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Qatar Aviation College

This particular college has been struggling for some time, but the 'bottom line' is that it cannot adequately produce the goods for the country's resident airline; Qatar Airways. The current Director General of the college appears to be in total denial with respect to the training of his student pilots.

The college staff do their very best to accommodate the whims of the DG; however, it's clear that you cannot adequately provide professional flight training within a country that prevents flying training from being conducted within the constraints of the provided infrastructure; i.e. Arabic VIP movements prevent the college from cunducting flying training on a regular basis. The extreme climate is also a decisive factor for the continued operation of piston engined aeroplanes. Another issue is the requirement for the military to conduct its own training within a limited and shared airspace.

The above factors are totally responsible for the lack of continuation of flying training for the college students. The majority of the flying students recieve less than seven hours flight training per month, yet the blame for the lack of flying training is being levelled at the current Head of Training; who has reiterated the current failings directly to the DG without any other response (from the DG) other than that it is his own fault.

The situation is impossible. The DG requires more profit; yet there are far too many students for the instructors to cope with (reflected upon by the total monthly hours of each student). The current HoT is (quite rightly) at a loss to appease the DGs insistance of maintaining a steady stream of new students... Qatar Airways don't appear to be 'on side', other than to blame the flying instructors for not producing the required output.

I will totally admit that I am the previous Flight Ops Manager of the Qatar Aeronautical College, where the DG frequently blamed me for the lack of programmed student flying hours. Were it not for the regular VIP movements, or, military excercises, or, the weather conditions, I might have stood a fighting chance of delivering the goods. Sadly, he wouldn't/couldn't agree with what I had to say to him; hence, I'm now back in the UK, watching from a distance, as to how he continues to blame everyone (other than himself) for the failings of the college.

In conclusion... both myself and the Head of Training have made it quite clear to the DG that there are far too many student pilots; the DG is in total denial. Hence, Qatar Airways are now closely looking at the college as a reliable source of cadet pilots... I would agree with them!

To anyone within the Arabic world who is looking for a reliable flight training school... DO look further than the QAC!
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I thought they were doing some of there flight training in Thailand, did this not work out?
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Thumbs down

that's correct, we have been sent to IAC in Thailand(run by the government)in Nakhon Phanom to complete our training(total 25 students).

(In Qatar, we have flown 5 hours in 1 year.a total joke!)

Regrettably it didn't turn well in Thailand due to a unqualified french manager and some corrupted Thai instructors.

We had excellent JAA & FAA experienced foreign Instructors at the begining, but little by little, the school was more concerned about intern politic and money(payment after 50 hours block).
Our flight instructors have been asked to leave the school.We have barely finished our flights with local non english speaking instructors.The french manager was only interested by the money, and asked us to fly at all cost , even if we had to risk our life.

Once back in Qatar , we had many problems as our general level of flying was substandards.(we were grading ourself A+ , our Thai instructors don't know to write & read english, so we were free to grade and sign the forms, Some guys in my group have simply tried to corrupt their Thai instructor by offering their bikes, cellphone, and many other gifts, it was pretty much they only way to commnicate with them(remember,they don't speak english) ).In the land of smile, you need to offer gifts!

The thing what made us all laugh in Thailand, the schools had many planes and only 3 planes were airworthy.I don't know how much money this school has invested (over 11 or 12 Diamond brand new planes), to finish with 3 planes at the end.

They have even ordered an aerobatic plane to do stalls which was grounded a few days later.I was doing the stalls in the DA 40 at the begining. I never really understand why a school has to buy an aerobatic plane to train futur airline pilots.
Later we have received a form telling that stalls were dangerous in the Diamond.(a total disoganisation from our manager), so we stop doing stalls.Then the next day we received another form telling we can continue the stall cuz stall were suddenly no dangerous anymore,...yes,this place was a total joke!

The town in Thailand is very nice(along the Mekong river)and it's a very good quite place to study with a few bars and restaurants..., but the general training was not at the standard that an airline can expect (no X country planning, poor aircraft handling, poor radio com.)Our training was lacking in many areas due to these Thai corrupted instructors.
The area is very risky: few airports, no place to land(only water and trees, surrounded in some place by mountains and TS)

In fact we were just doing some time building with our thai flight instructors)

IAC ,I believe( I left the school 1 year ago), is on the way to be shut down, and we are still waiting in Qatar to finish our training.I don't belive IAC will see other Qatar Students in the futur.

I found a website here which explain how bad this school was:

International Aviation College Nakhon Phanom University - Thailand Forum
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In all fairness, to the above subject, the DG is quite knowledgable about the case of more students than the current total capacity can with hold. However he is doing every thing possible to remedy the situation albeit under a lot of pressure from other parties whom have no understanding of the restrictions that are taking place for the past 12 years...yes ...for the past 12 years. Nothing new there and now they are doing their utmost best together with the support of the staff be it ground or flight to help. In fact in the last graduation they had over 40 graduates with good standards. So well done guys at QAC. The best.
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