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Tracey Curtis-Taylor (Merged threads)

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Tracey Curtis-Taylor (Merged threads)

Old 3rd Oct 2017, 11:08
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My understanding of wiki's refusal to police this farce is that they don't declare anything to be true, just to have been reported elsewhere, in a reputable source.

So who, apart from Ewald, published the fuel story, and where?

There might be editing going on to allow Ewald to take a screen shot of a wiki page and not care if it gets corrected later.
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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 11:11
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Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford View Post
The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:
• The partial loss of engine power during takeoff initial climb in high-density altitude conditions for reasons that could not be determined because a postaccident examination of the airplane and engine revealed no anomalies.
As a sometime licensed engineer investigating engine failure due to contaminated fuel I would expect dirt in the filter, sediment bowl, carb well or jet(s). If the supply was contaminated by (say) avtur such contaminant would still be in the aircraft tank and in the samples kept by the fuel supplier both daily and after every fuel delivery. Yet there were no anomalies.
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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 12:00
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All very interesting.

Does anyone know the name of the FBO that supplied the "contaminated" fuel?

I imagine their insurers would have had to pay out if that was the case.

Very strange no other aircraft had issues with the fuel.

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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 14:18
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The fuel suppliers details are here: AirNav: Wiseman Aviation, Inc. at Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport

In the interest of clarity, I have e-mailed Wiseman / Airnav to see if they are fully aware of these "claims"

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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 16:26
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i could not make the yeovilton lecture - did any one here go?
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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 18:09
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I have spoken to the FBO staff, and they are well aware of her claims, and I get the impression that everyone else there is too.

Since the chase plane, and about 60 other aircraft fuelled that day, had no problems, the contamination clearly didn't come in the fuel.

Just to make sure we are not losing sight of the main thrust here......

Let me remind you all to watch the Herne Bay video again, roll about the floor laughing as you do so. What we need next, is a video of TC-T saying the fuel was bad.
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Old 3rd Oct 2017, 19:48
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On the basis that actions speak louder than words, anyone with a great interest in doing so could probably email the link of the tale of the Afghan lady, who has seemingly done it properly, to anyone relevant who is allowing TCT to speak at their event.
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Old 14th Oct 2017, 21:36
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She’s at the RAeS on the 16th of November...

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Old 15th Oct 2017, 05:12
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The above event ( Andrew Humphrey Memorial Lecture 2017) is being generously sponsored by Boeing.

I just wonder what Sir Andrew would have thought.

He, at least, I suspect, could have rankled at what might , rightly or wrongly, be interpreted by some as the blurring of a line by the Society between acceptable pragmatism and perceived moral bankruptcy.

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Old 15th Oct 2017, 08:51
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Originally Posted by Tay Cough View Post
On the basis that actions speak louder than words, anyone with a great interest in doing so could probably email the link of the tale of the Afghan lady, who has seemingly done it properly, to anyone relevant who is allowing TCT to speak at their event.
This lady's trip was, like you say, done properly, and she deserves admiration. However I don't think that she can claim to be the "First Afghan woman" having moved to the US as a young child. If a "home-grown" Afghan woman were to organise and carry out such a flight that would be incredible, and truly impressive. This lady is really just another US pilot doing what quite a few do each year.
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Old 15th Oct 2017, 13:35
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I have just been privileged to attend several presentations by Dr Jeffrey Hoffman who is a veteran of five space missions. He was one of the astronauts who conducted repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope. One of his fellow astronauts was a female who plainly blended in with the crew and got on with the job. She also took part in repairing Hubble which meant being outside the space shuttle and space walking - floating really. The point I am making is that Dr Hoffman was a truly impressive man and so humble. Little or no use of 'I' and utter respect for his colleagues. The audience gave Dr Hoffman a standing ovation and it was obvious he was very moved by it. It is so easy to spot a true professional - male or female.
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Old 15th Oct 2017, 17:20
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Re Jeff Hoffman; I've seen him speak a couple of times as well, and agree with your assessment. He is a fine man and a real inspiration.

