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Mike Flynn 10th Jun 2016 05:26

Perhaps Ian Hislop and Private Eye are getting it wrong?

All that nasty gossip and politically incorrect covers? (I see you are from the Sydney/Brisbane area.Does Private Eye sell in Australia?)

As you no doubt will have guessed I am from the school that enjoys Clarkson May and Hammond instead of the boring Tiff Needell and oily Quentin Wilson.

However I guess purists will argue the former were not presenting a proper car show.

Clarkson should have been sent to the naughty corner over his fracas but the outcome has been counter productive.

From what I read the BBC replaced one bully with another.

I am just making a personal point that all magazines ,not just those focussing on flying, appear to repeat or recycle their covers and content.

The worst culprits are the in flight glossies.

I am guilty of thread drift. Maybe it is best discuss this topic elsewhere?

BEagle 10th Jun 2016 07:09

It's good to hear that TCT's Stearman is being rebuilt after her accident; I hope that she will be able to complete her transcontinental flight across the USA next year.

Flying Lawyer wrote:

For those of a certain age, the famous retort by Mandy Rice-Davies might spring to mind.
Would that be "Ooh, Billy, you are a naughty boy!" to Lord Astor :ooh:

Stanwell 10th Jun 2016 07:31

There's a Clarkson thread over on Jet Blast.
I'll PM you re Private Eye and Avmags.

Flying Lawyer 10th Jun 2016 08:06


Flying Lawyer wrote:

For those of a certain age, the famous retort by Mandy Rice-Davies might spring to mind.
Would that be "Ooh, Billy, you are a naughty boy!" to Lord Astor :ooh:
I was thinking of: "He would say that, wouldn't he." (About Lord Astor.)

I hope that she will be able to complete her transcontinental flight across the USA next year.
The highest I'd put it is that it's a matter of indifference to me whether she does or doesn't complete her jolly although, with the enormous sponsorship available to her, and her apparently insatiable thirst for publicity, I assume she will.

I'm certainly pleased the aircraft can be rebuilt. If not, that would have been a great pity.
The Stearman is a wonderful old aircraft, a pure joy to fly.

Jetblu 10th Jun 2016 09:31

On the other hand, I'm not convinced that TCT needed "doorstepping" either.

What was she suppose to say, "I wasn't me, the cameras were lying"

I think that the people who needed to see this, now have. Let's now see if justice is delivered or if the deceipt is upheld.

Cazalet33 10th Jun 2016 09:59

This woman is delusional and perhaps should be pitied?
I don't think she's delusional at all. Certainly not to be pitied.

I think she's highly manipulative and very skilled at what she does. Not the flying. I think she's a mediocre private pilot and rather poor navigator, but she's brilliant at the bullshit. A true artist.

She loves to play on her gender. Her gender agenda is highly profitable for her, not only financially.

It is perhaps ironic that she likes to play the Amelia Earhart card. There was another mediocre pilot, and piss-poor navigator, who plied her personal charms, such as they were, to gain the support of a competent publicist. Interestingly, she too found the funds to rebuild an aeroplane which she cracked up through being a bit of a crap pilot.

Jetblu 10th Jun 2016 10:19

Lucky the Stearman doesn't have reverse, eh. ;)

piperboy84 10th Jun 2016 10:26

Doorstepping ! Really, think about it. You've just managed to score a multi year multi continent trip, flying your dream plane, having unique experiences and meeting people from around the world, 5 star all the way and all on someone else's dime, then some clown shows up at your door to hassle you about it. You're gonna tell him to get his low rent sorry journo ass back on the bus he came on and help him on his way with a swift kick in the rear.

Cazalet33 10th Jun 2016 10:45

Piper, she's just living the dream.

Sir Niall Dementia 10th Jun 2016 14:32

What I find most annoying is that today, like every other day this year hundreds of women have got airborne with thousands of passengers in their care. Flown halfway round the world and landed safely without anybody noticing. These women are called pilots, the fact that they have lumps in their jumpers rather than their pants means nothing. They are PILOTS.

T C-T and all the other self-promoting women of her ilk bring down the achievements of their sex. Amy Johnston did well, Beryl Markham was amazing, Sheila Scott charmed me (as a teenager) into a blushing mess. And we give T C-T an award? FFS!!

