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PPL Exam Validity

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PPL Exam Validity

Old 30th Jun 2003, 02:09
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PPL Exam Validity


Mrs Courtman passed her skills test today!!!! Great weather and she is now on a complete hyper back home, itching for the licence to pop through the door (it's not gonna happen on a Sunday though!)

Now we have an interesting question pop up: Firstly she did her Air Law on 24-Jun-2002. She's passed her skills test on 29-Jun-2003, but has just had the fact sprung on her that there is a "Flight Planning & Perf" exam to do (any pointers on this gratefully received - I've never heard of it being a CAA PPL).

The question is: Is her Air Law still valid? We heard recently from an instructor that the validity period is now 18 months, but I can't find this in writing on the CAA website.

Answers on a postcard - thanks everyone!

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Old 30th Jun 2003, 03:00
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Try LASORS, Section C Private Pilot Licence

And well done to Mrs Courtman too
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Old 30th Jun 2003, 04:33
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What sort of an idiot of an Examiner conducted the PPL Skill Test without first checking that all training requirements had been completed? I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but technically the Skill Test result is invalid due to the fact that it wasn't conducted in accordance with JAR-FCL - because "An applicant may not take the Skill Test until ALL of the associated theoretical knowledge examinations have been passed". That's spelled out in words of half a syllable in LASORS, the relevant Standards Document and in the Examiners' Handbook. Any Club should know that - and certainly every PPL FI and Flight Examiner!

Since all the theoretical exams have to be passed within an 18 month period, the Air Law exam is indeed still valid and Mrs C has until 23 Dec 2003 to pass the Flight Performance and Planning exam. Regrettably, as the Skill Test isn't valid, Mrs C has 24 months from the date of passing the FP&P exam to re-take it.

But perhaps there's someone nice at the Begrano who will make an exception.........? I certainly hope so!
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Old 30th Jun 2003, 06:27
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Evo, thanks for the link and the words of support - I knew it had to be somewhere but couldn't find anything with the wonderful CAA search engine.

BEagle, points noted - but chill a little! Its not just the examiner who is to blame, I could have checked a little closer. It will all sort out in the wash!!!
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Old 30th Jun 2003, 07:29
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Sorry mate - the FE handbook is quite specific on this:


A2 Pre Test - PPL only. Evidence of adequate preparation and eligibility for test are to be recorded on Form FCL JAR 102. Skill tests must be started after successful completion of theoretical knowledge and communications exams and within 6 months of completing flight instruction. Subsequent tests must be completed within 6 months of the first attempt"


Meet & Greet
Wx general picture. Does it look good enough for you to fly the Skill Test?
Establish ID
Establish the test requirement. KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TESTING.

- Evidence of completion of course of training and suitability to take the test (FCL 102).
- Evidence of successful completion of theoretical examinations.

(Etc, etc)"

What excuse can the Examiner possibly have had for failing to carry out this very basic pre-test check? I'm not sure quite why you think that it "will all sort out in the wash" - I had a PPL application rejected by the CAA because the Examiner who marked some of the theoretical exams had allowed his authorisation to lapse! Fortunately the CAA accepted that this was no fault of the applicant and allowed me to re-mark the papers.

But a Skill Test carried out before the theoretical exams have been completed? I wish Mrs C good luck with the CAA.....
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Old 22nd Jul 2003, 20:13
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Well, despite the doom and gloom from happy chappie BEagle the CAA performed admirably and returned Mrs. Courtman's licence within 10 days!

Much credit has to be given to the CAA for the way they turned the paperwork around, I found all the staff in SRG very friendly and helpful when we took the paperwork down to Gatwick, and also on the phone a few days later when we rang to see how long it would be...

BEagle, your points on the Skills Test are noted, but there is a phrase I like to use: "Don't panic!" For future PPLs that go through our club I'm sure we will do things different, this includes me writing a web-based application to ensure that student records are transparent for all instructors, but the CAA have a brain and can see that there really wasn't any problems with the way it was done. The only thing we forgot was the stamp in the logbook, and they simply asked us to do it after everything was sent back.. common sense prevails more often than shouting text from a book.

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