could test your patience or goodwill as you, a self proclaimed professional pilot, voluntarily spend a lot of time trawling the wannabe forum, no doubt hoping to be able to stick your oar in and impress the newbies with your wisdom. To imply that the questioner is wasting your valuable time by daring to post seems just a tad arrogant don't you think? As for your assertion that you have a checkable history of useful and practical posts, as far as I recall you have a habit of rapidly removing any of your posts which get called into question or else have the responses to them pulled by going crying to the mods for some spurious reason. No offense old timer, just trying to be constructive.
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