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Converting NPPL (SLMG) or LAPL (S) TMG to SEP

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Converting NPPL (SLMG) or LAPL (S) TMG to SEP

Old 23rd Jan 2020, 10:57
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Converting NPPL (SLMG) or LAPL (S) TMG to SEP

I'm struggling to find any info on the conversion from TMG licenses to SEP and wondered if anyone could help.

I've been told there are 2 routes:

1. Convert LAPL (S) TMG to LAPL (A) TMG, then add SEP.
2. Add SSEA to NPPL (SLMG) then convert to LAPL (A) TMG with SEP. This entails diff training for the SSEA then paperwork.

Any advice on best route would be much appreciated.
Also, can this be conducted by a CRI, ie non-ab initio instructor?


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Old 28th Jan 2020, 18:41
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You seem to be confused between Licences and Ratings. What licence do you actually hold?

If you have an EASA licence with a TMG Class rating or priviledge then all you need is a Class rating Skill Test to add the SEP Class rating, the licence remains the same.

If you have a NPPL (SLMG), that is not a TMG rating or licence and you will need to convert the licence, provided you obtained it before 8th April 2018. There is no point adding anything to it because you cannot convert anything obtained after April 2018.

I suggest you are lookig to convert your NPPL (SLMG) to a LAPL TMG in which case CAP 804 Part P Para 3.3 Conversion of UK National Licences and ratings not included under 3.1 or 3.2

1. Hold an NPPL(A) with SLMG rating;
2.Hold an LAPL medical certifi cate (or a Class 1 or
Class 2 medical certifi cate) issued in
accordance with Part MED (MED.A.030). Any
limitation arising from the holder’s medical
status will appear on the medical certifi cate;
3. RT Licence if required
4. Have knowledge of the sections of Part OPS
and Part-FCL relevant to the LAPL(A) with TMG
privileges – in accordance with A.1(b) of Annex
II to the EASA Aircrew Regulation;
If the applicant has not completed 6 hours pilot
in command of TMGs since being granted the
NPPL(A) with SLMG rating, comply with
FCL.105.A(b) – LAPL(A) Privileges and
Conditions on issue of the Part-FCL LAPL(A) in
order to be entitled to carry passengers, i.e.:
Then add the SEP privileges to the LAPL.
It can be done by a CRI but only at a ATO or DTO.
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Old 28th Jan 2020, 20:26
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I think he holds an NPPL with SLMG which he used to gain TMG privileges on an LAPL(S) when applying for an EASA sailplane licence. He now wants an LAPL(A) to add SEP privileges and someone's told him option 2 is available, which of course it isn't. If Paul has logged 21 hours TMG time post LAPL(S) issue then there's no need to convert the NPPL SLMG to EASA, just go straight for the LAPL(A). Just make damn sure that the LAPL(A) you get from the CAA after a successfull skill test has both SEP & TMG privileges on it.

FCL.110.A LAPL(A) — Experience requirements and crediting
(b) Specific requirements for applicants holding an LAPL(S) or an SPL with TMG extension. Applicants for an LAPL(A) holding an LAPL(S) or an SPL with TMG extension shall have completed at least 21 hours of flight time on TMGs after the endorsement of the TMG extension and complied with the requirements of point FCL.135.A(a) on aeroplanes.
FCL.135.A LAPL(A) — Extension of privileges to another class or variant of aeroplane
(a) The privileges of an LAPL(A) shall be limited to the class and variant of aeroplanes or TMG in which the skill test was taken. This limitation may be removed when the pilot has completed in another class the requirements below
1) 3 hours of flight instruction, including
i) 10 dual take-offs and landings; and (ii) 10 supervised solo take-offs and landings.

(2) a skill test to demonstrate an adequate level of practical skill in the new class. During this skill test, the applicant shall also demonstrate to the examiner an adequate level of theoretical knowledge for the other class in the following subjects
i) Operational procedures;(ii) Flight performance and planning;(iii) Aircraft general knowledge.
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Old 19th Feb 2020, 12:30
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@Prop Swinger - Many thanks, you have surmised correctly and that seems to be the solution. Point taken regarding ensuring both SEP & TMG privileges post -test. Much appreciated.
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