I am disappointed to see the line-up at the RAeS in November. While I do like Tracey as a person, this whole debacle is embarrassing and these repeated attempts to try to fool people are quite pitiful. Meanwhile Lauren Richardson is another pilot who excels in self-aggrandisement. She is also another lady who has been associated with a succession of male "mentors". It saddens me, because she's being given bad advice and in her naivety, she believes them.
The BA lady seems like a decent lady, but one out of three isn't a good enough draw for me to want to attend.
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Old 16th Oct 2017, 22:42
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I think we have to accept the world of so called 'reality tv personalities 'is now part of the norm.

Amy Johnson must be turning in her grave.
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Old 17th Oct 2017, 00:18
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Jaya as long as it is remembered that
'reality tv personalities '
are infact contrived by the shows producers and are anything but real.

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Old 17th Oct 2017, 16:54
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Anybody going to see her at Cambridge?

Presenting her 'winter lecture' - expect tales of daring and a spirit for adventure from Tracey....

Pity I'm not in the area otherwise I'd have gone to heckle.....sorry, ask a few daring and spirited questions of my own....
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 12:25
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While I have a soft spot for Cambridge, I can think of any number of places I'd rather be in this instance.
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Old 19th Oct 2017, 14:31
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Steve6443 (#3883) and pic,

Shows the 2-pitch propeller on the Lycoming very well. It is now in the "coarse" position, to which it returns on every switch-off. On starting (providing the cockpit control is on "fine"), the cylinder, of which you can see the top "cap", moves outward under oil pressure, the two bob-weights move to the other end of their travel, and the blades turn into fine pitch.

You would use this position for take-off and climb to cruise, then move to "coarse" for en-route flight (I had exactly the same arrangement on the prop of the P&W "Wasp Junior" which powered the Vultee BT-13, on which I flew 60 hours at USAAC Basic School).

It seems odd that an engine which had hauled the Stearman off the ground at Winston should "lose power" shortly after take-off (a complete failure would be more understandable). As the "contaminated" fuel explanation seems to have been discredited, we must seek for other causes. The Pilot stated that it had "lost 300 rpm". This is exactly the result I would expect had the pitch control been accidentally moved to "coarse".

I make no implication: perhaps some flying instructor with experience on two-position props might like to comment on my remarks above.
Old 22nd Oct 2017, 19:18
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Well , exactly a year after she was exposed as the fantasist that she is , she is holding court at Cambridge Aero Club and the price is 3 quid a ticket.

Showbiz,,,it's a funny old game .

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Old 22nd Oct 2017, 20:14
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Wouldn't it be a shame if nobody turned up tonight to hear this weeks version of her exploits.


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Old 24th Oct 2017, 13:24
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Awesome but Affordable
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Thumbs up

Well I went, along with around 100 others including a number of ATC cadets, both male and female, from a local squadron. Terry Holloway did the introductions to a fascinating talk by Tracey accompanied by some excellent video and photography. It was a wonderful evening. Tracey’s inspirational talk was fantastic and there is no doubt she is an accomplished public speaker. I gained an insight into her obvious passion for flight and the efforts she makes to inspire young girls and women into aviation through pursuing the STEM elements of the school and university syllabi. Her tributes to the pioneer female record breakers of the 20's and 30's were genuine and she certainly did not compare her own flights to theirs. She also emphasised that she was accompanied on her flights with another aircraft carrying the support crew and equipment. We spoke beforehand and I got a lot of the background to the campaign against her, specifically on this forum thread.. On my hours drive home I reflected on the evening and resolved to post an account on PPRuNe along with an appeal to put an end to the vicious sniping. It has gone on quite long enough. I have no regrets on my actions resulting in the rescinding of the LAA award to her, which was almost exactly a year ago. However I heard nothing last evening which would justify any continuation of this thread. Let it rest please.
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