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North America Options

I don't know of any in Europe, but I know three options in North America.
They are Christian organisations training pilots and engineers from scratch for the demanding mission field. All three train from ab-initio through to type rating with the difficulties of bush ops in mind. I don't know the websites but I remember the locations; I did a module of post CPL training at all three to prepare for assessment flights for a couple of operators.

Moody Bible Institute, Elizabethton Tennessee.
Prairee School of Mission Aviation, Three Hills Alberta
JAARS, Waxhaw, Near Charlotte, North Carolina

The best way to get into this line is to hang out in Maun Botswana, with your licence, CV, preferably a Botswana DCA Air law exam pass, and something stamped or signed in your logbook saying 'type rating' next to a C206 flight. Wear a smile, buy the right person a beer at the right time and you will get a seasonal job.
Check out the Africa forum.
Good luck
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