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Training to fly for aid organisations

Old 22nd Aug 2009, 14:30
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Training to fly for aid organisations

I hope people haven't asked similar questions before. I have done a search and couldn't find anything that answered my question...

So here it is. I am currently living and training for my PPL in spain, which I ought to have completed in october.

My ultimate intention is to fly for aid organisations, anywhere in the world. At present I am thinking of going to Florida as soon as I have my PPL in my hand and training for my FAA CPL ME/IR After which looking for any type of work anywhere in the world to build air time and save money to later convert to a CAA CPL thus broadening my possibilities of finding work aid flying.

I have travelled extensively in Africa, lived two years in Arusha, Tanzania, so I have some idea of what I am letting myself in for.

Do you experienced guys think this seems like a sensible way forward in my case???

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matter

Mike ;o)
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Old 23rd Aug 2009, 15:35
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Think about what else you bring to the operation aside from your licence.

Most 'aid' operations I've come into contact with have religious aspects to them. If that's not your gig, then it'll be difficult. I'd recommend getting a few seasons experience flying into dirt strips in the middle of hostile terrain, 'making a plan' and so on. Also, keep in mind that agencies such as the UN and so forth have quite well defined requirements for their air crew, so looking at those would be a useful guide.
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Old 23rd Aug 2009, 22:30
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North America Options

I don't know of any in Europe, but I know three options in North America.
They are Christian organisations training pilots and engineers from scratch for the demanding mission field. All three train from ab-initio through to type rating with the difficulties of bush ops in mind. I don't know the websites but I remember the locations; I did a module of post CPL training at all three to prepare for assessment flights for a couple of operators.

Moody Bible Institute, Elizabethton Tennessee.
Prairee School of Mission Aviation, Three Hills Alberta
JAARS, Waxhaw, Near Charlotte, North Carolina

The best way to get into this line is to hang out in Maun Botswana, with your licence, CV, preferably a Botswana DCA Air law exam pass, and something stamped or signed in your logbook saying 'type rating' next to a C206 flight. Wear a smile, buy the right person a beer at the right time and you will get a seasonal job.
Check out the Africa forum.
Good luck
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 14:06
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Many thanks M80, I will check out the requirements of UN as such I will have something to form a plan around.

Do you think with only an FAA CPL/IR I will be able to find work flying in "hostile terrain" ??

Apart from my licence I have a lot to offer, as I am a very practical person who can turn his hand to almost anything - my friends often refer to me as MacGiever, plus I speak spanish fluently, some french and swahili...

Hasta pronto! ;o)
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 14:13
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Re. North America Operations

Many thanks Mr Wilko

I like the idea of hanging out in Maun and seeing where it takes me

Thanks for the Christian organisation info, thought I don't think I will be suitable for flying with these guys. I am a christian but not practising...
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Old 26th Aug 2009, 15:29
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I would search the Maun threads If I were you, as ever in this climate, people have already thought of this and you may face stiff competition once you get there. Last I heard there were no opportunities in Maun this season, but its still a good idea.
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Old 2nd Sep 2009, 22:34
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Training to fly for aid organisations

I would say consider the safari and game park outifts in E Africa too as a stepping stone. Your time in Arusha will have shown you who some of them are and the Cessna 206 or equivalent flying they give you will provide extremely useful single pilot command time in challenging marginal VFR conditions that may earn you some respect in the future. Try the Foxes in Ruaha for instance, I'm sure most operators of that nature can help advise on how to get the Tanzanian CPL etc. Could be well worth it. Good luck.
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