A Stearman with a GPS is just a slow flying, highly capable machine, and she needed help? Thats not an achievement, thats inadequacy. As for her p### poor record of busting both her own and other's aircraft, that's just incompetence.

If she has lied then let her take the flak, even if she hasn't she doesn't deserve more than re-training as far as I'm concerned.


Cazalet33 10th Jun 2016 14:53

Sir Niall,


Planemike 10th Jun 2016 16:39

SND..........that sums it up pretty well.

Thread drift coming up..... Today my copy of "The Moth" (magazine from the deH Moth Club dropped through my letter box). It contained the antidote to everything in this thread: a well written report on Johan WIKLUND's flight from North Cape to Cape Town in a deH 60 Cirrus Moth. He was commemorating, fellow Swede, Gosta Andree's flight in 1929.

A real SOLO flight, no one in the front cockpit and no accompanying a/c. Just a solid individual effort. Yes, he is an airline pilot which may have helped a bit. There may have been some sponsorship but little was made of that. The aircraft bore the name of a Swedish crowd funding website.

He has received the Gold Medal from the Royal Swedish Aero Club as "Aviator of the Year). He has also been awarded "The Spirit of Enterprise" trophy from the Moth Club. Both, I am sure very well deserved. I cannot see anyone dissenting from the presentation of these awards to a very competent pilot who just got on with the challenge with minimal publicity..........

Well done.....Johan !!!!

Cazalet33 10th Jun 2016 19:27

.. and we will soon have another opportunity as a well-known lady celebrity flies a long-distance solo (in company with her boyfriend) with all the usual press and TV coverage
Would that be a certain day-time television quiz-show hostess and latterly a day-time telly chat-show regular?

She's a Group Captain, y'know. Not as good looking in her webbing as Section Leader Harvey, but with a bit of dual she might shape up.

The best rank that madam Wossername has managed to wangle is L'tenant Cdr in the navy that doesn't fly aeroplanes. :yuk:


Requires more dual.

Stanwell 10th Jun 2016 19:50

Originally Posted by Jetblu (Post 9404406)
Lucky the Stearman doesn't have reverse, eh. ;)

I'm not sure that I quite get that one, Jetblu..

On thinking about it, I wondered whether you might be likening it to TCT attempting to parallel-park a Morris Minor, with guidance, in under half an hour.
The publicity machine would, of course, be on hand to record the event, upon which press-releases (accompanied by carefully selected images) would be widely distributed.
Then ...

I was going to go on .. but you get the picture.

J.A.F.O. 10th Jun 2016 21:10

Originally Posted by Jay Sata (Post 9403985)
How about a bit of imagination?

Yeah, how about that?

robin 10th Jun 2016 21:56

Certainly the naval uniform is smarter than the RAF one, though what could compare to Section Officer Harvey?

B Fraser 11th Jun 2016 07:40

Heck, my wife is an Hon Lt Commander but does not wear the uniform. She has too much respect for those that do the job for real.

I can back that statement up if anyone wishes to PM me.

Flying Lawyer 11th Jun 2016 09:10

That's your wife's choice.

TCT is an Honorary Lieutenant Commander, Royal Naval Reserve. (Gazetted Oct 2015.)
I wouldn't criticise her, nor anyone else, for wearing the uniform of their honorary rank on appropriate occasions.

I assume that if the services did not want that to happen they would not have specific uniforms for their honorary officers.

airpolice 11th Jun 2016 09:15

I think that Flying Lawyer is spot on, while TCT holds the rank.

Whether or not she should be allowed to continue to hold that rank, is another matter.

Nige321 11th Jun 2016 15:04

From the (sole) Bird In A Biplane


I, and the Bird in a Biplane Team believe it is helpful to respond to some commentary appearing in the press about whether the flight expeditions undertaken in 2013-2016 were flown solo or in company.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis.

In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman.

However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped as I and the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house and the expedition evolved into a much bigger opportunity to extend the program with documentary filming, an extensive outreach program involving different charities along the route and sharing the experience of open cockpit flying with others.

I am deeply disappointed at the comments coming from a particular source making false assertions that my flight expeditions should have been executed as solo flights. They were not. They are all about a collaborative team effort and celebrating the brilliant achievements of women like Amy Johnson and Lady Heath who made history when aviation was in its infancy.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor
Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

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