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ormond beach training

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you're not sorry at all! haha

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AT is known to read ALL posts about his beloved OBA. So be warned or have a shed load of evidence to back up your post or get a good lawyer.

There was a sticky on this a few years back... I assume he turned the heat up on PPRuNe with his usual charm.

I met him many moons ago when his was incharge (used very loosley) of a previous airline I worked for,he was then and prob is now full of pi## and wind and the type of guy you would never buy a second hand car from never mind letting him play with your professional future.

You have be warned
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agree once a snake always a snake Where is Ken he was the best AT should try to get him back
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Mad Jock

The naval base is at Jacksonville.

Yes I think AT would boot your ass out the door but hell would freeze over before you would get any money back from him in a situation like that or in fact any other situation. They have a legendary 25% "admin charge" on any refunds they do honour. He probably makes more money from this "admin charge" than he does from his hourly flying rate so is probaly quite happy to boot people out or make things uncomfortable enough for them to make them leave.
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Old 21st Apr 2009, 06:26
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This happened years ago (2000 I think) before sept 11th thankfully. I would imagine the out come would have been slightly different in this day and age. I haven't flown in FL in years so I do admit my geography will be a bit out.

It will be interesting to see what all the JAR US schools do after the EASA rule changes governing Instructors. Those that are planning to go over after the rule changes should check and make sure you know what your paying for. There might be allsorts of jiggery pokery going on until things get sorted one way or the other with all the operations in the US.

I am glad I don't have to go through training again. It was a mine field in my day but its 10 times worse now.
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Danger OBA...going..going..????

Seems strange when a perfectly healthy business gets put in the greedy hands of a tosser who cant seem to even control his waistline, let alone a once busy FTO. Has AT lost his marbles? When did it become good practice to hire a manager who is on duty less than 5 days per month?? A smart businessman would know that students talk and this "talk" is how most decide on which flightschool to trust with their hard earned money!! Call me crazy but, I personally would not trust someone that I have personally sued in the past and has bankrupted not one, not two, not three, but FOUR flightschools in the past 15 years. Seems like suicide.
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Old 23rd Apr 2009, 00:29
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You Seem Crazy

Because you use the word crazy and major in personal abuse Grob, or should it be Gob or God?, you may need both medication and a good lawyer.

People are entitled to rational opinions about individuals and it is no surprise that AT's straight talking and straight dealing approach has upset a few liars and nutters. OBA's contract, which is perfectly plain, contains no surprises either for anyone (like a pilot) who is literate because any business offering such great value has to protect itself (and its employees) against cheating and moaning customers who blame anyone and anything except themselves. If you cancel a package, you usually lose 100%- try leaving a Thomson Holiday half way through and asking for a refund ! Thompson's OBA 25% cancellation fee is incredibly generous when they/you have booked their aircraft and instructor time for your course package which you then decide to quit. Also, it was made clear that, if you didn't want to pay for a package or up-front, you could pay-as-you-go. AT said he would actually prefer that as, guess what?, he made more money because it was more expensive since it did not involve any customer commitment.
As for:
Call me crazy but, I personally would not trust someone that I have personally sued in the past and has bankrupted not one, not two, not three, but FOUR flightschools in the past 15 years.

OBA (owned throughout by AT) has been the same business for at least 15 years and could not have been so if it had ever been 'bankrupt(ed)'. Whatever the knockers and nutters say, it defies logic that OBA could be in business for so long, if it were anything other than honest and competent
I find it appalling that PPRuNe publishes libels, on any FTO, by means of obvious lies and damaging innuendo and especially on OBA which has made obtaining a licence possible for thousands of people at minimal expense.

As for what another knocker calls 'booting-out', I've seen it happen and all the other customers, inc. students on the same course, were delighted when the dirty cheat left. The only real pressure I ever detected was directed at ensuring that you got what you had come for. However it does require ability, dedication, honesty and sanity. A few people do not exhibit one or more of these qualities.
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Generally Accepted Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Procedures

Ormond Beach Aviation, Inc., (OBA) welcome any posts on PPRuNe, (positive or negative).

OBA will respond truthfully and factually to any post made on PPRuNe but this can only be accomplished if OBA can access the information contained in their records.

In order to do this and for OBA to respond it is necessary for the individual who posts to provide the following information:

1. Legal Name

2. Course Conducted at OBA

3. Date Course Conducted

It is should be clearly evident to everyone that without the information above being provided to OBA it is impossible for OBA to respond based on truth and fact.

As a result, any posts, (positive or negative), on any thread, (whether about OBA or any other organisation), that is made anonymously, can only be treated in accordance with the general disclaimer published by PPRuNe:

“As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, or sciolists* to elicit certain reactions.” *"sciolist"... Noun, archaic. "a person who pretends to be knowledgeable and well informed".

It is therefore clear that any reliance on the statements, claims and information contained in any anonymous posts is at best “questionable” or at worst, “simply untrue”.

OBA accepts, as any business should, that they cannot satisfy and please 100% of its customers 100% of the time.

Customer dissatisfaction only occurs resultant from four main areas;

1. Failure by the business to provide the services or goods they contracted to supply.

2. Misrepresentation by the business of the services or goods to be supplied to the customer and/or the cost of the provision of such goods and services.

3. Unreasonable expectations by the customer.

4. A lack commitment and dedication by the customer, (where the services or goods supplied by the business requires interaction/performance with/by the customer).

The best course of action for any customer of any business who feels that they have a grievance or are in any other way dissatisfied with the services or goods they are receiving or have received, (1 and 2 above), should always attempt to reach resolution, satisfaction and closure with the business at the time of the occurrence or as soon as possible thereafter.

It is very “suspicious” that any “genuine” customer with a “genuine” complaint or grievance would attempt to reach a resolution or closure through generally “venting” anonymously on forums such as PPRuNe. Any person with a genuine grievance would have no difficulty in providing their real and verifiable identity.

This type of behaviour clearly leads any reasonable person to doubt the integrity and motivation of any anonymous person making a post.

Additionally, personal attacks/character assignations on individuals are unacceptable in any circumstances whether these are aimed at the customer, business owner or employees.

Again, for the sake of clarity always remember if you are basing a decision on information contained in these forums:

“As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, or sciolists*, to elicit certain reactions.”


Adrian Thompson
President, OBA
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