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Cirrus Jet

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Cirrus Jet

So, today both Flying and AOPA Pilot had tests of the new jet. Especially Flying were tossed the keys to it and told to keep if over a weekend, so it has more real world input from the journalist (as he took his wife on a vacation trip in it). As expected, the extreme performance isnít whatís going to sell this plane, itís the other stuff: the clean cabin layout, the little modern touches of formed aluminum around the yoke cut-out, the stitched leather, the modern car-like interior and spacious cabin is what will make this a hit. Impressive attention to detail and design on the interior Ė and thatís what will woo new owners. Doesnít hurt that itís a single engine and has a chute, which will spark the interest from newer pilots, businessmen and owner-flown crowd who are cash rich, but time poor. These are people who might not have the time to set aside to get a multi IFR rating in their busy lives. And it will also inspire the 18-year old with a brand new PPL, just like a Lamborghini will for a new driverís license holder.

As for performance, itís as mentioned, expected. But we knew this was not going to be itís selling point. It was designed to carry 800lbs 800miles, as Cirrus said, and will do that in god comfort. The fuel burn around 65-68gal/hr at FL 280 is as anticipated, but just as comparison a Turbo Commander will do the same speed on 60gal/hr, 5 less. A P180 will burn 80gal/hr, but also go 380kts, so end up costing a lot less per mile to operate. Even a Cessna Mustang up at altitude will go faster on the same fuel burn. So all of these will cost less in fuel despite having two engines. And perhaps even in engine reserves, too, as Williams is not a cheap engine to maintain. Climb rate was 1250ft/min in the article, and this is certainly adequately respectable, but more in the TP range, not traditional jet numbers.

In any case, I wish them the best. Aviation needs new blood and this certainly is new blood. They have 600 pre-orders and this already makes it a success. Weíll see if it keeps itís numbers up as the years go by. Cheers to the Cirrus Jet!
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Your sentiments are hereby noted.
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