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Amanda Harrison

Old 18th May 2019, 20:44
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Yes indeed. The very best of luck to her.

She's an Aviator first and foremost. And that's what counts.

Wonder what she's done about the (missing) spinner? She'll lose a few knots in the cruise. Replacements aren't too hard to find.

Fair winds and blue skies all the way Amanda!
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Old 19th May 2019, 06:25
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Can someone loan her a spinner?
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Old 24th May 2019, 06:39
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She had a partial EFATO at Rhodes yesterday but got the old girl safely back on the ground in once piece save for the recalcitrant donk.
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Old 24th May 2019, 06:44
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Fingers crossed the aircraft is repaired speedily and Amanda is soon on her way again. Best wishes to her for a safe onward journey.
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Old 24th May 2019, 16:49
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Talk at Duxford today was that engineering help is on the way to her.
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Old 29th May 2019, 19:51
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She has arrived in Lebanon.

Solo2Darwin - Amanda safely into Beirut, Lebanon

Checking in on behalf of Give-Get=Go with some good news. Amanda Harrison continued her great progress and arrived in Beirut today to a suitably great reception.

Mohamad Tabsh was there representing the brilliant sponsors MEA with his team alongside MEA pilot Houda Matar.

We are incredibly grateful to also have Amal Elias leading Representatives of The Minister for Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth with Violette Khairallah Safadi.

Find out more about the work they are doing via their media channels:

Having this fantastic group of brilliant women join Amanda today has been a real highlight of the Solo2Darwin journey. @ Beirut, Lebanon
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Old 29th May 2019, 23:27
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She had a partial EFATO
where “partial” equals 25% of the cylinders!

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Old 30th May 2019, 09:23
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Originally Posted by India Four Two View Post

where “partial” equals 25% of the cylinders!

Wow, I hope the other cylinders were in better shape than that one on departure UK!
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Old 30th May 2019, 17:01
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Blown head gasket?

What would have caused it?
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Old 30th May 2019, 20:48
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Solid copper or composite gasket ? I would have thought every one would be using the solid now.
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Old 1st Jun 2019, 12:14
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More problems for Amanda.

London, June 1st. 12.00 noon.
**(Heart) Breaking News** Solo2Darwin
It was today announced that the Solo2Darwin Challenge of Amanda Harrison has been forced to pause in Beirut on the journey from the U.K. to Darwin, Australia.
“I am gutted, and it has taken a day for me to stop crying.” said Amanda, “But I have to face up to reality. I can’t go forward right now, so I have to be patient and go again as soon as the geo-politics are sorted out. I shall be back!”
Notices to Airman (NOTAMs) issued from the Pakistan, Indian and Oman air traffic control effectively closes airspace to east bound flights from Oman to Pakistan and India (below 24,000ft) which is way above Amanda’s maximum flying height.
An additional and presently insuperable problem is the border between India and Pakistan is closed. This will not open until at least 14th June but there is no firm end in sight to the closure of this airspace.
When Solo2Darwin was planned, none of these restrictions were in place. The specific India/Pakistan border issue occurred in February this year but the airspace was reopened for a short period afterwards. Solo2Darwin moved forward but the planned end to those restrictions did not take place. “It’s like hitting a brick wall of restrictions we can’t go around.” Said Mike Wigg, Chief of Technical Support for Solo2Darwin.
“These Airspace restrictions as well as the growing tension and military activity in the Persian Gulf mean that Solo2Darwin cannot continue safely for the moment.”
Planning and Technical Support was always aware that certain parts of the world would be challenging but the escalation of problems in this region has been worse than anticipated and government restrictions cannot be ignored.
Amanda added “So many people offered and have given their support in many ways and we will work to comp @ Beirut, Lebanon
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Much simpler and easier when it was all just British!
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These problems can still be overcome with the right connections and a bit of diplomacy.
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Stick it on top of a freighter,or passing aircraft carrier...!
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