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Hardest part of the process......?

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Hardest part of the process......?

Ok, accepting that actually landing a job is the hardest part of the process, what do you generally consider ranking in terms of difficulty for the various training modules (my assumed ranking in order below)...:

1. Type Rating
2. IR Flight Training/Test
3. ATPL Theoreticals
4. CPL Flight Training/Test
5. PPL Flight Training
6. PPL Theoretical Knowledge

Could someone confirm this and in particular give some idea of relative difficulty of the Type Rating compared to the ATPL Theoreticals and other flight training. Thanks.

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I don't think its a hard and fast league table style ranking system to be honest...

Unfortunately for many, the one constant you will find, as you quite rightly say, is the 'getting a job part'

For the rest I dare say you'll find that one man's meat is another man's poison.

You're assumed ranking looks pretty similar to my own actual ranking (not that I've spent a great deal of time thinking about it nor have I done a TR) but I would maybe suggest that PPL flight training, and PPL theoretical knowledge were harder than ATPL knowledge and the CPL training/skills test. Reason being for me, was that by the time it came to the CPL stuff, hardly anything was new, it was just more of the same and more precise, rather than a brand new discipline. In terms of the theory side, same again, if you go in depth at the core subjects studied at PPL level you will find ATPLs only slightly more advanced with the exception of G.Nav and Performance, rather than again, everything being brand new.

Just my thoughts however.
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Everyone is different mate, so there is no real definitive list. I have seen very academic people breeze through their ATPL ground school, but struggle with the flying through lack of natural flare, no pun intended.

From my own experience, I think each stage of the process brings its own set of challenges. To begin with the PPL can be hard work, as there is so much to learn, alot going on all at once, and due to your lack of experience, your capacity is limited. However, as time goes on, like anything else, with practice it becomes second nature and your capacity levels increase and it becomes easier.

The ATPL ground school is not rocket science, but there is a lot of it, so it really is a question of managing your time to digest all the information. A good grounding when you do your PPL ground studies will put you in good position for the ATPL's. Also putting your piss ups, girlfriend/boyfriend and general life on hold for 6 months will put you in a good position to pass all the exams first time.

If you have the discipline when you hour build to set yourself goals and practice all you PPL flight profiles, the CPL course will flow nicely, and it should not present you too much difficulty.

The IR at the beginning can be daunting, or it was for me anyway. You are flying a twin, flying alot faster than you are used to, and to begin with you will find yourself behind the aeroplane. However, on saying that, you will be given the tools in order to cope with this, after all that is why you are there :-). You will develop situational awareness, and an ability to manage your workload and at the end find yourself peaking in terms of your skill, and you find yourself ready for test.

With regard to the type rating, again, only my experience, I found it tough. Again not rocket science, but there is a lot to learn in a very short space of time. You dont really have time to breath. As the head of training said at the ariline I fly for, when you finish the type rating, you are hanging on by your finger nails, and that is certainly how it felt for me! Then it is onto line training and it starts all over again .

Saying all of the above, its the best job in the world, and certainly worth the blood sweat and tears. I still love it when crewing call me off standby, to say, we have a nice little duty for you, can you fly an A320 from Gatwick to Heathrow empty, to which my response does a bear shit in the woods?

All the best.
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The IFR and CPL flight tests were the most difficult, reason, I just could not stop thinking about what the [email protected]@k make this guy and the CAA so special that I have to fork out 712 on 2 occasions. It haunted me for days before and after both test's. What if I fail? Its 712 down the drain, due to the mood of the examiner or a silly so-called inexcusable mistake.

Second on my list, were ATPL groundschool's 60 a paper.

The training and the theory were very hands on stuff ( apart from Airlaw ).
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